Monday, January 23, 2017

Marquee March

Jake Gyllenhaal participated in the national Women's March on Saturday in Washington, DC. He joined hundreds of thousands of people on a day of hope, joy, anger and determination. Here's his Facebook post:

I was so proud to stand with the women, men and children at yesterday's #WomensMarch on Washington. After months of fear and shame, the gathering was full of joy, defiance and hope. It was more clear than ever that women are the real stewards of our country's soul, and I will continue to follow their lead and show up.

Jake got to meet his media hero, Van Jones:

Fun with signs:

The marquee for Sunday in the Park is up at the Hudson Theatre:

And the playbill:

Life will open in March, and some promo has begun. Jake, Ryan Reynolds and Rebecca Ferguson were interviewed on Sunday. A few tidbits:

When asked if he can give a demonstration of his co-star Jake Gyllenhaal’s zero gravity performance, he obliges. “I’ll tell you what Jake does. It usually involves this…” He falls over onto the table with a loud crash. ...

Reynolds: What’s awesome, it’s actually not in his control because we’re being puppeteered by wire cables. For whatever reason, the first few days Jake’s guys were just like, “Let’s throw him right into the wall.” In the middle of a scene, “What the hell?”

Gyllenhaal: Every other take I just hit the edge of something and I go f–king spinning and I hit a wall.

Reynolds: You’re in the middle of a scene and you hear a car accident behind you and you’re like, “Do I look? If the camera didn’t see it maybe I can just keep going.”

Who's who in the cast?

“He's a doctor, sort of the internist on the ship and he's been there the longest. He's the bad guy... no I'm just kidding. He's just the doctor and makes sure that everybody's healthy.”

More from all the actors here. Some fun stuff.

And don't forget to take a look at Jake's SAG conversation. It's funny and goofy and good:


Real Sal said...

Thanks for the new post, UV.

I really wanted to go to the London march. Unfortunately, I have a massive fear of crowds, so had to give it a miss. But I was there in spirit!

UltraViolet said...

Rest of the Sunday cast. Very sad Phylicia Rashad won't be in it - she was wonderful in the concert production. She and Jake had great chemistry and sounded beautiful together. And I'm not a Robert Sean Leonard fan, but I've never seen him in a musical. Broadway-goers seem excited by the cast, so that's a good thing.

Monica said...

I'm so proud of him!So good to see that he was having a great time with family and friends and with the people who were there.

BlueJean said...

That Donnie Darko sign! :))))

bobbyanna said...

Congratulations, Michael Shannon! Best Supporting Actor Oscar nomination.

(I saw Captain Fantastic. It was a good movie. I like Viggo Mortensen. But the kids made that movie work. Viggo was very good, but he was not "Oscar" good...sigh.)

Monica said...

Michael Shannon who was snubbed in all the awards, but got the nomination. Happy for him.
I'm surprised Amy Adams snubbed. Do not expect, Meryl again Zzzzzzzzzzz We definitely have only four spots for actress because Meryl already owns one.

BlueJean said...

*studies nominations*

Congratulations, Michael! Well done! :)

No Amy - not even for 'Arrival'? Hm. Happy for Denis, though. And although I wasn't expecting Jake at all, I'm still somewhat disappointed.

Anonymous said...

Let's pray for the Tonys

UltraViolet said...

Plus ca change. We knew it wouldn't happen, but it's still disappointing somehow. Love the reaction from Michael Shannon:

“I am thrilled! Loved making this film. I would work with Tom anytime, anywhere. Jake and Aaron and Karl made it easy for me. Nice to get some good news in the midst of all the carnage, so to speak.” – Michael Shannon – Best Supporting Actor Nominee – Nocturnal Animals

I do feel bad for Amy, but she has been nominated multiple times. It's shameful that Jake still has yet to receive his second nomination.

bobbyanna said...

I can't help but believe that if WME really got behind Jake it would happen. I know Oscars are very political, but Patrick Whitesell and Ari Emanuel are as political as it gets. Getting a nomination, being in the top five performances shouldn't be that difficult with that kind of representation, especially with the kind of work Jake has been doing.

So yes, UV, I agree, after ten years or more, only one nomination, and his work, especially these past five years has been remarkable. Jake is so generous and supportive of his fellow actors, and yet, he seems to always be the 6,7,8,9 choice...out of five. : (

I'm still puzzling over the way he was almost erased from any mentions, or association with NA in recent weeks. If not for Aaron Taylor Johnson or Tom Shannon or Any, he is barely mentioned. And he played two roles!

OK. I'm done venting. Sorry. ( I always say "this year" I won't do that. but then...)

UltraViolet said...

I wonder whether his fellow actors just don't like Jake. It doesn't square with everything we read and hear about him. But it puzzles me.

This seems surprising:

Crosby Street Hotel.
2 mins · New York, NY ·
Yay! Seeing 'Nocturnal Animals' with Q and A with Jake Gyllenhaal after, with my daughter Emma! Getting as much time with her until she goes to college this fall.

Another MS reaction:

“I was just hoping that the film in general would get some attention,” Shannon tells ET by phone. “It's one of my favorite films that I've worked on. And I would have been happy for anybody, whether it be Aaron [Taylor-Johnson], Jake [Gyllenhaal], Amy [Adams] or Tom [Ford].”

“It's just nice that it helps draw attention to the film and maybe gets a few more people to check it out,” he adds.

Here's Shannon talking about NA. Towards the end, he talks about how deep Jake went into his character. I keep forgetting to post. Today seems like a good day.

Monica said...

This time he didn't campaign, we know that's how it works. But it doesn't come close to the disappointment that he was snubbed by Nightcrawler. He was better than all the nominees of that year!

I wonder whether his fellow actors just don't like Jake. It doesn't square with everything we read and hear about him. But it puzzles me.

I know someone who thinks the same, and I'm starting think it too. Despite the praise, Jake never seems to me popular among his fellow actors.

Canuck_Cutie said...

I can't think its that he's not popular or well liked. I'd struggle to think of any eports of Jake not getting along with people.

I think it's a combination of people taking him for granted (oh yes Jake he's always so good) and lately playing darker roles that might not necessarily have that mainstream appeal.

I didn't get the sense that he campaigned as much this year as last. Maybe he got burned out last year hustling and it not paying off. Maybe he's not that worried about the awards? I console myself that thanks to Brokeback he is an AA nominee but still it would be nice to hear his name called out yet again!

UltraViolet said...

Honestly - Viggo Mortensen? No one even saw that movie. And I'm sorry, but Ryan Gosling is barely acting in La La Land. He's just playing a version of himself. Same for Emma Stone, btw. I don't understand the gushing for either performance or the movie. But their fellow actors all saw something, I guess.

The good Oscar news was the diversity. The bad news was Mel Gibson.

More Michael Shannon on Jake - these are just tidbits I haven't had time to post over the past few weeks/months:

With the scenes that you have with Jake Gyllenhaal, you have a complete opposite approach to acting in general. I think this is your first time working with him?

Yeah, but we’ve known each other a long time. We’ve been wanting to work together for a long time, so it was kind of cool that this came together.

How do you collaborate especially in the scenes where he is completely firing on all emotional cylinders?

Yeah, the guy, Jesus. It was hard to watch. He really went for it. He spent a lot of time being really emotional, one way or the other. Every once in a while he would use humor to try and lighten the load a little bit. Every now and then he’d say, “Can we do the fun scene today?” I’d see him smiling. Sometimes he wondered, like, how much further into despair could I possibly go? I mean, for me, if that happened to my family, there would be no bottom to it. It would be endless. I would probably blow my brains out, I don’t know.

Jake on Michael Shannon's singing

Fellow BAFTA nominee Donal Mowat on his involvement with NA:

n late spring of 2015, Jake Gyllenhaal, with whom I have had the great pleasure of working with on Prisoners and Nightcrawler, mentioned in passing, a potential role he may take in Tom Ford’s highly anticipated second feature and if I had any interest in it. Jake is really one of the rare gems in our business, a truly collaborative actor and respectful of what we do and above all, loyal. Months passed and I was on a project in London when I got an email from the producers to see if I was interested and available to meet Tom Ford in London to department head Nocturnal Animals.

A long interview with Jake. I can't remember if I posted it before. He really gushes about Amy Adams.

How Jake helped out on set:

When Getting the Scene Involves Muppets and Jake Gyllenhaal Fanboys in the Police Force

One night we were shooting on the highway [outside L.A.]. It wasn't even night. It was a dusk scene, and we couldn't get through the highway because a Muppets project was shooting, and the police had barricaded the road. The light was starting to disappear, and Jake [Gyllenhaal] says, "I'll take care of this." He got out of the car and the guard cops recognized him immediately from End of Watch [in which Gyllenhaal plays a police officer]. Of course they take selfies with him and they were so excited — "Oh my God, it's Jake Gyllenhaal" — and then they let us through so we were able to finally shoot the scene.

It's funny to look back on some of these. There often seemed to be a negative vibe or undercurrent when Jake talked about the movie. I don't think he loved being at the mercy of ATJ and TF. But he is doing a Q&A and in some of these interviews, he seems very positive. I just can't put my finger on it.

I thought I watched an interview where Jake talked about having parties in his room when they were filming in the desert, but I can't seem to find that one.

UltraViolet said...

Sorry, CC - I didn't see your post.

I agree that we haven't heard negative things - in fact, we mostly hear positive things. But it's strange that he keeps being overlooked. He didn't campaign, but was Viggo out there campaigning? I don't know./ I've been trying not to pay attention! And it worked, for the most part. But this is always a tough day to be a Jake fan!

Just added a fun picture from the march. And I added the Playbill cover for Sunday.

Also, I forgot to say: Michelle Willimas' 4th!!! nomination? Totally underserved for Manchester by the Sea, where she is completely unconvincing as a Boston-area resident. She's okay, but there are a dozen actresses who could have given a similar performance. Sorry, Michelle.

UltraViolet said...

And in case I seem too negative: Very happy for Viola Davis, Mahershala Ali, Ruth Negga, all the Moonlight love. And for Denis Villeneuve, even though it's ridiculous that Amy Adams didn't get a nom.

Canuck_Cutie said...

I have to say I saw Manchester by the Sea and was completely underwhelmed! Didn't care for Casey or Michelle at all. Loved Arrival so was very surprised by Amy's snub.

As much as I'd love Jake to get another AA nom part of me would rather he get nominated when he's a front runner rather than an afterthought. Oh yeah Jake snuck in finally this year.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for Stronger & Wildlife. He's so focused on working on good material I figure eventually it has to pay off with awards. I think between his movies & stage work he's building a very impressive resume. I'm devastated I can't get to NYC to see him this spring but I console myself with the knowledge of seeing him onstage in Constellations.

Monica said...

I think he's a great co-worker, but maybe he doesn't connect after it all ends.
I always thought it was odd that in Nightcrawler's year none of his colleagues hosted a screening for him.

I didn't get the sense that he campaigned as much this year as last.

No, he didn't. He just promoted the movie. I think he cares about Oscar, but I don't think he's going to act desperate for one.

Monica said...

Viggo out there campaigning?

I read that he did a lot of campaigning, he was in many Q & As. He was also on the W cover recently.
I've only seen Arrival so far, I was sad for Amy.

Curiosity: Mara Buxbaum, Jake's publicist, is also a publicist of Casey Affleck.

bobbyanna said...

Hmm. You all give me lots to think about. Here's my analysis on the likability thing. I think the people Jake works with and the people Jake knows like him a lot. But I think there are cliques and "power centers" and Jake doesn't chase after them and kiss ass and try to hang out with them and play the Hollywood game. It's not in him.

And from their perspective, there is no compelling reason for those particular people to deal with Jake. He's not part of their world. He probably doesn't even cross their minds when they're looking for someone. I'm talking about the Afflecks in particular.

Ben Affleck has a circle of people he likes to work with and collaborate with. Jake isn't part of his circle even though they share the same agent. I'm not sure Jake is particularly friendly with Clooney and his people, either, and while I know Jake & Leo are friendly, again no compelling reason to deal with Jake. He's not the guy they call up and say "Hey, guess what I heard..." The only one I can think of who might have that kind of relationship with Jake and who has clout, is Robert Downey, Jr.

Most of the people Jake is close to are people who are comfortable in the milieu of NYC theatre as well as movies. And of course the less commercial Indie movie world. I don't know, maybe Jake is perceived as elitist to a "regular guy" like Ben Affleck. Of course I'm just assuming stuff here, I know nothing.

And Jake gets along with Harvey W, whom Ben & Clooney hate. They have worked against him during Oscar campaigns over the years just to block him. Harvey must have really been awful. Whatever.

But mainly I think Jake tries to get along with everyone and steer clear of the politics and that's what hurts him. I don't think he intrigues and schemes and He doesn't cultivate relationships because the person is useful.

He looks at his profession as artists collaborating, whether it's editing and cinematography, acting,directing, producing, etc. And one last thing. Producers can't operate in a vacuum. They really do need to have connections and contacts.

So I believe Jake has friends and connections, but I think he has a distaste for the games of Hollywood. I think He's basically content in the world he lives in, but I also believe he would love to see his work acknowledged by his peers.

bobbyanna said...

I guess I could have just said Jake's not an "insider." He's not part of the weekly poker game with Ben & Tobey, and he doesn't hang out with Leo & his wolf pack. I think he's essentially a nerd by their standards. Jake's the guy you know will help you with your homework, but you won't invite him to hang out on Friday night. He's not someone you have to "woo."

Anonymous said...

Jake w/ Jason Sudeikis

Comments are worth reading :)

Monica said...

Bobbyana, Jake doesn't have to be besties with Ben or Leo. He has worked with big names over the years, it's not possible that no one is there for him when he needs it. All I see is that Jake always supports his friends, but I don't see the opposite.

I don't think Jake is a friend of Harvey's, I see more as business friends. No one in Hollywood should judge him for it, especially people like Ben.

Scott said...

"As much as I'd love Jake to get another AA nom part of me would rather he get nominated when he's a front runner rather than an afterthought. Oh yeah Jake snuck in finally this year."

I was just thinking this just the other day and could not agree more.

"All I see is that Jake always supports his friends, but I don't see the opposite."

True it always bothered me that Jackman and Hathaway supported Redmayne but not Jake since both of them claimed to love him so much. Paltrow hosted screenings for the End of Watch during campaign season, I think maybe Jake doesn't feel comfortable using his friends or won't ask. But how does Michelle always get those nominations and you never hear a peep from her or see screening hosted for her.

Or maybe Jake just doesn't give a damn about it all any more but sure he wants an Oscar. I hope Jake never becomes a part of the old or new boys network. I think he's friendly with everyone but doesn't need to be in the "in" crowd and neither does Amy or Michael for that matter.

In my own little mind I like to think the Academy doesn't recognize Jake because they are afraid he will stop acting if he wins an Oscar and being one of the very few great American actors out there now it would be a great loss to American acting. I know I am stretching but it keeps me going. LOL.

UltraViolet said...

LOL - we all have our rationalizations, Scott!

Michelle is a great example of someone who isn't in the IN group. She has done a lot of press and events for Manchester, I guess. It's true that Jake hasn't gotten in with a clique and hasn't been adopted by a director. Maybe Denis and Jake will make Oscar magic at some point.

I was also ambivalent about a nod for NA, since I think the movie has issues. I guess it would be nice if Jake were the Oscar frontrunner, but I am just tired of the snubs.

Jake hosted a screening for Michelle once, didn't he? It all runs together.

A couple of posts from tonight's screening:

Jake Gyllenhaal being so gracious tonight noting the nomination of his co-star, Michael Shannon, for Best Supporting Actor for Nocturnal Animals. Thanks to Focus Features for another chance to see this dark, intelligent thriller directed by TOM FORD.

Seriously have loved this actor since 'Brokeback Mountain.' Jake Gyllenhaal went to a whole new place in 'Nocturnal Animals.' Incredible. He said, 'As artists, expression is all we have.' He inspired me to reach for more.

And a photo.

bobbyanna said...

Monica you're confirming what I meant when I said there's no compelling reason for some of those powerbroker types to deal with Jake. He strikes me as someone who's always happy to support other people, but they lose nothing by ignoring him. I don't mean to make Jake seem like a doormat, not at all, but I don't think Jake cares for the more cutthroat aspects of politics in Hollywood,the payback stuff.

Monica said...

Jake hosted a screening for Michelle once, didn't he? It all runs together.

and to Ryan Gosling too! lol

Michelle Williams does a lot of campaigning, she is in all events. She was everywhere for MWWM. Having a strong connection with Heath Ledger helps a lot! She's talking about him again! Zzzzzzzzz

Christian Bale is not in, but he gets nominations without campaigning. He doesn't kiss ass, I hardly see him in hollywood circles, but people like him. He should share this secret with Jake.

Bob, it bothers me he's there for friends, but they're not for him. If I were his friend, if I had a certain influence, I would support him publicly. I'm sure he wouldn't say no to a screening organized by someone like RDJ for example.

UltraViolet said...

I think Reese got the CAA friends(RDJ, McBongo) in the divorce :)

Photo from Van Jones's instagram.

Brief video of Jake at the march.

And a couple of photos from the screening tonight:


"Now is the time for the artist." ~Jake Gyllenhaal ❤��

he is actually THE best. Completely in love now

And 2:

Hanging with @KevinArbouet while #JakeGyllenhaal spoke politics, solution, and how expression is really all we have today,
following his #film #NocturnalAnimals

This is the Actor's film, the Artist's film. #actorslife #Actor #Filmmaking #RunonSentence

And from twitter:

Jake Gyllenhaal warned this q&a audience not to get into a relationship with him. I've never seen so many adults coquettishly laugh at once.

And more from FB:

He gave a very thoughtful, funny, and insightful Q and A with us for at least 45 min. So generous! The movie is intense and his performance brutally honest. It was an absolute thrill to meet him! He's one of our most versatile, brave, and riveting actors. Love him even more, if possible!

Finally, someone on FB said that there a screening of Life tomorrow night. He's in Long Beach.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is I look where Jake is today compared to where he was 5-6 years ago or even 8 years ago. He came a long way and he's earning respect, and a solid reputation. So I'm not worried about him winning an Oscar. He will win an Oscar, and even more. They'll come to him, he doesn't have to chase after them like Bradley Cooper and some of these other guys do or rely on his big brother Ben to get votes. He will be fine.

BlueJean said...

"Also, I forgot to say: Michelle Willimas' 4th!!! nomination? Totally undeserved for Manchester by the Sea [...] She's okay, but there are a dozen actresses who could have given a similar performance. Sorry, Michelle."

I was afraid to say that out loud at the Brokeback forum, cos they're so protective of Michelle there and I haven't seen MBTS yet - but I was thinking the exact same thing. I've read she's only in the film for about 8 or 10 minutes and she gets a nomination? WTF?

I love BBM and I've seen some of Michelle's other stuff. She's a great actress but somehow it seems to me that she sort of plays the same role over and over again. And keeps on giving the same sort of interviews about Heath. I'm very sorry, but it's starting to get on my nerves.

I love reading all your opinions, guys! We'll probably never know why the Oscars don't work out for Jake (so far), but I haven't given up hope yet. We have 'Stronger' to look forward to! ;)

Monica said...

I also like her, she is talented, I loved her performance in Blue Valentine, but not so much in MWWM.

And keeps on giving the same sort of interviews about Heath.

That's why I said Heath helps her a lot. Hollywood sees her as a widow, this works in her favor, especially with her bringing him back in interviews.

BlueJean said...

Yes, I've read your earlier comment on Heath, Monica.

I think you're right.

Hagen said...

Empire: Jake Gyllenhaal Goes To Space In Our Exclusive New Life Image

Anonymous said...

Some thoughts on the Oscar nominations.

I didn't think Jake was going to be nominated. Although I did have a slight hope....

Love Moonlight's nominations.

I loved Arrival. So sad to see Amy Adams missing a nomination. Her situation is similar to Jake's Nightcrawler snub. Both of them hit every precursor, BAFTA/SAG/BFCA/GG. But this year I heard the Oscar voting period was extended one more week. People started voting for Streep and Huppert after the Globes. But I think her snub caused quit a scene on social media. This will help her next time.

I did not like Manchester by the Sea. I've never liked Michelle Williams. I always find her bland. She does not deserve to be a four time nominee. I'll be upset if she wins the Oscar for playing Janis Joplin. Anyway, enough rant about her here. I'll shut up.

Thank you for posting the video of Jake gushing Adams. I believe the two of them suit each other's personalities. I think they'll work together again in the future.

I can't wait to see The Son with Jake and Villeneuve!

BlueJean said...


I agree on the last bit, Anon! :)

Maura said...

What do you think he's going to film after Sunday In The Park With George? I don't think it can be The Son, although I totally agree with you, I can't wait to see it.

Scott said...

That's a good question Maura hopefully someone will ask him during the promo for Life that is going on now and between the opening. I wager The Son because the video movie will take a long time to film or his other movie project about the heist. I wonder what is going with his TV project on A&E?

Maura said...

I really have no idea. I'm very, very curious

Anonymous said...

Do you guys think The Son might be Jake's Oscar ticket? Would it be too dark for the Oscars?

I was on AwardsWatch the other day, people there act like Jake is a nobody. That's just so crazy. People there are so delusional. They think Kidman and Tilda Swinton are mega stars, or some foreign actresses are famous in the US. I hate seeing them making fun of Jake, Naomi Watts and Amy Adams on that site.

Monica said...

I hate seeing them making fun of Jake, Naomi Watts and Amy Adams on that site.

Most of the comments on them are sexist. I think they do not like them, especially Amy, because they should be a threat to some actresses they love. They really hate Jake as if he did something horrible for them. It should be a hard time for them to see jake giving great performances that they need to celebrate that he's not recognized. It will be a collapse the day he wins the Oscar!

Years ago they almost lost their minds when Christian Bale won the Oscar. It's going to be the same with Jake!

Maura said...

Can you post the link? I kind of want to read what they're saying.

Snubbed said...

jake gyllenhaal is so snubbed that he even snubs himself when they ask him about who he thinks is snubbed.

Monica said...

Well, I don't agree with what he said, but it shows that he's humble, it would be horrible if he said "me", and he's here to his friends or promo of Life lol. He puts good points on a performance:

“We talk about brilliant performances all the time, you know, the actors who tear themselves apart for their roles, which I’m a believer in. But then I look at Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool and I say, ‘No one can do that but him.’ That is truly, purely him. As an artist he struggled for several years to figure that out and it’s all there on the screen. And it’s brilliant.”

I can't imagine anyone else playing Louis Bloom. That's pure Jake.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Awardswatch is all that bad. I always lurk the news section for updates, and I'm pretty sure they worship Amy Adams there.

Jake is so humble! I love how he supports his friends. Can't wait for the Life promo. Hope it's a hit for him, and the start of a good year ahead.

bobbyanna said...

‘No one can do that but him.’ That is truly, purely him. As an artist he struggled for several years to figure that out and it’s all there on the screen. And it’s brilliant.”

Yes, Monica, Jake may as well be talking about himself, because that's exactly how I feel about so many of his performances, especially recently, Lou Bloom. Jake put it all out there for Nocturnal Animals, too. : (

I almost feel like contact patrick Whitesell at WME and complaining.... I've been calling Senators and House members complaining so I'm in that mood...LOL!

BlueJean said...

"I was on AwardsWatch the other day"

If all they can do there is make fun of Jake or talk bad about him (and others), then why read there? I've made a pact with myself that, as soon as I get annoyed or upset about stupid comments on Jake, I just stop reading them. I'm serious. Why put yourself through that? I'm all for constructive criticism and honesty (and fun!), but not when things get really ugly or too personal.

I've never read there, by the way - and don't intend to.

bobbyanna said...

Amen, Blue jean! I agree 100%

Anonymous said...

I don't know if the blame can be placed on WME or Patrick W. Sometimes I think Jake doesn't want certain things.

I've seen some of his publicists postings on twitter/instagram. They constantly hype up their other clients but rarely ever post about Jake. I used to get frustrated by it but now I almost wonder if he doesn't want that the same way other actors do.

He seemed happier to be on vacation with his friend than campaigning for the oscars.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Jake looked happy with Greta on vacation. He didn't campaign at all for any award last year, he dutifully promoted NA while ardently filming 4 movies. He has one publicist, Mara B., who represents several other clients (it irks me). IMO, he's poorly represented and promoted compared to others (e.g. NA co-stars), and I think he'd like to be acknowledged at his true value.

Call sheet for today's Sunday In The Park rehearsal at 10 AM

What a democracy Broadway rehearsals are! Although Jake is the marquee star, all names are listed alphabetically, so Gyllenhaal is at halfway. Lucky Annaleigh Ashford! They're rehearsing at Lincoln Center. Guess the renovations inside Hudson Theatre are still going.

From BroadwayWorld, lots of photos of the bright coloured marquee. What strikes me is the framed NYT review where Ben Brantley raved about Jake Gyllenhaal shining and the misty-eyed bragging rights of the ones who saw it. :-D

Invitation for a meet & greet with Jake after the play:

You're invited to the newly renovated Hudson Theater to see Sondheim’s sweeping tribute to painter George Seurat and to meet the musical’s leading actor, Jake Gyllenhaal. Proceeds from this auction benefit the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union).

From the description: Through his production company Nine Stories, Gyllenhaal has produced and stars in “Stronger,” directed by David Gordon Green and to be released by Lionsgate later this year, and this production of "Sunday in the Park with George."

Monica said...

Wow is he one of the producers of Sunday In The Park?

Maura said...

Lionsgate also released La La Land. Maybe they can run an incredible campaign for Stronger, like the one they did for La La Land.

Anonymous said...

La La Land was very well received as soon as it started hitting the festival circuit. The campaign will all depend on when Stronger is released and how the reviews are.

Monica said...

Sunday on Broadway ‏@SundayBroadway

Don't miss Jeanine Tesori's special presentation & sneak peek of #SundayintheParkwithGeorge at @bwaycon on 1/29 at 3:30PM! #BwayCon2017

bobbyanna said...

Some of you may remember the Persian filmmaker Asghar Farhadi, who served on the jury with Jake in Berlin a few years ago? He has been stopped from entering the United States next month to attend the Oscars because of the new ban by Mr. Trump. He is an Oscar winning director and a respected filmmaker. There are of course, thousands of people affected by this new ban, artists, scientists, engineers, families, it's a disaster and I feel anger and shame. There is chaos at the airports people are stranded, many were denied the ability to board their flights. Even people with Green cards. It was so upsetting I could not watch the news for too long.

Anonymous said...

Things are getting worse in the US :-( but I believe this evil can, and will be, overcome. It has to.

Something to warm your hearts: Jake's taking Leo to rehearsals, and everybody's head over heels. Leo is one gorgeous dog.

Ashley Park ‏@ashleyparklady
Everybody love *Leo [Gyllenhaal], me included George. @SundayBroadway #bringyourpuptoworkday #rehearsal

Waiting to read tweets from Jeanine Tesori's SITPWG sneak peek tomorrow. I gather they'll move the rehearsals to the actual Hudson Theatre next week. Gotta be quite an exciting feeling:
Hudson Theatre ‏@hudsonbway Jan 27
Did you know the original #HudsonBway sat 1050? Our renovated theatre will feel more intimate with 950 seats, but perhaps more legroom…

Claybourne Elder ‏@Claybourneelder Jan 27
So excited to get in there for rehearsal next week!!

Last night, a selfie with a fan at Rosa Mexicano - Lincoln Center by the unique water wall. Glorious head of hair.

Monica said...

I remembered him in the moment I read it. This is a sad time for America and for the whole world.

Scott said...

I think even if Jake was nominated for any of the awards including Oscar I don't think I would have it in me to care much. So much more important things in life at stake now.

BlueJean said...

That's so true, Scott... That's so true :(

bobbyanna said...

Oh, for me, being happy for Jake wouldn't interfere with my paying attention and being involved with what's going on. We've been through similar periods before. We're living through a time of real danger right now, but we are also speaking out against it.

I feel energized. I' be more upset and discouraged if people were just silent and allowing bad things to prevail. But we have an honorable history in this country of pushing back, protesting & marching. Right now a lot of people are making calls and sending letters & e-mails, and so many people are engaged, it's really very encouraging.

Our Congress and the White House are getting so many calls and messages they started blocking calls. So now, people are calling their home offices! And when the White House stopped the calls from getting through, people posted phone numbers for all the real estate, hotels, posh Florida resorts, etc. and now the calls are going to those properties!

The right of the people to "peaceably assemble" is guaranteed in our Constitution, so is Free Speech, and we are making full use of it. I hope people will focus more attention on the Media, because they need to tell the truth,and not try to make things seem "normal" when they are far from it. #resist : )

Monica said...

We've been through similar periods before.

As a Brazilian I'm used to it, you're right to not let yourself enjoy something positive about Jake because of what's going on. Jake's job is entertain us, we need it in a bad time, otherwise we'll go crazy.

Anonymous said...

Ribbon cutting on the 8th

UltraViolet said...

The madness and the horror grow stronger every day. These are terrible times we are living in.

I would have been happy to see Jake at these awards shows, but they certainly do seem all but irrelevant to the crucial news of the day.

On another less-than-earth-shattering note, two Life reviews on Letterboxes:

1. Test screening. Embargoed. This definetly needs some work!

2. ***1/2
this was wild from start to finish. the zero gravity camera was cool but also a bit dizzying at times. calvin was super gruesome it was cool i liked it. ending a little too predictable but overall had great performances from each actor

From Playbill on BroadwayCon:

8. Sunday in the Park With George
What We Learned: Jeanine Tesori, who served as the associate artistic director of Encores! Off-Center for the past five years, spoke about the upcoming Broadway transfer of the Stephen Sondheim-James Lapine musical that began as an Encores! Off-Center concert last fall. Starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Annaleigh Ashford, the revival will re-open the historic Hudson Theatre—marking Broadway’s 41st theatre. (So nothing then...)

What Was Performed: In lieu of a performance, Tesori also offered a bit of history about the theatre, which opened in the 1920s. “The gentleman who owned the theatre died on the Titanic,” she said, “and he left his wife to run the theatre, which she did until 1929. She was the first woman to operate a theatre on her own. As a woman alone often in the room with men I love, I feel like her ghost is there, and I really hope that you will come by and see it.”

When It Starts: Previews begin February 11 at the Hudson Theatre.

Love that it was the first theater owned by a woman. Great quote from Tesori.

Chica said...

It's hard to focus on anything but what's going on right now. It's a nightmare. The only positive right now is that people are fighting back. I attended the Women's March last week and the latest marches are giving me hope.
He needs to be impeached,he has done so much damage in just a few weeks.

I have tickets to see Jake in SITPWG, was so happy to see that Jake attended the March in Washington:)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

He looks really good

UltraViolet said...

Ryan and Jake continuing to promote each other, lol. Here's RR's Facebook post about SITPWG.

Jake updated his own FB page twice. Once with ticket info for SITPWG. Then on Monday, he posted a video of Carefully Taught from South Pacific. The timely lyrics:

You've got to be taught
To hate and fear,
You've got to be taught
From year to year,
It's got to be drummed
In your dear little ear
You've got to be carefully taught.

You've got to be taught to be afraid
Of people whose eyes are oddly made,
And people whose skin is a diff'rent shade,
You've got to be carefully taught.

You've got to be taught before it's too late,
Before you are six or seven or eight,
To hate all the people your relatives hate,
You've got to be carefully taught!

UltraViolet said...

Super Bowl ad. From Deadline:

EXCLUSIVE: We’ve just heard that ads for Sony/Skydance’s sci-fi thriller Life starring Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal and Rebecca Ferguson, will bookend the Super Bowl. The pic, directed by Daniel Espinosa shows what goes down when an international space crew discovers life on Mars. The pic was moved up out of the Memorial Day corridor to March 24. Typically the Culver City-based studio sits on the side when tubthumping their upcoming titles on Big Game day; one of the last times they ran a spot was during Super Bowl for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in 2014.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen this: ???


Anonymous said...

Oof, apparently those Super Bowl ads cost 5 million per 30s. Hope it's worth it.

Maura said...

No Tony Awards for Sunday In The Park With George. This made me really sad.

Scott said...

"The producers of the limited-run production, which begins previews next week, have opted to take the show out of the running entirely."

Well Jake is one of the producers, it is a short run and they seem to be doing it for the love of the musical and not to play for a Tony. The cast and musicians need to get paid. I hope the fans who get to see it realize what a great treat they will be getting if it goes as successful as the concert version.

It just shows the producers are doing this for reasons other than profit or a Tony. We Jake fans just have to keep suffering during all awards seasons.

Monica said...

Well Jake is one of the producers
This shows that Jake is not desperate for awards.

BlueJean said...

For a brief moment I thought the entire show was cancelled... Thank goodness it's "just" the Tony eligibility. Yes, it's a shame, but it's understandable when you look at the financial aspect of it, like the article explains.

It will still be super special for all who will get to see it - maybe even more so now.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

jake and greta:

Anonymous said...

Wonder if Greta has moved her business to NYC. She doesn't seem to spend a lot of time in San Fran. I liker her coat.

Anonymous said...

lol at their matching shoes

Anonymous said...

Greta has a cigarette in her hand. Shame on her for smoking in Jake's presence. He has to sing for 10 weeks. Smoke, even second hand, is bad for the throat, the vocal chords. The horror!

Real Sal said...

It's NYC; I'm sure he's breathing in a lot of other nasty stuff. Also, if memory serves, Jake is a smoker himself. And they're adults.

Hagen said...

The official website for 'Life' including the new trailer

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Jake is doing everything he needs to in order to make sure his voice will survive the 10 weeks.

Anonymous said...

Jake better not die in this movie. The trailer makes it look like he's in danger. Grave danger.

Real Sal said...

He might be okay. If he has a wife in it, I predict she'll go first ;)

Anonymous said...


UltraViolet said...

LOL Sal - too funny.

And wow - that trailer was good. Seems like the spot got a mostly favorable reaction.

Late to the news, but count me as one of those disappointed on the Tonys decision. This was posted on the BroadwayWorld forums. No idea if it's legit:

I understand that the producers ran the idea by the company for their thoughts. Jake was the first to say, "I agree." and everyone else followed suit. The financial ramifications have to do with the responsibility they have to their investors. Also, in addition to the Tony voters, you have the folks from the Drama Desks, NY Drama Critics Circle, and Outer Critics Circle Awards. All of those seats add up to a lot of the investors' money you're giving away, and for what return? As for JG being a diva, speak with anyone involved in Little Shop or Sunday and they will dispel that myth. "I'm here to learn so please push me hard." seemed to be his mantra.

Jake is just never going to be nominated for an award again, is he?

Still no word on Stronger, but GMW posted this:

Gary Michael Walters ‏@garymwalters
The collaboration between #JakeGyllenhaal and #DenisVilleneuve on #TheSon based on the novel by #JoNesbo is coming along AMAZING!!!

Maura said...

I really can't wait to know more about The Son.

UltraViolet said...

Me, too, Maura! But there's so much happening before that one. It's hard to keep up!

From one of the SITPWG cast members:

Claybourne Elder ‏@Claybourneelder
With @ashleyparklady in @hudsonbway being blown away by @TheAAshford and #JakeGyllenhaal and this is just spacing rehearsal @SundayBroadway – at Hudson Theatre Manhattan Conference Center

And I love how Annaleigh Ashford gushes about Jake:

I know you’re a married woman, but how dreamy is Jake Gyllenhaal in person?

Annaleigh Ashford: The dreamiest, and I get to look into his dreamy eyes all the time.

He knows how to work a beard.

He sure does, and it’s a luxurious, good-smelling beard. We hugged the other day and I asked, “Did you put some product in that beard?” He said, “No, it’s just naturally like this.” But what really makes him so dreamy is that he’s a brilliant actor with a beautiful singing voice and a beautiful heart. He’s everything you want him to be.

BlueJean said...

"it’s a luxurious, good-smelling beard."


Maura said...

bobbyanna said...

Wow!!!! Yaaaay, Jake!

UltraViolet said...

Wow - just beautiful! I'm so glad Jake has discovered his FB page, lol. And people are losing their minds over it. It was a Twitter Moments. Finishing the Hat ended on twitter. (Well, in NY.) And these reactions!

UltraViolet said...

Jesus christ, can he just marry me already...

I'm like actually swooning.

There's a video of Jake Gyllenhaal singing but I need to be a little more emotionally stable to watch it.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s singing will blow you away in ‘Sunday in the Park with George’ rehearsal video

Bad things are happening but here's a video Jake Gyllenhaal singing

Jake Gyllenhaal singing Sondheim was something that I never knew I needed more of but oh dear God......

I was dead but Jake Gyllenhaal singing brought me back to life

I now sexually identify as Jake Gyllenhaal rehearsing for Sunday in the Park With George

Looking for a good cry about art and love and life today?

In Case You Thought Jake Gyllenhaal Wasn't Perfect Enough He Can Fucking Sing Too

Haleigh FoutchVerified account ‏@HaleighFoutch 3m3 minutes ago
Here's Jake Gyllenhaal performing Sondheim beautifully in case you're stuck in a pit of despair. Carey Fukunaga filmed it. You're welcome.

Jake Gyllenhaal singing "Finishing The Hat" has given me a raging #emoner

I can just tell nobody in the office wants to discuss the video of Jake Gyllenhaal singing "Finishing the Hat." At length.

Time Out NY: Jake Gyllenhaal absolutely kills it in teaser video for his next Broadway gig:

One video & I'm instantly re-obsessed with Jake Gyllenhaal.

Gillian ApterVerified account ‏@gillapter 32m32 minutes ago
WOW! "Watch Sunday in the Park with George's Jake Gyllenhaal Perform 'Finishing the Hat'

after listening to jake gyllenhaal sing i can confirm that there is some good left in the world

Jake Gyllenhaal did THAT when will la la land ever

Erin McCarthyVerified account ‏@erincmccarthy 49m49 minutes ago

A gentle reminder that Jake Gyllenhaal is also an incredibly talented singer

Wow he is amazing, the voice, the emotion, Bravo

My not-so-inner theater nerd wept at this.

This...for your heart and soul though.....!....

It is bleak fucking world but i’ve watched the Jakey Finishing the Hat video x3 now and my heart has curled in on itself with joy x3

I really don't want to fall in love with Jake Gyllenhaal because he can sing "Finishing the Hat".

I'm so overwhelmed right now. On one hand I'm extremely upset over the state of our country & the other Jake gyllenhaal singing made me cry

It's official. Jake Gyllenhaal is perfection.

I want to watch the clip of Jake Gyllenhaal singing from Sunday in the Park with George but I'm afraid I won't recover.

@AlannaBennett Writer, all sorts. Film & TV Writer @BuzzFeedNews.
Here is Jake Gyllenhaal singing "Finishing the Hat" I have to tweet it to regain control of myself
It's the "RUFF" that killed me, RIP, it's been a good* run. *so-so

Bless you for bringing this to my attention on this dark day.

Jackson McHenryVerified account ‏@McHenryJD 37m37 minutes ago
give me a jake gyllenhaal movie musical now

Bob MondelloVerified account ‏@Bob_Mondello
Movie reviewer for NPR, and an unrepentant Sondheimite.
Gyllenhaal, Sondheim, what's not to like?

Tasha RobinsonVerified account ‏@TashaRobinson
I don't love Jake Gyllenhaal, Cary Fukunaga, or SUNDAY IN THE PARK WITH GEORGE, but put together, they're touching:

ColliderVerified account ‏@Collider
Jake Gyllenhaal's got PIPES

KellyVerified account ‏@broadwaybabyto
Jake Gyllenhaal singing "Finishing the Hat". All the feels and no words. Except that he made stairs seem exciting:

#Sondheim fans, watch! #JakeGyllenhaal is fantastic. And I saw him @womensmarch in D.C. too, so more to love. Can't wait to see this show!

Cause of death: Jake Gyllenhaal singing

I found out that Jake Gyllenhaal can sing an idk if I'll ever be the same

Real Sal said...

I know this sounds weird, but I'm just absolutely bursting with pride.

Real Sal said...

(I've also had a bottle of wine over dinner)

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

OMG, he sounds amazing!

UltraViolet said...

A few more:

But I can officially say my life is now complete. I am blessed

At first I wanted to see this show. Now I need to see this show.


I had no idea Jake Gyllenhaal could sing.... and well...
If only he were handsome and a great actor. OH WAIT. HE IS.

I am seeing this in 32 days and I am solidly going to weep through the entire thing and I'm fine with it.

Get. Out. Of. Here.

STOP what you're doing and give yourself the gift of Jake Gyllenhaal's angelic voice!! (As if looking at him wasn't enough...) I am shook.

A short vid for you: Jake Gyllenhaal Sings (Very Well) in Broadway Rehearsal Video, Confirming Perfection

Today's act of self-care: Buying a ticket to Sunday in the Park with George. Sing my troubles away, Jake Gyllenhaal!

"What brings you to therapy today?" "Well, I watched a video of Jake Gyllenhaal singing "Finishing the Hat" from his new Broadway musical."

I refuse to watch Jake Gyllenhaal singing flawlessly because I will feel overwhelmingly POWERFUL feelings. Potentially dangerous

"Cary Funkunaga directs Jake Gyllenhaal behind the scenes of a Sondheim musical" is like God recording my Bae Mad Libs 🙏

brb - going to watch that video of Jake Gyllenhaal singing "Finishing The Hat" forever.

Carey Joji Fukunaga on filming Jake/FTH:

On Saturday, Jake Gyllenhaal will make his Broadway debut in the vocally and dramatically challenging role of Georges Seurat in Stephen Sondheim’s beloved musical Sunday in the Park With George. But before his debut, he shared a hint of what audiences can expect when the show officially opens Feb. 23 at the Hudson Theatre: a short film, directed by True Detective Emmy-winner Cary Joji Fukunaga, showcasing his performance of the solo “Finishing the Hat.”

“I knew he could sing, definitely,” Fukunaga said in an exclusive interview with Billboard. “Jake and I are friends, and he just called me up last weekend to say, ‘Hey, I’m doing this.’ I’m in the last throes of writing a screenplay, but the idea of shooting in this cool old Broadway theater with Jake was too enticing to resist.” Gyllenhaal sent him a couple of songs he was thinking of singing, and “obviously ‘Finishing the Hat’ is sort of the most iconic from the musical.”

Fukunaga opted for a simple approach, filming with one camera and capturing Gyllenhaal’s singing live over the course of roughly four full takes, in just three hours -- and after a full day of rehearsals for Gyllenhaal. “I didn’t want it to just sound like a studio recording,” Fukunaga says. “I didn’t want people to think it was lip-syncing. I recorded more of the ambient sound, the creaking of the floorboards, so it reveals it’s recorded live. Ultimately, he had one mic on his front, one on his back, and two onstage for the musicians.”

He found a creative solution to the technical problem of how to follow Gyllenhaal down the stairs and onto the stage. “The easiest thing was for me to just hang from the ceiling and follow him,” Fukunaga says with a laugh. “They thought I was joking when I asked if I could just hang in a harness. But I mean, they hang all this heavy shit -- why can’t they hang me?”

The end result is a film that captures both Gyllenhaal’s stunning vocal control and the refurbished Hudson Theatre’s beauty. “The range in that song, from the quiet moments to the larger more forceful ones are so vast,” Fukunaga says. “It’s such a hard song to sing, technically, and a great moment in the musical about creating something out of nothing. And he nailed it pretty much every time. The guy is a machine.”

Friends in high places, literally :)

UltraViolet said...

LOL, Sal. Wine helps with expression!

And OONP, yes, he does!

Scott said...

Nicely done Jake and Cary.

Monica said...

Wow He's great!

Maura said...

He's so great! Makes me even sadder about the Tonys.

Maura said...

New interview:

bobbyanna said...

I haven't had any wine and I feel very proud of him, too. : ) LOL! I really admire the way Jake takes risks and tries to always challenge himself. He's not afraid to fail.

It may sound corny but I find that inspiring.

Stefanie Picard said...

I can't wait to see him in Sunday in the Park with George on March 25 :) The video got we really excited.

BlueJean said...

So glad Jake posted this! So many of us won't be able to see 'George' - and this is the next best thing :)

Amazed at his voice. He's awesome! I agree with the above comments - I feel proud of him, too. He could just stick to movies and "just" be the movie star, but instead he continues to follow his own path, including unexpected projects like this one. Who knows where his talent and guts will take him next? And that Oscar will come, don't worry. A Tony, too. I'm sure of it :)

*watches video once more*

Oh, and love all the twitter/facebook comments you posted, UV. They always put a smile on my face. And God knows we need a smile in this day and age... Thank you xxx

UltraViolet said...

As always with Jake, there's good news and bad news, though today's bad news should be put in perspective - how it affects a movie is much less important than the reality.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony went well. Everyone gushed about everything :) Like most of the internet wrt Jake's video. But I bet this tweet made Jake smile:

Lin-Manuel Miranda
Finishing the Gyllenhaal ❤

They talked about it on Good Morning America today, as well. More like they talked over the clip, but still. It's fun to see Jake's name all over the place, for a good reason!

UltraViolet said...

BJ, I'm so glad you commented on the tweets. They crack me up so much, I can't help but post them. And they continue today. It's been a lot of fun.

Stefanie, come back and tell us how it was! I'm going on Saturday - can't wait! Anyone who gets to go, please share your reaction.

Anonymous said...

New interview

Maura said...

Annaleigh and Jake have really great chemistry.

Stefanie Picard said...

Absolutely I'm really excited. And I was shocked I got front Row balcony seat. I love Sunday in the Park the music is great. But I will definitely post and give my thoughts. Now if I can get Hamilton stand by or lotto tickets it will be a great day of Broadway theater. Can wait to read about your review. Enjoy the show :)

Maura said...

I love what this statement about the Tonys . Still a little bit sad about it, though.

I read a Broadway forum that claimed he will return to the Hudson in September for "Burn This". Take it with a grain of salt, but it was very recent.

Anonymous said...

Monica said...

^^ Bad news for Stronger.

Anonymous said...

Why? "Stronger" is Jeff Bauman's story, not Jeff and Erin. She's a big part of it, but there are many many pages in the script without her.

It's mostly about Jeff and his big rowdy family, about his struggle to come back to life so to speak, finding a meaning. His reluctance to be the hero, his PTSD and guilt syndrome, the excruciating pains, the city loving him and other people bashing him.

These articles are weird since it was always presented as the "Jeff Bauman movie" and all of a sudden it's about the couple? Because they're divorcing, hence drama? The press being exploitative as always.

All they have to do is change the marketing strategy. Their intention was to sell it as a story about love conquering all, most likely because the Boston bombing is a dark difficult subject while love is universal.

Focus the promotional campaign on the survivor. Make it about Jeff and the actor who plays him, Jake.

If anything, it's bad news for Tatiana because they may cut some of her scenes and focus less on her during press.

UltraViolet said...

I posted that yesterday but everyone ignored it :)

It's bad news for the movie because Jake himself has been positioning it as a love story and not a story about the bombing. They certainly can still sell it that way, since the movie ends before the divorce. But it's silly to pretend it doesn't make things awkward, at the least.

Maura, I'm also still sad about the Tonys, but Jake's answer was perfect.

Just a few more tweets that made me laugh:

Ugh. Jake Gyllenhaal just performed my appendectomy and he did, like, such a great job. WE GET IT JAKE

Hollis JaneVerified account ‏@hollis_jane 2h2 hours ago
I can't watch the video of Jake Gyllenhaal singing right now because it's considered "inappropriate" to "touch myself at work".

Lillian CunninghamVerified account ‏@lily_cunningham 18m18 minutes ago
To everyone who's surprised #JakeGyllenhaal can sing, have you forgotten about THIS?! (Dreamgirls video)

Scott said...

That Gyllenhaal timing again. But it's a movie, I feel bad for Jeff, his wife and their child. Just because the marriage is ending doesn't mean it still wasn't a love story. It's a part of the couple's journey.

Anonymous said...

Please, don't get me wrong, I didn't imply it's about the bombing, because it's not. It takes only 2 pages out of 180.

It's about an easygoing, simple man having his life being blown up literally, and having to deal with the atrocity, the shock, the injuries, a bleeding city in need of a hero and hope, a loving but messy family unable to cope or help him in a positive way. Narratively, his parents are scene-stealer characters, both funny and frustrating.

Just slightly shift the focus from the love story to all of the above. They can't change the ending, but they can make Jeff's struggles predominant. Same movie, different vibe, less room for awkward divorce questions.

Going back to the joy of Sunday in the Park. It's the strongest, most loving reaction people had about Jake in a long time and it makes me giddy. I'm happy for him and proud of him.

Scott said...

Jake will be on Live with Kelly tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

He has such a beautiful moving voice. Can't wait to see it! Everyone who's going to watch it - enjoy and pls share your experiences !

Anonymous said...

Still not sure I believe this woman but nonetheless, a photo of Jake. She locks her account frequently so see it while you can.

Real Sal said...

I hate it when her stuff comes up. Pretty sure it's a proven fake account. I remember last year people commented on her pictures saying it belonged to them. She just puts a filter on it.

Chica said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Jeff & Erin :(

I have tickets to see SITPWG for Friday, 2/24 and I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Jake's dream is coming true: he's making a movie with Jacques Audiard!!! Co-starring Joaquin Phoenix and John C. Reilly!

May all his dreams come true.

Maura said...

Wow! This just blew my mind. I was already super excited for this movie, but now I REALLY can't wait.

Monica said...

yeah Jake and Joaquin!!!

Jake himself has been positioning it as a love story and not a story about the bombing.

That's what I thought when I read the news, in addition, the first official still of the film is with them two.

Scott said...

Wonder where this new films puts the progress of The Son, The District, the Heist movie, the non musical play and so on. Filming of the Sisters Brothers start this summer. Is this a humor/drama piece if anyone has read the book? I can see Jake and Joaquin playing brothers.

Anonymous said...

On the msbcmc instagram account there is a video of jake in heated conversation/argument with someone. does anyone know who it is or what it's about?

Also who is the person with the account, a producer he works with?

Scott said...

"video of jake in heated conversation/argument with someone. does anyone know who it is or what it's about?"

But does Jake look handsome in the video?

Anonymous said...

Every time she's mentioned here she locks up her account. She must read this site.

Anonymous said...

Its Sienna Miller and Rita Ora at Cannes.

Scott said...

Oh "Good Girl" mini reunion with John C Reilly. Jake was barely 21 years old.

UltraViolet said...

From an instagrammer who was at the dress rehearsal tonight:

What an honor it was to get to attend the invited final dress rehearsal for Sunday in the Park with George, and also be in the first audience EVER at the Hudson Theatre on Broadway! Jake Gyllenhaal and Annaleigh Ashford were magnificent! You can't go wrong with Sondheim! Congratulations to the cast and crew for being such a huge part of Broadway history,

Someone else on FB said it was brilliant. And others:

Please enjoy this video of a favorite song from SUNDAY IN THE PARK WITH GEORGE performed in the glorious new Hudson Theater on West 44th Street. Jake G. has a wonderful voice, and I was so fortunate to attend a dress rehearsal of this beautiful Sondheim show. Like I said: enjoy!

Sunday in the park with George just WRECKED me. If you don't go see it now you're foolish.
Ps. Call me for details I'm still weeping

See Annaleigh Ashford in Sunday in the Park with George its worth the price of admission. Bravo to the entire company and brilliant night in the theater. To bad it's a limited run.

pure fucking MAGIC

Absolutely incredible!! #JakeGyllenhaal had me in tears 😍 @SundayBroadway #SundayintheParkwithGeorge

I saw this on FB the other day:

i knew he had it way back in that high school play

I remember when you first met him. You came home and said "Mom I just met the most beautiful boy in the world- I just like looking at him". And you were right!

you went to high school with Jake!?

to a rival private school. I saw him in a school play when I was 15 and came home swooning. He has no idea who I am however, as I lost all ability to speak for the 5 seconds I met him.

BlueJean said...


That is so, so sweet :)

bobbyanna said...

I'm here! I finally made it into Manhattan last night from LaGuardia airport The airport gridlock was so awful it took three hours to get here from the airport, usually a 15-20 minute ride It was a sea of red backlights. I realized that it's Valentine's Day weekend and blizzards or not people are coming to NYC! I'm so excited and really looking forward
To seeing Jake tonight! I have already promised myself to take a chance to as Steven Sondheim for an th× right moment....I will keep you all posted Must say they have done a good job of clearing the snow least the sidewalks are dry for now!

Real Sal said...

Have an amazing time, Bobbyanna! Good luck with the weather and the autograph. Very jealous! x

BlueJean said...

Go Bobbyanna! I'm not jealous at all... yeah, right ;)

I believe UV will be seeing it / Jake as well tonight! Hope you both have a great time! Say 'hi' to Jake from us! ;)

Ann said...

Happy for everyone who gets to see SITPWG :)

I'll be there tonight, can't wait to see how it differs from what they did in October.

sassy said...

Nope. She's a delusional fan that believes she's a member of the Coppola family; and friends with Jake, his family, and his friends. When in actuality, she steals photos from IG, Twitter, Pinterest, slaps a filter on them and calls them her own.
Her so called producing career is a lie too. She is not credited on any of the tv shows and films she claims to produce/has produced. Nor does she have an active IMDB page since she'll be busted by the people who actually have worked on these projects if she adds her name.

Scott said...

Have fun Ann, Bobby, Maura and UV.

Look its the baby from the movie where that actor stole Jake's second Oscar nomination. LOL

BlueJean said...

Would you please stop talking about that "someone" with that fake account or whatever? It's getting annoying. I have absolutely zero interest in her or who she is. Please guys. Yhank you.

Back to Jake. I can't wait to read some reports! :)

Anonymous said...

did you know jake became part of bafta last year?

Anonymous said...

Jake is a member of AMPAS too, since 2006, and still being snubbed every year.

Monica said...

I hope everyone will have a great time there. Enjoy!

BlueJean said...

Short video of Jake and the cast. A message.

It must have been a joy to be there. Sigh.

BlueJean said...

Are the BAFTA's tonight, by the way? ;)

Ann said...

That show made my heart burst in the best possible way. Jake has really grown into the role of George, his voice has improved since October (not that it needed to) Joy is the best word to use to describe last night. I hope there's a video recording of the show for people to enjoy who can't make it.

Scott said...

"Are the BAFTA's tonight, by the way? ;)"

Yeah apparently Affleck won, they had 4 other better choices and chose him. I don't think he will the Oscar though.

bobbyanna said...

Well, my weekend in NYC got off to a rocky start. La Guardia was a nightmare. I arrived at 7 PM and got to my hotel at nearly 10 PM. Yes. The freeways and the area around the airport were literally a parking lot. Nothing moved. People actually got out of cabs on the freeway and walking down the freeway to the airport to catch their flights! I sat in a shuttle van (one that makes lots of stops to drop people off at hotels) for nearly 3 hours, stuck in traffic.

Leaving NYC Sunday traffic was not nearly so bad. The only difficulty was the ice storm we drove thru, and all the flight cancellations, then sitting on the runway for an hour while they sprayed de icer on the plane while we waited.

But I did it!!! I saw Sunday in the Park with Jake! And it was glorious! I've seen Jake on stage 3 times:for "If there is..." the Encore performance of "Little Shop," and now this. Can I just say:Jake is really extraordinary as an actor. Probably the best of his generation and I'm not over praising when I say that. I saw something remarkable Saturday.

When he walked out on that stage he literally transformed into George Surat. His played a character who was vulnerable, obsessed, almost bordering on madness at times, and tormented by his inability to connect. The Chemistry between Jake and Annaleigh Ashford was off the charts. And when they sang Moving On there were sniffles all over the house.

Jake's voice was perfect! His range, the vocal control, everything. Strong and robust and plaintive and delicate when needed. He was completely absorbed by the character. Jake Gyllenhaal was gone, George was on the stage. As far as I could see, He was flawless. I'm told it's a long play, at 2:40. but time literally flew and I would have happily sat there and watched the entire performance all over again. It was magic. truly.

Then as an added bonus, as I was wandering around the newly refurbished theatre at intermission, I saw Steven Sondheim!!!! I had vowed that if he came to the show and I was lucky enough to get near him, I'd ask for an autograph. Well.

There he was, sitting on the orchestra level, sort of in the middle row, towards the end of the aisle, with a couple of friends, and they stood up to chat.... I stood a little distance away watching for my moment. Finally I left them to wander some more (that's when I saw Naomi Foner, Jake's mother chatting with Riva Marker ...from a distance...) .

As I made another pass at Sondheim, I saw my chance... and I froze. He was sitting down now, and looked towards me, and all I could say, was " Excuse me.... I just want to thank you for this. it's just beautiful!" And he beamed at me and said, "Well, thank you. You're very kind. But you should thank this man too, he's the author! " So I met James Lapine and thanked him too.

We chatted very very briefly. I asked him if he was happy with this evening's performance and he smiled and said," Oh, yes, very happy. It's going well!" So that was it. No autograph. And the man was sitting with a pen in his hand! But I don't regret it. I just didn't seem like the thing to do at the time...

All I can say is that Saturday night's performance was absolutely magic. Jake was stunning. The costumes were vibrant and colorful and the orchestra was sublime. It was pure gold. I Feel like seeing this play, and seeing Denzel Washington absolutely KILL in Raisin in the Sun are two theatre moments I'll remember for the rest of my life. There's only one other person I want to see in something special, and that's Al Pacino. My Bucket List... : )

Ann said...

Wow, what a great story Bobbyanna, thanks for sharing. I agree with all you said about Jake too. I feel like Act 1 flew by, I wanted it to last forever, lol.

bobbyanna said...

Anna, I thought Jake took a huge risk with the "dog scene" in Act 1, and he pulled it off wonderfully. He took us with him, completely,... as he imitated a dog in the park. It was a show stopper; people bursting into applause.

I was also delighted with the way they executed the whole "Putting It Together" routine in Act 2. The pacing was spot on.

Ann said...

I agree. I remember loving his expressions during The Day Off back in October but he took it to another level on Saturday. I know it's a challenging song/scene and some people are put off by it but he nailed it. It was delightful to watch him during it. It's one of my favorite parts.

I was moved to tears during Move On, there's a note that he hits towards the end that just gives me chills.

I waited at the stage door and was lucky enough to meet Jake after, he seemed to be in a great mood. He seems very happy doing SITPWG, it's nice to see :)

bobbyanna said...

Wow!!! That's SO COOL! I saw a few photos of him signing, and he looked happy.

Stefanie Picard said...

Awesome I'm so excited to see this next month. I also saw Jake in If There is.. and (my favorite play ) Constellations. I have loved Sunday in Park since I was teenager my art teacher would put in on in the middle of class. So when I saw this was hitting Broadway I had to see it, and it like icing on the cake Jake is in it. Can't wait :)

bobbyanna said...

I Will add one more thing: In the second act there's a light show. People who sat in the balcony and the mezzanine level got the full benefit of it. Again, magic.

The Hudson is not a huge cavernous theatre. Obviously there are good seats, and better seats, and great seats, but I don't think there are any "bad " seats.

Some people were able to take advantage of a special, last minute sale,(if they stood in line from 4 AM,) & were able to grab tickets for the orchestra level for $41. This play is a classic. the ideas and the themes it highlights will always be fresh.

UltraViolet said...

Bobbyanna, what a great night and a great recap. I'm so excited that you got to talk to Sondheim. He seemed very friendly and approachable.

And Ann - you got to meet Jake! That's great. And well-deserved, since you must have waited a long time. I'm glad you mentioned Move On. It's such a beautiful song, and they are electric together when they sing it. The Day Off just kills me. Jake really took it up a notch, and people really did seem to love it.

I was nervous about Putting It Together, but Jake did just that.

Really looking forward to other people getting to see it and hearing all the reviews.

I would love to be able to see the show every night! It was still amazing. Not much of a production difference form City Center: The costumes were better, more elaborate. The backdrop was also, but I actually preferred the City Center projections. I couldn't appreciate the new chromalume from where I was sitting. I'll be seeing it again from the front mezzanine, so I'm looking forward to that.

Jake's voice seemed a bit deeper and richer than in October. He was wonderful then; he's wonderful now.His chemistry with Annaleigh Ashford is so good. She is also just as good, if not better, than she was in October. I wasn't thrilled with all of the new cast members - much preferred Zachary Levi to Robert Sean Leonard. He plays Jules as a real antagonist. Zachary Levi seemed more like a peer/friend/competitor. I really missed Phylicia Rashad as Georges' mother, though Penny Fuller is a legend. But Jake and Phylicia had a special spark between them.

Jake's speech was lovely - he really seems at ease on the stage. It feels like he is really appreciating this opportunity, especially in these troubled times.

The Hudson Theatre is gorgeous. They had some opening night glitches (running out of toilet paper at intermission), but the general mood was ebullient and anticipatory. And the free champagne helped.

All in all, a beautiful night at the theater.

BlueJean said...

Guys, I'm now officially jealous! ;) But so glad you all had such a wonderful time! Thanks for the detailed recaps - I almost felt like I was there... almost! :)

Maura said...

Did you guys know that Jake was in a competitive show choir in high school?

BlueJean said...

Some interesting thoughts on SITPWG and the Tonys:

"How do you know if you accomplished what you set out to accomplish? How do you know if your work is “good”? It’s so hard to know for yourself and hold that belief firm. Easier to look to others. Did they buy a lot of tickets? Did the critics like it? Did it win awards? Then it must be good. That may be easier, but not necessarily wiser. In the words of the master, “art isn’t easy,” and competitive art is even harder. Good for Sunday and its stars for trying to keep one piece of control in defining their own success."

bobbyanna said...

I'm pretty sure it's the finances that were the deciding factor. Giving out 1600 free tickets to Tony voters will eat into the profit margins, and this show has a fairly large cast, including musicians, that needs to get paid. It isn't only about the lead actors.

In spite of Deadline's spin about "defining your own success" and I love them for doing that, the fact is, Jake could very well have been nominated and the likelihood of Annaleigh Ashford getting nominated is even greater. They were superb and could stand well in comparison to anything else out there.

As one of the producers, Jake has a lot riding on this outing. I'm thinking that the financing for SITP is tight. But I'm so very happy they did it. The show deserved a ten week run on Broadway....and this is definitely an investment in future outings. : )

Would LOVE to see a cast album come out of this... or even a taping so it can be broadcast on cable or in theatres at some point.

BlueJean said...

... or a DVD, so that all of us who won't be able to travel all the way to NYC, will still be able to see it *fingers crossed*

Another link:

'Fiddler on the Roof'? :)))

Ann said...

According to someone on facebook, most NY theater critics, including Ben Brantley of the NY Times were at the evening performance yesterday. I'm looking forward to reading reviews, hope they're as good as the ones from October.

bobbyanna said...

That's Ann. I wish they had been there the opening night of previews because Jake sounded amazing and his acting performance was on a whole other level.

Each performance is different, and in the course of 80 performances some will be better than others, but the critics base they review on the one they see. It doesn't seem fair. I wonder if any of them go multiple times?

bobbyanna said...

Oops! I meant to type "Thanks, Ann."

Monica said...

So happy to know that everyone who saw it enjoyed the play. It's great to hear that Jake is improving his voice with each performance. Jake is great!
I would love Tony's recognition, but I can't deny how happy I'm to see that Jake is not the one desperate for awards. Is he really from Hollywood?

Yesterday I watched Manchester By the Sea. It's a great movie, but nominated Michelle for just a one cry scene is Are you fucking kidding me?
I keep thinking about an actress out there who deserved more than her.

BlueJean said...

"... but nominated Michelle for just a one cry scene is Are you fucking kidding me?"

That's exactly what I thought, Monica.

Hagen said...

Los Angeles Times: The South By Southwest Film Festival announced Wednesday that the closing-night selection for its 2017 edition will be the world premiere of “Life,” directed by Daniel Espinosa and with a cast that includes Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson, Ryan Reynolds and Hiroyuki Sanada.

The screening is to take place on Saturday, March 18, with the Austin, Texas-based festival running from March 10-19.

Less than a month to go.

Maura said...

New photos of Sunday In The Park With George. It looks fabulous!

Scott said...

Those are beautiful Maura, thank you. And officially open night tomorrow, Jake break a leg.

bobbyanna said...

Yaaay! Yes, it's opening night to night, "officially," so I guess that means the critics can publish their reviews! Anyone who was there at the opening of previews can testify:

Jake is divine! Sublime! Amazing! Transporting! Ridiculously talented, moving, powerful, etc.etc.etc. And I'm not exaggerating even a little bit... : )

Sondheim was smiling.... No, make that beaming! After the play. Standing there, sort of "holding court" receiving accolades.

UltraViolet said...

It's opening night! New post.