Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Demo promo

There's been a lot of Jake Gyllenhaal promotion over the past week. Behold a random assortment.

Kelly and Michael. And Erin:

AOL Build:

Jake, Naomi, Judah and writer Bryan Sipe talk about the movie and life:


From the Huffington Post:

Generally, suitable words cease to exist in the midst of a tragedy. While the horrific terrorism in Brussels is no exception to this, actor Jake Gyllenhaal managed to express a heartfelt sentiment while on the press tour for his new film.

A mere hours after news of the repulsive acts broke, Gyllenhaal and his Demolition costars were set to partake in a live interview on AOL BUILD. The Academy Award nominee looked visibly upset as he took to the stage with the rest of the cast. Once the interview began, Gyllenhaal politely paused from answering the moderator’s first question regarding the film. He felt it was more important to address the fresh wounds that terrorists had cut in the world.

“In the spirit of compassion, I feel like I’d be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge all the people in Brussels today who are victims of the horrific bombing that happened there,” he said gazing at the audience. “We’re all having fun here now and talking about a movie we deeply love, but at the same time it’s important that we express our support. So, I wanted to say that, first and foremost, before we get into everything...”

When the interviewer asked if hearing terrible news makes it feel different to go out and promote a film, Gyllenhaal responded eloquently:

“I had the honor of meeting President Obama many years ago and he said to me very clearly — it is your job as entertainers to provide entertainment and, given the tough times that we all live in, to create art that says something, but also really brings people joy. So, I consider that to be my initiative. I think we all do here. It’s very important that we stay positive and always create things that are saying something, but also entertaining.”

Looping back to the question he said, “it is weird and feels a little funny, but it’s important for things to go on.”

The other talent on stage (which included Naomi Watts, Judah Lewis and Chris Cooper) firmly nodded in agreement and applauded, along with the studio audience, as Gyllenhaal finished his statement. He appeared to not only extend support to Brussels, but to urge everyone (artist or not) to do what they can to go on with their lives in a positive manner.

Jake also managed some beautiful political shade. Hee sometimes seems reluctant to take a stand but that was pretty clearly aimed at Trump and perhaps Cruz, as well.

Jake and Jimmy Fallon are spitting images:

Jake, PeeWee Herman and Rita Wilson before the show:

Demolition premiere/special screening in New York:

@bennettmarcusThis is what it's like when you interview #JakeGyllenhaal, he looks dreamily into your eyes. #Demolition @cinemasociety

Junket interviews from the weekend:

Bonnie Laufer Krebs:

Sean O'Connell:

Behind the Velvet Rope:

Kevin McCarthy:

TWC News

The Insider

ET Canada

We Got This Covered:

From SXSW:

Nerdist conversation at Banger's. Wish we'd gotten the whole thing.

JG and JMV:

SXSW Red Carpet and Moviee Q&A

Jake gets more peanut M&Ms:

AMFM Magazine

The Today Show offered a look at 2002 Jake before his appearance today:


BlueJean said...

That Jimmy Fallon thing is... I don't know what to say. It's gross! Yuk.

But I laughed so hard! :) Sorry ;) I bet they had lots of fun doing it! And it proves that there's a little kid in every grown man ;) ;)

Thanks for the post, UV. You're the best!

UltraViolet said...

It is incredibly gross. But it's also hilarious. It gets funnier the more you watch, as well. Inexplicable, really.

Some tweets from today:

In case you were wondering, Jake Gyllenhaal is hotter in person ‪#‎nyccelebspotting‬ ‪#‎soulcycleceleb‬ ‪#‎fitnessgoals‬ 🙌🏻

Jake Gyllenhaal just walked past my desk and I honestly lost about 5 minutes of work

Studio is packed today for #DemolitionMovie! Can't believe I'm standing in the same room as #JakeGyllenhaal 😱

What is breathing? #jakegyllenhaal #demolitionmovie AOL Buil entrance

From AOL Build:

#JakeGyllenhaal shares his goal when filming a movie: to leave it with a new perspective on the world. #ThisIsAOL
"You're constantly laughing" - #JakeGyllenhaal shares #DemolitionMovie isn't as grim as you'd expect. #ThisIsAOL
"loss or living in general is a messy thing " - #JakeGyllenhaal on @AOLBUILD #DemolitionMovie #ThisIsAOL
"It is your job as entertainers to provide entertainment" #JakeGyllenhaal recalls convo with @POTUS #ThisIsAOL
"We work what they call 'French hours'; you don't take a break for lunch" #ChrisCooper on filming #DemolitionMovie

Love the perspective answer. I hope we get to see the whole thing, especially to hear the answer about Obama.

About to add some AOL Build photos to the post, as well.

UltraViolet said...

Condolences and good thoughts for Belgium today. Terrible news to wake up to.

Scott said...

Thoughts with Belgium, for some reason I was just angry to hear it. Just tired of the bad guys getting away with it but what can you do when someone is willing to take out people with their life.

JF was gross but funny as heck, yuck the clean up.

Chica said...

That clip was beyond gross but funny, looks like they had a blast! Looking forward to the Demolition promotion.

Damn, the violence and terror is heartbreaking and it makes me so angry that we are living in a world like this :(

Ann said...

Really sad and scary times right now in the world! :(

So proud of Jake for starting off the AOL Build discussion by speaking about Brussels. I definitely had a proud fan moment during that, Lol.

This promo is such a tease since Demolition doesn't even come out for two more weeks. Wonder if they'll be doing anything in LA or abroad to promote it.

Thanks as always for keeping us updated, UV.

Mary said...

Prayers and thoughts for the people in Belgium now.
Thanks for the JF clips I forgot to watch last night.

UltraViolet said...

And here I will complain about things that I know are shallow/meaningless but I can't hold my tongue/typing finger!

1. The Demolition cast in that AOL Build were so passive. Well, the kid was fine. But Naomi and Chris Cooper acted like they'd never done an interview before. Jake really had to do the heavy lifting.

2. I wish the video were shareable, so people could see Jake's comments at the beginning. I mean, I love the spitting going viral, but this would be a nice antidote.

3. Speaking of the spitting: The youtube counter on the video has to be broken. After near constant tweeting, it's only at 170k. No way is the figure that low. I don't know why it bugs me so much, but it just doesn't make sense.

The Tonight Show FB video has over 2 million views.

3. Maybe it's the fact that he uses the word constantly, but people need to stop taking Jake so literally. Does anyone think Peter Jackson really told Jake he was the worst actor he'd ever seen? Do people really believe that Jake thinks Lou Bloom is the character closest to his real personality? Do people literally not understand story-telling?

Phew. Glad I could get that off my chest :)

Some tidbits:

Loved this Vulture take on the spitting video. And the one comment:

According to Tonight Show legend, Jimmy Fallon and Jake Gyllenhaal spent the ’80s starring in a super alliterative cop drama together. It was called Point Pleasant Police Department, and it involved one fake mustache, some messy, messy food, and lots of P's. As you might have expected, an overachieving Gyllenhaal steals every scene above as a serious spitter in uniform. (He'll probably be the best at this bit until Jimmy finally gets chew king and dribble master T.J. Miller to leave his mark.)

As it turns out, there is literally nothing Jake Gyllenhaal can do that isn't sexually attractive to me.

Jake and the Power Tie:

Jake Gyllenhaal is part of a generation of famous dudes trying to keep the tie relevant in these informal times. Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds are his brothers in arms. Together they will rage against the dying tradition until guys like Bryshere Gray and Lucky Blue Smith likely obliterate them with their shiny, shiny tuxedo jackets. Yesterday on Jimmy Fallon, Gyllenhaal doubled down on the move and donned a tie in a solid mustard-yellow color. And because Gyllenhaal is a suiting god who walks among us, he pulled it off like a pro. Can he convince American men that the power tie is still cool? Maybe.
Let’s talk about why this loud tie works. For one, it isn’t oversized, shiny, or stitched with a small tonal pattern that makes it look like the carpet in a hotel hallway. It’s narrow, matte, and confidently solid. This is a tie for a young guy. If you don’t trust yourself when it comes to picking out the cool tie from the color-coordinated table at your local department store, go straight to a brand whose taste you can trust like The Hill-Side, Drake’s, or Gant. If you're looking for something more formal, spend a bit more for the good stuff: Saint Laurent, Tom Ford, Gucci (which is what Gyllenhaal is wearing), and the like. Whichever one you spring for, just make sure it's under 3"—that's the cut off before you get into risky territory. Finally, stick with a four-in-hand knot because nothing will make a bold tie look obnoxious like a big Dorito-shaped knot at the neck. What we're saying is, like most things, it's best to follow Gyllenhaal's lead.

I did notice the color - it was striking.

UltraViolet said...

Anyone seen Hagen lately? Hello out there, Hagen :)

Jake looking very casual at junket, day 2:

Jake Gyllenhaal is very handsome, even with a scraggly beard and wearing an unflattering loose t-shirt that does nothing for his “Southpaw” physique. At the Essex House in midtown Manhattan Sunday afternoon, the actor’s very blue eyes are a little puffy, possibly from too little sleep. Gyllenhaal just got back from the South by Southwest Film Festival the day before where “Demolition” was an audience award winner. (“Demolition” co-stars Naomi Watts, Judah Lewis, Heather Lind, Chris Cooper.)

“Demolition” is a terrific film directed by Jean-Marc Vallée (“Dallas Buyers Club,” “Wild”) that’s been bounced around a bit. It opened the Toronto Film Festival in September 2015 in anticipation of release, then was pulled back by Fox Searchlight for release months later. This week there was a stealth premiere party as “Demolition” is set to go up against the mega release “Batman vs. Superman.” ...

So what was he thinking during that scene where his anger looked so real?

“Oh I got a lot of that,” he laughed. “That’s the part of me that, you know, is really into the political system right now, but I think there is something, there is an expression, this guy’s searching for how he feels and he doesn’t know how to express himself, so he just does it in the physical world,” he laughed, which is always a mistake,” he laughed. “It’s always a mistake because that’s a really nice house.”

Jake's second politics reference. This campaign is getting to all of us!

likemonalisa said...

Condolences for Belgium today. realy sad news

Ann said...

UV, I agree with all those points you made.

I've noticed people tend to do that a lot with what Jake says in interviews. He recently made comments about superhero films, and everyone was ready to cast him in something afterwards. I think a lot of times, he's just being diplomatic because he doesn't want to say anything that might hurt his chances at being offered roles but people just run with "Jake Gyllenhaal loves comic book films" LOL I think it's all part of the click bait culture of social media too. People grab on to something they can generate interest with.

I didn't like this Fallon interview. They didn't really discuss Demolition at all. I found Jake's previous appearances on the show much more entertaining. Not his fault, Jimmy Fallon didn't really ask the right questions, IMO.

Hagen said...

Anyone seen Hagen lately? Hello out there, Hagen :)

Hi UV! I'm fine, but thanks to my internet provider I haven't had an internet connection at home for a month. I keep reading the posts on my smartphone, but I find it uncomfortable to add links, for example.
But of course there are worse things that could happen. Jake really found the right words in his reaction to the terrorist attacks in Brussels.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, Hagen. Definitely worse things in the world, but still - what a pain. I hate doing anything blogger-related on the phone, so I understand. I saw a German trailer for Demolition the other day, so I hope it will be released there.

Ann, it is total click bait. A curse of the internet. I agree that the Fallon interview wasn't the best. I think Jimmy just wanted to get to the skit.

Hello, ilikemonalisa. It was a sad day yesterday, indeed. Today is a new day, but in our often scary new world.

From twitter:

Rebecca Ferguson and Jake Gyllenhaal to star in 'Life', a science fiction story to be shot in the UK in July. Join the #crew!

And lists of tweets about Lily Collins (Rose from Downton Abbey) joining Okja. Twitter is full of Jake news this week (spitting skit, LOTR soundbite, Lily C, Demolition stuff).

UltraViolet said...

Interesting article on Jake and Chris Cooper's work together.

Jake on Stronger.

i added the AOL Build youtube video (thanks BJ for the heads-up on that one), as well as a shorter video with Jake getting a t-shirt for This Old House.

UltraViolet said...

And this is why we can't have funny things:

Katie Jackson: To clarify-Dad has never met Jake, he never personally auditioned him & he never made any comments about his acting.

not surprised if it's scripted, given to him by the writers of the show

Katie Jackson ‏that thought has crossed my mind

So...Jake is a liar?

Katie Jackson ‏Who knows, maybe he was trying to make a bad joke. All i know is that none of it happened.

So unnecessary. She's defending her father, I guess. Some of the articles did make him look mean, but it's very clear that isn't what Jake was suggesting. Ugh.

bobbyanna said...

How can anyone take anything Jake says to Fallon seriously. It's kind of ridiculous. They are always putting each other on. I just think of it as part of some comedy routine or skit.Like the spitting cops. I half expected Fallon to tell him that HE also auditioned for LOTR ...as Gollum. LOL!

What happened in Belgium was very sad. My thoughts & prayers to all those affected. These kinds of problems are especially worrisome to me because I have a kid living abroad right now in London.

Anonymous said...

Interesting: The segment on Jimmy Fallon where Jake talks about his Lord of the Rings audition has 1.7 million views so far, while the spitting cops segment has around 600,000 views. RH

UltraViolet said...

Yeah, it was definitely artificially boosted. Not sure why they chose that one.

Jake talks to Canada's ETalk. And to Extra. The Heath question was awkwardly done, I think.

BlueJean said...

Guys, may I just take a moment to thank J, who posted a link to the 'Demolition' screenplay on Scriptdrive earlier this month (March 12). I posted a question on the Scriptdrive forum regarding the script for 'Enemy', which is one of Jake's finest films IMO - and someone replied and posted the script! Yee-haw!! :))))

So, so, SO happy to (finally) read it! Thanks to you, J! Hugs! x


Anonymous said...

I thought the Spitting contest on Fallon was hilarious! I love that Jake can be so committed and serious when it comes to his roles and so completely ridiculous and goofy on a show like this.

J said...

I thought Jake was great on Fallon, but I do agree that it was an odd sort of interview. That Peter Jackson thing really has gone viral - I keep seeing it everywhere! Though I agree it's unfortunate that people are taking it literally.

BlueJean, I can't believe someone had the Enemy script! I'd only come across scriptdrive when looking for Demolition. I can't wait to read Enemy. Thank YOU! x

BlueJean said...

No, once again - thank YOU! ;) :))) Finding 'Enemy' made my day!

'Jarhead' is available also, I believe. Maybe others as well, who knows?

To share all of this Jakeness with all of you is such a joy!

bobbyanna said...

The AOLBuild video was really enjoyable.I loved seeing Chris Cooper & Jake on the same panel, and Jake's comments about Brussels were very thoughtful, and pointed.

bobbyanna said...

Reading about Chris Cooper who is one of my favorite character actors, I didn't realize he had a son with cerebral palsy who died unexpectedly, about ten years ago at the age of 18 from an epileptic seizure.

Tweety said...

Thanks for the Fallon clip, I missed Jake on that, so funny! Looking forward to seeing Demolition.

Happy Easter to all that celebrate!

UltraViolet said...

Happy Easter!

And hi, Tweety :)

Bobbyanna, did you think the other folks kind if left Jake hanging in that interview? I thought they really just expected him to do all the lifting.

To share all of this Jakeness with all of you is such a joy!

That made my weekend, BJ. What a wonderful sentiment. I agree. And I'm so happy you found the Enemy script.

Monica said...

Happy Easter to everyone!

bobbyanna said...

Hope everyone who celebrates, had a beautiful Easter weekend.

UV, tes, there was some awkwardness, but I think it was more that they deferred to Jake. I think both Naomi and Chris Cooper are not really comfortable at these types of events and Jake is. I've observed a shyness or awkwardness in both of them on other occasions. They all seemed to be in great spirits. Naomi was animated, and Chris Cooper seemed relaxed. I think Judah and Jake and the writer had to do the heavy lifting, though.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Hope all had a wonderful Easter Weekend!
Thanks for all the links and videos. I noticed that too Bobbyanna, but I just think that Jake is used to these type of junkets.

This is Chris Cooper and Jake's 3rd movie together, the other 3 were October Sky and Jarhead

UltraViolet said...

Hi, OONP and Monica!

They were definitely deferring. I guess I was just surprised at how awkward they both were. Both have been acting as long as/longer than than Jake and in high-profile roles requiring promotion, lol.

Who can blame Heather Lind:

Why Did Heather Lind Find It Difficult to Play Opposite Jake Gyllenhaal in Demolition?

Heather Lind, who plays Jake Gyllenhaal’s late wife in Demolition, is supposed to appear somewhat estranged to Gyllenhaal’s character in flashbacks, but Lind, who grew up idolizing him, admitted that she had trouble taking it down a notch.

“It was a dream,” she said at Monday’s Cinema Society screening of Demolition. “I watched Donnie Darko probably 50 times when I was 12 years old.”

“One of our first days, we were in the bathroom together, and I had to come up behind him and kiss him wearing my nightgown,” the actress said. “And it was like, ‘How can my life go on?’”

I think she has her dates wrong, but I can understand the sentiment.

BlueJean said...

“One of our first days, we were in the bathroom together, and I had to come up behind him and kiss him wearing my nightgown,” the actress said. “And it was like, ‘How can my life go on?’”

:))))) How lovely to read that! Does she have many scenes with Jake? Guess not, since she dies early on, but...

BlueJean said...

Just read an amazing article on 'Demolition' (and Jake) in a Belgian magazine. Nothing we didn't know already - but they called Jake "the best actor of his generation", and praise him for being "fearless" :)

Anonymous said...

Jake's best friend tweeted this and I thought it was funny:


UltraViolet said...

Gene Hong is not Jake's best friend. Granted, he changes that honor frequently, but it's never been Gene Hong. But okay. (For anyone else who doesn't get the tweet: Those are Taylor Swift lyrics. Eyeroll.)

Hourlong conversation with Dan Gilroy. He talks about Jake at the 30-minute mark.

BJ: There are flashbacks interspersed throughout, so she has more scenes than were in the original script. And glad to hear someone else call Jake the best :)

bobbyanna said...

UV, thanks for the link!! I LOVE Dan Gilroy, and I keep my fingers crossed that they will work together again...soon! : )

BlueJean said...


I second that. Will watch later. Thanks UV!

bobbyanna, Hugh Jackman admirer : ) said...

This is entirely off topic & personal, but I wanted to share this with all my GB friends: A little less than 3 months ago I noticed a red spot on my forehead. it looked like the beginning of a large blemish. It never ripened, and it never disappeared. It just sat there.

Yesterday, my Dermatologist told me it's a basal cell carcinoma. Skin cancer. She used liquid nitrogen on it, and wants to see me again in a few weeks. If the liquid nitrogen doesn't work it'll have to be surgically removed. (Then I'll have a small dent in my forehead! LOLOL!)

I'm sharing this because no matter how old you are, or which country you live in, please make sure you get an annual check or at least every two years, the full body scan from your dermatologist. And please pay attention to any moles or spots that don't look right. This is not a big deal, and I'm fortunate, but it could have been so much worse. (((((GBers))))

BlueJean said...

Oh, Bobbyanna! It's good that you went to see a doctor. Here's to hoping you won't need surgery! Take care! Hugs xxx

UltraViolet said...

From The Independent:


Wild, Jean-Marc Valée’s follow up to the acclaimed Dallas Buyers Club, didn’t quite hit with the same degree of clout as it predecessor but the aptly titled Demolition is a dynamic film starring Jake Gyllenhaal as a successful investment banker whose mental health and personal life takes a plunge after his wife dies and as he develops a fondness for demolishing and deconstructing all things in his life, both material and psychological. It’s a humorous script and one that invites the audience to laugh at the absurdity of some of the situations Gyllenhaal’s character finds himself in, such as a bizarre semi-relationship with Karen, played by Naomi Watts and her sexually confused son, Chris, which arises from a series of complaint letters he sends to a vending company. The film is not the subtlest in its content but buried underneath the wry humour, nagging satire and personal trauma is a film that speaks as much about mental health and the crumbling state of masculinity in contemporary society as it does the surface level explorations the drama delivers. Gyllenhaal’s performance recalls the occasionally emotionally void, stoic and brooding ones as delivered in films such as Nightcrawler and Donnie Darko, and it’s clearly a position he finds himself taking to very comfortably.

This guy is an entertainment reporter:

georgewhipple#jakegyllenhaal is deviatating in #Demolition. Definitely an Oscar worthy performance an absolute tour de force I have never seen him better than anything anywhere. My fiancé cried when she saw the film!

From twitter:

Either I'm fucked up or I just saw Mark Wahlberg and Jake Gyllenhaal together in Quincy

Wahlberg's movie has been in Quincy this week; no idea if Jake was also there.

Good interview:

In person, Gyllenhaal, who is tall for an actor and impressively muscled, appears far more empathetic than his stony on-screen persona. Dressed in a threadbare T-shirt and blue-black jeans for a Sunday press junket at the Central Park-adjacent Essex House hotel, his slightly-hunched posture belies that hangdoggedly handsome face. It's really the kind of face that is more than the sum of its parts, but here goes: He has sleepy, hooded blue eyes with just a touch of real-person redness on the white parts; a deeply lined forehead; and a joker's mouth that seems forever on the verge of collapsing into a catastrophic frown or a game-changing grin. Here, we casually dissect the catch-22 of Hollywood likeability, audiences' allergy to apathy, and how Bubble Boy was largely misunderstood ...

I read an interview in which you said you very much connected with your character in Night Crawler…

[Laughs] No, I'm always joking about that. I just like to say that when people are like, 'What character do you connect with most?'

It's "averse", Jake :)

UltraViolet said...

Bobbyanna, fingers crossed for you. And thanks for the important reminder!

Piruleta said...

bobbyanna, hope everything goes well for you! hugs and kisses! :)

BlueJean said...

"Definitely an Oscar worthy performance..."

*rolls eyes* Uh-oh, there we go again... ;)

Scott said...

"*rolls eyes* Uh-oh, there we go again... ;)"

Personally I kind of like it when non members of the Academy appreciate Jake's acting. Jake seems to bring out passionate responses and the Academy just seems to keep ignoring Jake's performances. Its really ironic how often Jake is lately being called the best actor of his generation but the Academy has not shown him any respect whatsoever. But like Maggie said its not about just a performance, its about whoring yourself out for a vote.

UltraViolet said...

The Oscar talk seems inevitable. Sadly, I don't think Demolition stands much of a chance, unless it's a surprise hit. But we'll see, I guess. It is definitely an Oscar-worthy performance.

From twitter:

oh nbd just walked by jake gyllenhaal at back bay @soulcycle how bout you

i'm sorry WUT.

it happened

nick, we must chat! Like, please.

what we really need to do is figure out which classes he goes to and take them

I've heard he's always at early morning ones.

this was seven am, not the earliest. the class just started and he was escorted in by a staffer

it's just what I've hear through the grapevine!

i mean if he had been in my six am i would have actually screamed

I don't know what to make of a world where the 7AM class is not considered early.

BlueJean said...

Just found this - the full video of Jake singing 'Maria' :) Much better sound and we get to see him close-up! Don't know if it was posted before?

Thanks to "Marian".


Monica said...

Hoping that everything will be OK, Bobbyana. Hugs <3

bobbyanna said...

"I don't know what to make of a world where the 7AM class is not considered early."

LOLOL! I agree, UV!I have a gym membership @ Planet Fitness...not exactly high end, but still... and I haven't been there in weeks. After all my resolutions. But the idea of being there at 6 or 7 AM never crosses my mind. I pass by three restaurants to get there too. All in the same strip mall. ; )

Monica, and everyone else who has sent me good wishes, I really appreciate it so much! Thank you.

review said...

Jake Gyllenhaal Tears Up Screen With Another Acting Triumph

Gyllenhaal is simply superb in every way, again proving he is one of the smartest actors around in terms of finding challenging material and then swinging for the fences. Watts is nicely low key and complements him well, while Cooper is still one of the most reliable performers there is. Lewis, in his feature film debut, is definitely one to watch as he poignantly navigates the role of a young man trying to define himself against unimaginable peer pressure. The script by Bryan Sipe resists the temptation to provide easy answers for any of these characters. If at one point it nearly falls prey to melodrama, it ultimately heads in unexpected directions. Don’t expect a pat ending either; this is the stuff of life.


BlueJean said...

The 'Demolition' soundtrack:


The article also includes all YouTube clips. Some great tracks! As a Jake soundtrack, this might just as well replace my current favorite 'Moonlight Mile', I think :)

Hagen said...

I wish you all the best, bobbyanna!

"Demolition" is set to open in 550 theaters; that's quite a lot for a limited release (Boxofficemojo).
(Yes, I've got an internet connection again.) :-)

I saw a German trailer for Demolition the other day, so I hope it will be released there.
It will be released over here two months later than in the USA, but that's OK (Fox).

Hagen said...

Just a reminder: Filming for "Stronger" will start on Monday. Hopefully we'll get some impressions from the set. Sean Bobbitt will be the cinematographer ("12 Years a Slave").

BlueJean said...

Hi Hagen!

So Jake won't be able to do some last minute promotion for 'Demolition', then? Hmmm, that too bad.

Anonymous said...

Jake did the promotion that Fox Searchlight arranged for. The extent of interviews and talkshows isn't an actor's decision, it's the distributor's based on how much $ they're willing to spend. Some actors like Jake go above and beyond to promote their movies if the distributor is game for. He will give interviews until he's deadtired, case in point EoW, NC, SP. Or Prisoners where Jake attended all Q&As while on pain medication from his NC hand injury. Other actors choose to do very little or nothing at all.
FS marketing budget for Demolition seems very small, only two pretaped Today appearances for Jake and one K&M for Naomi next week. By comparison, Universal will send Melissa McCarthy to Fallon, Colbert, Corden, Ellen and K&M.
FS abandoned Demolition last year when it should've been released. They betted all their $ on Youth and some change on Brooklyn. Demolition's biggest chances were for best actor, instead FS went for broke on Michael Caine. They lost and I took Youth's poor awards traction as poetic justice but poetic justice doesn't change the fact Demolition and Jake's chances were killed.
550 theaters is more than expected, FS may be trying to undo the damage done last year, but with so little marketing my only hope is by some miracle people will go see it and good WOM will help.

Scott said...

Well anon at 9:13PM all that is probably true but the poor reviews in Toronto or Montreal (can't remember which) didn't help Demolition. The interviews Jake did could have been taped and aired this week or next week so I don't think you can blame it all on FS or Jake's filming schedule. I think it was a mistake to do promo against Batman week.

Also during one of the Austin interview with Jake, the writer and the director Vallee, Vallee's biggest impression on me was that he loved working with Jake and he was glad "this fucking film was done". That kind of threw me into the idea that maybe Vallee didn't get to do what he wanted or edit what he wanted because FS may have gotten too much involved. But who knows?

Anonymous said...

Scott, I'm convinced the reviews would've have been better, declaring Jake an awards contender, if FS would've chosen not to disclose Demolition release date until after TIFF. It's a Vallee movie after all. When a distributor takes a prestige movie out of awards season it sends a bad message, even if it has nothing to do with quality but more to do with other interests. Like sharks, critics will attack when they smell blood in the water. By announcing it mid year, before TIFF, FS injured Demolition and sent it bleeding to the sharks.

FS is a big distributor, with more $ they could've arranged for the taped talkshows to be aired closer to the release date. Or schedule more than one latenight talkshow for Jake. Conan's lineup for next days is weak.
It's not about Jake's schedule, it's about the distributor's marketing skills and budget. Usually FS doesn't lack the skills nor the budget.

Ann said...

Also during one of the Austin interview with Jake, the writer and the director Vallee, Vallee's biggest impression on me was that he loved working with Jake and he was glad "this fucking film was done".

Do you remember which interview this was? I saw a few of Vallee's interviews and I didn't get that impression. Maybe he was glad the film was done as in it got made and released but the way you describe it makes it seem like he was upset about it.

Scott said...

"SXSW Red Carpet and Moviee Q&A" from Austin after the viewing premiere. UV has it in this post with the writer's showing in the video pic. It may have been that Vallee was a bit frustrated with the day as he also made the comment that he was told that his introduction of the film was too long, LOL. He just seemed a bit flustered, to me anyway. But it was an entertaining video though with odd moments including the next to last questioner who was either trying to be funny or had too much of the good stuff in Austin.

Scott said...

Oops Vallee's comment was toward the end or coming toward the end of the video.

BlueJean said...

I was surprised the TIFF review was poor, actually - and it's not promising. Also, for some reason I had expected much more promotion (thanks Anon 9:13 and 10:38PM!).

The Oscar and awards talk (once again) for Jake is flattering, but I agree the April release for 'Demolition' seems odd. No way people are going to remember his performance when awards season approaches, no matter how good he (or the movie) is. It's too bad how movie politics and poor marketing seem to get in the way of the success of a movie once more - but I guess that's how it works.

I've read some other reviews (can't remember where), in which people say Jake's 'Demolition' performance was too much like some other characters he has played lately - the moody, "silent" type, who has trouble expressing himself (Loki? Adam / Anthony? Maybe even Billy Hope?) and that he should try to go for a different kind of role. I've even read Jake's acting was "boring as ever" (a Dutch festival review).

Maybe that's part of it? Don't get me wrong, I love him moody and silent ;) , but could it be people are getting used to seeing Jake like this? Not everyone out there sees all of his movies or knows what Jake is capable of. The general public might even begin to think that moody and silent is the only thing he can do.

That said - I'm looking forward to 'Demolition'. Very much so.

Scott said...

"silent" type, who has trouble expressing himself (Loki? Adam / Anthony? Maybe even Billy Hope?) and that he should try to go for a different kind of role. I've even read Jake's acting was "boring as ever" (a Dutch festival review)."

It's funny how different reviewers feel about Jake's acting, some say this role is yet another tour de force. I think Billy Hope knew exactly how to express his emotions, he had rage from childhood to adulthood. I think both characters Adam and Anthony were very different, one being closed off, meek and the other charismatic.

From what I see of Demolition, the character has lost himself and is trying to find himself thru expression. He lost his wife and the guy is in the streets of NYC singing away. EOW the character was not at all dark, Everest the character was not dark at all. But it's telling about Jake's acting how those "dark" characters stay with people.

On the other hand if Jake does do a comedy that same Dutch reviewer wouldn't he happy I don't think.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if someone has posted this link before, so my apologies if it's a duplicate.
It's a positive critique of Stronger with a PDF of the script. It is not what I expected in a good way. A lot of light moments plus a lot of interesting family members (sort of like Silver Linings Playbook). A couple of cliche moments, but overall a good read. I'm surprised that we haven't heard about casting of the family member roles with shooting scheduled to start so soon. RH

Scott said...

Thank you RH, I hope Stronger is marketed correctly because it sounds like an awesome script I hope that they do expand on Jeff's family. I wonder if Chris Cooper is available to work as Jeff's father. LOL.

BlueJean said...

"I wonder if Chris Cooper is available to work as Jeff's father. LOL."


Thanks RH! I'll read it later.

UltraViolet said...

BJ, I think Jake is getting almost universal praise for Demolition. You always find the negative ones :) But look at this:

While the movie itself is receiving mixed early reviews, “Demolition” actor Jake Gyllenhaal is receiving praise for his performance in the upcoming film. ...

Almost every critic so far, however, has praise for Gyllenhaal. The film is “another acting triumph” for Gyllenhaal, writes Pete Hammond of Deadline, while Mr. Debruge called Gyllenhaal’s role “his best performance since ‘Brokeback Mountain.’”

The role is the latest in a line of acclaimed performances by Gyllenhaal. The actor also received praise for his work in the 2015 movie “Southpaw,” the 2014 film “Nightcrawler,” and the 2013 movie “Prisoners,” among others.

I'll avoid the Stronger script, but it's good to hear that there are layers there.

Let's hope it was indoors!

And, I guess it will be

BlueJean said...

"BJ, I think Jake is getting almost universal praise for Demolition. You always find the negative ones :)"

LOL! I don't know how I do it ;)

BlueJean said...

Fun article:


Hagen said...

The Hollywood Reporter interviewed Jake. Apparently Jake hasn't left "The Man Who Made It Snow":

You play the only American in the inner circle of the Colombian cartels in the upcoming The Man Who Made It Snow. What's the appeal?

It's about this Jewish kid, Max Mermelstein, who falls in love with this Colombian woman and, by proxy, ends up helping create the Colombian cartel in America. He probably had a tremendous amount of regrets for having done that. It's a guy who got himself into a situation, unknowingly, [though] I don't think anybody gets themselves into anything unknowingly.

Hagen said...

Variety: Miranda Richardson and Clancy Brown have joined Jake Gyllenhaal and Tatiana Maslany in Lionsgate’s Boston Marathon bombing movie “Stronger,” with production starting this week in Boston. ... Brown (“Hail, Caesar!”) will portray Bauman’s father. ... Richardson received Academy Award nominations for “Damage” and “Tom & Viv.” Her credits include “Empire of the Sun,” “The Crying Game,” “The Apostle,” “Sleepy Hollow,” “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” and “Made in Dagenham.”

Variety doesn't inform us which role Miranda Richardson will play.

"Demolition" will be released in France tomorrow.

Anonymous said...



UltraViolet said...

Hi Hagen! Thanks for those links. Loved Jake giving some actual answers to questions :)

It's odd that Variety made such a big deal bit doesn't seem to know what character Richardson is playing.

Scott, I think JMV must have just been tired. I haven't watched the clip but he's been very enthusiastic about the movie in all the interviews I've seen.

New post.