Monday, September 14, 2009

U.S. Open Monday

Taking a little break, getting a spiffy new 'do, before heading off to Pittsburgh, Jake, Peter, actor and friend Ebon Moss-Bachrach (who was fabulous as John Quincy Adams in the HBO miniseries John Adams last year by the way) and Doug Liman (along with Tony Bennett, Bruce Willis and Constantine Maroulis) take in the U.S. Open on Monday in Long Island.

And of course, sad news out of Hollywood tonight on the passing of Patrick Swayze. He'll be missed.

Pics from IHJ.


UltraViolet said...

Wow, lots of news today. Love the U.S. Open photos. Jake looks great.

And I do believe that's Constantine Maroulis in the last photo. Think they are sizing each other up over the Rock of Ages role?

The Patrick Swayze news is very sad. He did put up a good fight. That's a nice photo of him and Jake.

UltraViolet said...

Forgot to say Congrats to Del Potro. I was rooting for Federer - be nice, Monica! ;) But it's always nice to see young talented players. And it's hard to feel too bad for Fed, with his 15 Slam wins :)

I hope Jake enjoyed the match. I wonder if he stayed for the whole thing.

Oh, and I enjoyed that oliveasparagus link from the previous post. That was cute.

Oh, and hello, Tony Bennett!

Monica said...

UV, great post. Doug Liman was there. Perhaps he post something new about UMP on the blog!

So nice to see someone win the first time and so nice to see a South American to win a Grand Slam.

RIP Patrick Swayze

Anonymous said...

Love Jakes haircut, he looks so good.

RIP Patrick Swayze.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Jake is looking good, love his haircut. You did a good job identifying everyone FL, the only one I recognized was Peter and Tony Bennett!

Congratulations Del Potro!

What sad news about Patrick.


Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Hey look what I found! Peter and Ebon talking about short films "Unscripted": and he went to school with Maggie!

PS: Of course I cecognized Willis too!

bobbyanna said...

Great post, UV!
Congrats to Del Potro!

I think that hair cut is very flattering! That's just about my favorite look for Jake.

Monica said...

My cousin's son is playing Jake's son. He got the part the other day. I wanna say his name is gonna be Cody. I can't remember. Watch when they have the rest of the cast. The little boy playing Jake's son, his real name is Joseph.

First day of filming is Sept. 18th.

Chica said...

The US Open in Flushing is a hell of a lot closer to where I live then Tribeca & Brooklyn. So close and yet so far, LOL! I don't follow tennis but I am familar with the names and was shocked as hell that Federer lost!

Jake is looking good, getting ready for filming starting on the 18th, thanks Monica!

There sure were a lot of stars watching that game yesterday.

That was a cute sighting of Jake and Reese UV!

I had such a crush on Patrick Swayze back when Dirty dancing came out. RIP Patrick.

Monica said...

Sorry, but who is Constantine Maroulis?

UltraViolet said...

Bobbyanna, FL did the post, but you're welcome, anyway :)

I did just update with some new pics from IHJ - thanks, Stephanie. You can see Jake's eyes in the first one, so I put it at the top.

It's also good if you've ever wanted to see JAke and Gerard Butler in the same photo.

Monica, Constanitne Maroulis was a contestant on American Idol. He currently stars or was starring in a play called Rock of Ages. It is allegedly being made into a movie, and Jake was reported to be in contention for the lead/same role CM plays on stage.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, Monica, I was just about to post that imdb thread. I remember the nice things people said about Jake and their kids in Brothers filming and for Zodiac.

I had no idea that Jake's character has a child.

Oh, and good find on the short film, OONP!

Extra said...

Love the pictures, love the post FL! Looks like he had a great time and I love his hair at this length.

Great detective work too on Bachrach and Liman!

Hmmm, Liman/Moon project, Constatine/Rock of Ages, looks like it was business and pleasure at the US open!

Such sad news about Patrick, I really love that picture you posted of Patrick and Jake.

agent_krycek said...

Can't claim to be the biggest Patrick Swazye fan in the world - I may be the only female under a certain age who's never seen Dirty Dancing or Ghost (and has no wish to), but he was a fabulous actor and came across as a really decent man, RIP Patrick and love to your family.

Jake is looking mighty fine, mighty fine - so if shooting begins on the 18th, I predict Reece will appear on set in about 10 days to 2 weeks - I honestly think they have an agreement that they don't spend more then 2 weeks apart and work their schedules to fit this

bobbyanna said...

OUCH! Sorry, FL, And you did amazing detective usual, ID-ing everyone.:)

I just noticed Gerard Butler sitting behind Jake in that first picture! What an interesting collection of people. Was Bruce Willis smirking because Jake got so much attention, he went unrecognized? Tony Bennett is amazing. He's got to be close to 90by now. One of the Greats. Fun pictures! Thanks to BOTH of you! LOL!

Josie said...

I love the first picture of him, his eyes are so beautiful. Great that Peter was there as well and Liman and Ebon, good catch FL! I love Tony Bennett, LOL!! At Willis' smirk. I agree with you Agent K about Jake and Reese, no longer than two weeks for them.

Condolences and prayers to Patrick Swayze's family, may he rest in peace.

FluorescentLamp said...

It's also good if you've ever wanted to see JAke and Gerard Butler in the same photo.

Heh, or Jake and David Gregory from NBC's Meet the Press (if that's your thing)(behind Tony Bennett).

Was Bruce Willis smirking because Jake got so much attention, he went unrecognized?

I believe the "smirk" is the trademark of Bruce Willis. ;-)

Monica said...

Thanks, UV!
I don't like reality shows!

get real said...

Squeee....great, great pics!!! :D

Love seeing Jake at the Open and with most of these folks! LOL at Constantine though. Even though I thought Rock of Ages was great.

So sad about Patrick Swayze. :(

suvee said...

Oh my, that first picture you added is incredible, UV. Took my breath away.

Thanks for the id on Ebon, FL. I need to Netfilx the John Adams miniseries. And It's nice to know about his connection to Maggie and Peter, too. Thanks for that tidbit, oonp.

Did I mention how much I love that first photo? :)

Tweety said...

I love the first pic too! He looks amazing and I love looking at all the other stars sitting around him! Great seeing Peter there.

Great IDing FL! IDing

When I first saw this tweet, I thought he was back in Pittsburgh but I think the sighting was from last week, maybe Thursday after I checked out his twic/pic and his response:

patrickbrannan: NFL kickoff, Gyllenhall encounter, and next up the G20. I'm enjoying Pittsburgh in September.
about 10 hours ago from Tweetie · Reply

Pic: ·

That may have been that sports bars he and Anne was spotted at.

RIP Patrick

sass said...

Evening babblers,
That first pic is such a beautiful Jake pic. I'm enjoying drooling over Jake again.
There is so much news this week and so many beautiful Jake pics with his gorgeous hair.
I recognized a few people in the US Open pics, so thank you so much. I wouldn't have known Bruce either without your help...just Jake, Peter, Tony, and Gerard. I likes em young now; I do indeed.

I was totally shocked when Roger lost and more shocked when Serena...well you know how I feel.

I'm on Twitter as sassym, not posting much but am able to meet the 140 characters for now. May I share this article here..I just read it.

Michelle Williams Vogue

I changed my twitter background to Heath and Matilda walking in multi-colored happiness in the city.

I don't know how Michelle copes or Jake or anyone else who knew Heath. I'm still rattled.

We lose so many young people to cancer and prescription meds mixing and accidental overdosing. It's sad for all of us...nearly unbearable at time.

Rip in Peace Patrick. I loved you in Ghost. Whoppie always talked about how you insisted she get that role, and she got an Oscar. You were a kind generous tough good man and I will miss you.
I love you all here.
back soon

lawgoddess said...

Great post, beautiful pictures.

Jake is looking very good.

I'm a Bruce Willis fan, so it was nice seeing him, too.

Monica said...

Always always always good to see you here!

Monica said...

Sometimes you think you are a fragile person, but suddenly you find that is much stronger than you thought. I think Michelle's strength came from Heath and little Matilda.

It's great when you can count on the support of your family and friends.

Crazy said...

These pictures are just incredible. There are so many pictures of Jake doing things. We've certainly seen him at the U.S. Open before. So why do I have to just step back and shake my head. This is one incredibly beautiful human being. I am serious. I can't explain it, but these pictures are really "getting "to me.

Just wanted to say that.

UltraViolet said...

He is looking especially yummy, crazy. It's perfectly sane, don't worry :)

I don't like reality shows, either, Monica. I only know who CM is because other people tell me!

And the Jake/David Gregory picture is notable for the fact that the woman in the row in front of Jake has managed to engage him in conversation. Clever girl!

That Michelle interview is very poignant, Sass. She is very moving when she talks about Heath and trying to cope.

UltraViolet said...

Looks like Jake's found a new restaurant for the CZ. I think he went to this place three times in a row. Brought to you by the same folks who run Cafe Sabarsky, another Jake favorite.

Also, apparently Ramona was along for the Brooklyn Flea Market/record fair.

UltraViolet said...

Last post - third in a row, I know. Stephanie posted a few more pics - I added this funny one to the post. They are fun pics - check them out.

Sheba baby said...

Not to worry crazy, he does look incredible in these photos! Looks like he, Peter and the rest of the gang had a blast!

Congratulations to Del Porto, what a cutie!

Thanks for all the links to UV, love hearing about Jake, Reese, Peter, Maggie and Ramona's weekend in Brooklyn! Jake should be on set in Pittsburgh by the end of the week.

Hi Sass!! Thanks for the link to the Michelle interview, I admire her so much.

I always loved that group photo of Jake, Patrick and Co.

RIP Mr. Swazye.

Sag actor said...

Donnie Darko, one of my favorite Jake films and Patrick was good in it as well. Next of Kin was a Patrick Swayze film that was a guilty pleasure of mine.

RIP Truman Gates/Patrick.

So glad that Federer lost I have to say!

bobbyanna said...

I wish someone would blog about Jake and his "crew" at the U.S. Open. Does anyone recognize the man wearing glasses sitting on the end in one of the pictures? It is one where Doug Liman is talking to the man, and Jake is sitting in the middle. He reminds me of Jeffrey Katzenberg, but it isn't him.

And "crazy" you aren't crazy. I've run out of words to describe Jake.

I've been to the Fort Greene flea market. Great food! I go to DUMBO sometimes, but not to the Flea Market. Jacques Torres' orginial chocolate shop is in DUMBO. I love him.

Tweety said...

Should we assume he is in Pittsburgh right now or is this just an early plug for this Co., LOL!!:

tweettique: Our VP is heading to the Jake Gyllenhall/Anne Hathaway movie "Love & Other Drugs" set to outfit them with eyewear from Eyetique!
less than 20 seconds ago from web

((((Sass)))). Thanks for that interview. Heath's fans miss him so much I can't imagine what Michelle and Matilda are feeling.

Jake does look especially hot in these pictures Crazy!

Bobbyanna, I saw the Katzenberg look a like as well and was wondering who he was!

Anonymous said...

You're not crazy. More evidence?

Men unbutton their shirts all the time. But Jake has two or three of the top buttons of his black shirt open, and I'm dumbstruck.

Is it the shirt, or the color, his hair cut, his hands, or what?? I've seen pictures of Reese,when she gets all gooey sometimes, too. So it's not crazy. It's Jake.

Monica said...

I think they were cheering for Federer!

Tweety said...

Jake is back at work in Pittsburgh, well almost:

ManofsteeleJ: Saw Jake Gyllenhaal today. Oddly enough, he wasn't being followed by a scary bunny suit.
about 1 hour ago from web · Reply

suvee said...

Men unbutton their shirts all the time. But Jake has two or three of the top buttons of his black shirt open, and I'm dumbstruck.

Exactly! After seeing God knows how many photos of him over the years, how is it possible that I can still be amazed by his beauty...... like I'm seeing him for the first time?

And for the record, even though many think he looks best in a white tee, I've always preferred him in black. Possibly another reason why I love these US Open pics so much! :)

UltraViolet said...

Monica, I like to think they were rooting for Federer :)

And Bobbyanna, I was wondering who that guy is, also. He looks vaguely familiar. Note how the man and woman one row below re gazing adoringly at

Well, it could be at Doug Liman, I suppose, but come on!

Not much Jake news out there tonight. If you want to see one of Jake's PoP costumes close up from D23, click here.

Shondra said...

Count me in as loving Jake in black, he looks extra sexy in these photos, Peter look great too! So happy that he had some time to spend with Maggie, Peter, Ramona and Reese before he starts filming tomorrow. There were so many stars at that match on Monday but Jake stood out due to his overwhelming hotness!

Wow, that is a great cloe-up of Jake's costume UV, you can really see all the details and stitching, beautiful.

Hi Sass! Thanks for the link to the V interview with Michelle.

Anonymous said...

Very nice close up - everything looks really great, there's an aging or a worn look, to the leather and metal on the belt and armour plates that is really beautiful and authentic looking. :)

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

We lost Mary Travers yesterday. Such a sweet but powerful voice. Peter, Paul and Mary were one of the most influential folk singers of the sixties.

RIP sweet Mary

bobbyanna said...

Peter, Paul, & Mary, along with Bob Dylan, and Motown, were the "soundtrack" of my growing up years. Thanks, OONP. Last night I was rummaging around YouTube, and caught their live concert in Japan from 1990. Very sweet.

UV, that costume pictures is very much appreciated. Yes, it does look very authentic, Anon9:25. I was think, too, how uncomfortable it must have been in the Moroccan desert.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I was checking out You tube as well last nigt Bobbyanna, loved them and their music.

Forgot to thank UV for that closeup of the costume. It looks rich, detailed and yes authentic. I do wonder if Jake and the cast were a bit uncomfortable filming in the desert heat too.

Debra said...

If this is Jake's "look" for his current movie project, O.M.G.
Amazing what a shorter haircut and an open (black) shirt can do.