Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Demo 2

Fox Searchlight released a second trailer and a poster for Demolition.

We also have video from last summer's Southpaw Q&A at the Martha's Vineyard Film Festival:


UltraViolet said...

Funny Jake Boston encounter:

just met jake gyllenhaal. he said fuck like 15 times while conversating with me. i fell in love a little.

News on Jake's next movie (after Stronger):

Now that his investigation into public shaming is behind him, Ronson, who co-wrote the 2014 film Frank (inspired by his own stint as keyboardist in Frank Sidebottom’s band in the 1980s), is turning back to screenwriting.

“I’ve just finished co-writing a film called Okja, which is written and directed by Bong Joon-ho, who made Snowpiercer. I’ve just written the second draft of his next film, and it’s about to start filming with Tilda Swinton, Jake Gyllenhaal, Kelly Macdonald, Paul Dano, and Bill Nighy. That was brilliant, and it’s going to start filming in a couple of months. And I loved that – working with Bong was brilliant, and having Skypes with Tilda Swinton was brilliant as well.

Frank was well-received, as I recall.

From NC producer/Bold Films guy:

Gary Michael Walters
Working on the Stronger trailer for Berlin market with the great marketing guys at #LionsGate #JakeGyllenhaal #DavidGordonGreen

BlueJean said...

Thanks for the new post, UV! Looking forward to 'Demolition' and all of Jake's other projects. So nice that he'll be working with Paul Dano again.

Hope everyone is OK.

Scott said...

LOvely post UV. I am also looking forward to seeing Demolition. FYI, Jake does have one nomination this year for Southpaw; Jupiter Awards nomination for international star. I believe its a German award but still nice for Jake.

I wished Jake got more recognition for his international appeal because he does have it.

UltraViolet said...

The short film about the Roundabout Theatre Company is up. Jakes not in it much, but he looks good.

I also added a new Demolition publicity still, a great one.

I didn't know about the Jupiter Awards, Scott. Good for Jake!

BJ, I didn't even think of that. I wonder if Jake will have scenes with him and with Tilda Swinton.

Anonymous said...

So I watched the video of Jake at Martha's Vineyard and I literally cringed when that girl at on the mic just blatantly asked him out! I had to pause the video to regain my composure. lol Why would you do that in a room full of people?

Scott said...

"when that girl at on the mic just blatantly asked him out!"

What is wrong with that? I think it was a good tactic, because it put Jake in the hot seat, LOL. But at the same time I don't think she was seriously waiting for a yes answer. You never know until you ask.

Stefanie said...

I don't see a video.

Stefanie said...

I don't know as a person from Boston and that happening in my own back yard; that I want to watch a movie of that just yet. That just me I guess, pretty cool he is in town I'll have to keeps look out :)

Scott said...

To Kill a Mockingbird is going to Broadway, although I don't like Sorkin personally, I wish Jake would get that lead role but probably not going to happen.

Hagen said...

Ford spoke to TIME from London, where he’s wrapping up edits on his second film, Nocturnal Animals, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Amy Adams (TIME).

You received critical and commercial success for writing and directing A Single Man (2009). Were you concerned about tempting fate with Nocturnal Animals?

No, because it’s so much fun. It’s the most fun I’ve ever had in my life. Why would I deprive myself? It’s the ultimate design project! If you want to come close to playing God, write, direct, produce, edit a film. You design a world, you design everything about it and everyone in it–what they say, do, whether they live or die. It’s just so exciting.

Sal (the real one) said...

Happy Friday all.

Looks like Jake was interviewed by Jenelle Riley again. I like them together - she's sweet and he seems comfortable with her.


UltraViolet said...

Wow, that is a terrible photo, lol! This one and this are a little better.

Lucky students, though! I wonder if we'll see any video from it.

Hoping we hear or see something concrete from Nocturnal Animals soon. Tom Ford seems like he'd be hard to deal with personally or professionally!

Scott, I had the same thought about To Kill A Mockingbird. I don't know if Jake will be old enough for the role. Gregory Peck was older for the movie, but I don't remember his age as described in the book.

Stefanie, not sure if you ever got to see the video. It's on the IHJ video page if you can't see it here. I'm from Boston, so I know how you feel about the Marathon bombing. I don't necessarily think it's too soon, but it has to be done sensitively but not toothlessly, if that makes sense. A hard line to toe.

Stefanie said...

Thanks UltraViolet ��. I really hope the movie is done tastefully. I was there on NewburyStreet Street that day with my boyfriend eating at Stephanie's when those bombs went off. It was so scary. I don't think I could sit in a theater and watch it, maybe in my own home I could but not a movie theater.
Stay warm it's going to be cold this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Lincoln Center Verified account ‏@LincolnCenter
Free on Tuesday: @adamgopnik, Jake Gyllenhaal & others tell the story of Leonard Bernstein taking over @nyphil. http://bit.ly/1Rz6txZ

Leonard Bernstein Takes Over the New York Philharmonic

The year is 1943. A maestro falls ill and an unknown 25-year-old conductor becomes front-page news.

Go inside this enchanting New York story with host Adam Gopnik, writer and essayist for The New Yorker, and guests Jamie Bernstein, Lenny’s daughter and a vibrant music education advocate; New Yorker staff writer and film critic David Denby; actor Jake Gyllenhaal; and conductor John Mauceri.

Tue, Feb 16 7:30 pm

Sal (the real one) said...

Jake (gasp!) getting coffee today. Not sure where this woman lives.


Anonymous said...

Jake is in NYC. Tonight at Lincoln Center. The event is livestreamed.


7:30pm: hear the story of how leonard bernstein took over the new york philharmonic as told by his daughter jamie bernstein, film critic david denby, conductor john mauceri, and actor jake gyllenhaal. hosted by the new yorker essayist adam gopnik.

Lincoln Center ‏@LincolnCenter
Tonight: @adamgopnik, Jake Gyllenhaal & others tell the tale of @LennyBernstein's big break. http://bit.ly/1Wq22EP

Boosey & Hawkes ‏@Boosey_NewYork
the leading independent publisher of classical music and jazz

(1/2) TONIGHT: @LennyBernstein Takes Over the @nyphil (at @LincolnCenter). Livestream at 7:30 PM EST at http://www.lincolncenter.org/lc-live

(2/2) ...a talk featuring actor Jake Gyllenhaal, writer @adamgopnik, Jamie Bernstein, film critic David Denby, and conductor John Mauceri

Anonymous said...

The woman who saw Jake today in her coffee shop is a newyorker.

Lincoln Center Live Stream

UltraViolet said...

Live stream is working. Thanks for the links!

Anonymous said...

He's on right now.

Monica said...

He just sang Maria from West Side Story!!

He has a great voice!
I want this video! Love this song!

Anonymous said...

My God, Jake singing "Maria" live, with no orchestra, sound editing or other gimmicks. What a beautiful voice. David Denby acting all superior only to have his jaw dropping when he heard him sing. Somebody has to upload the part of Jake singing Maria on youtube.

Chica said...

Wow he sounds amazing,I'm so sorry I didn't get a chance to see it live (believe me I tried). West side Story is my favorite musical!

UltraViolet said...

What a New York night! I wish you had been able to go, Chica. But at least we got to see it. And they have the replay up, in case you missed it. Never thought I'd get to hear Jake sing Maria :)

Sal (the real one) said...

I am so jealous of those that got to witness him sing! I feel left out being across the pond :( I want him to come to the West End again.

Scott said...

Could someone provider the link to the replay? I could not find it.

Scott said...

Never mind, found it. He was so good and he showed his acting chops as well.

UltraViolet said...

If you can't get the Lincoln Center link to work, someone put it on youtube.

Sal, the venue is very small, so hardly anyone got to see him. Don't feel bad! But it would be great for him to go to the West End again.

bobbyanna said...

I loved it! Thanks UV!

I bet Jake is working his way up to performing in a full blown musical. : )
(WishFul thinking on my part, but hey! : ) )

I can see him as Tony much easier than I can see him as Leonard Berstein.: )
Although Jake would make a great Billy Flynn if they decide to cast him in Chocago revival.

Hagen said...

Could someone provider the link to the replay? I could not find it.

Lincoln Center Live (The History of The World in 100 Performances). Jake starts singing at 01:05:40.

I bet Jake is working his way up to performing in a full blown musical. : )

Yes, I think he's cleary inclined to play a role in a musical.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful controlled voice he has! UV how lucky you got to see him live! I definitely feel a musical coming soon.

Piruleta said...

Thanks for all the links, He has a beautiful voice.

"David Denby acting all superior only to have his jaw dropping when he heard him sing."

I didn't watch the whole thing, why do you say that?

BlueJean said...

Hi guys,

I haven't had time to watch the full show earlier, and I can't seem to find it on the Lincoln Center website anymore :( Anywhere else I could try maybe? Thanks! xx

Hagen said...

BlueJean, UV posted a link that still works. (It's not hd, but good enough.)

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

He has a beautiful voice! Of course we have heard him sing before (LSH) but this is really special.

Love the 2nd Demolition trailer!

Anonymous said...



UltraViolet said...

Jake was spotted at a Lincoln Center concert of The Secret Garden:

With my main man @Lin_Manuel @ActuallyNPH and Sweet Jakey Gyllenhaal (and @LaurenMuracz)

attending The Secret Garden (A Concert Performance) at David Geffen Hall.
Jake Gyllenhaal is here, holding his little niece's hand. That is worth the ticket price right there.

In the words of Drew Wutke "I'm living my best life" seeing secret Garden and Jane Gyllenhaal is here. Oh my God!

Bad photo

A funny story from October about sharing a table with Jake and Maggie.

UltraViolet said...

Another photo.

Demolition played at the Glasgow Film Festival tonight. Some reactions:

Enjoyed French thriller Demolition today at #GFF16 – intense, subtly nuanced and, frankly, handsome. Fantastic sound design to boot. (no idea if this is a mistake?)

Today at #GFF16: Louder Than Bombs and Demolition. Both deal with grief and loss — but they are *very* different films.

Finished my #GFF16 trip with Jake Gyllenhaal's latest film Demolition. Offbeat meltdowns and unusual epiphanies. Excellent.

#GFF16 'Demolition' - walks a very fine line, it's certainly an unreal reality depicted. I think it pulls it off, but others will disagree.

DEMOLITION: how does one (re)act in grief? Unravelling, regression, putting up walls, tearing down. Watts underserved but great as is Jake G. Its quirk is as great as it is grating at times and the cynics might label it mawkish. Fuck 'em. I disagree and really cared for it. Take me

Anonymous said...

Nice photo of Jake and Maggie. With maybe Ramona standing beside them. May I add some other photos and tweets from The Secret Garden anniversary concert revival.

so far we've seen @ActuallyNPH @jakegyllenhaal @Lin_Manuel !!



Lin Manuel Miranda

Rebecca Milzoff @rebeccamilzoff
Editor & culture writer @NYMag Tonite at #TheSecretGarden: It's @Lin_Manuel! @ActuallyNPH! #JakeGyllenhaal! Then @DaisyEagan sings Hold On to @SydneyLucasNYC. We LOSE IT

Mads @madeline_myslow
my little heart can't handle being in the same room as Lin Manuel Miranda, Sierra Boggess, Ramin Karimloo, Gyllenhaals, & Cheyenne Jackson.
when you casually see Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal at the theater.

Meggers @meganhennings16
T minus 5 1/2 hours until our choir has performed as the chorus in a Broadway show.
Looking down at the audience and seeing Neil Patrick Harris and Jake Gyllenhaal>>>>

Kirstyn Hippe @kirstynhippe
At Lincoln Center for the Secret Garden concert and I've already seen Lin Manuel Miranda, his wife, Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal.
Lin Manuel is in my row. NPH is behind me. Jake Gyllenhaal is somewhere in close proximity. Killin it rn.

Sunday tweets from the 14th PAC Festival Pathé in Amersfoort, Netherlands. Blue Jean might give us a better translation than Google:

@Pathe Demolition is mijn #PACFest14 winnaar. Jake Gyllenhaal laat weer even zien hoe het moet. Perfecte mix van humor en drama #Demolition
Demolition is my # PACFest14 winner. Jake Gyllenhaal shows again just how it's done. Perfect mix of humor and drama.

Jake Gyllenhaal heeft in Demolition weer een geslaagde rol neergezet, tragikomedie die ook echt heel grappig is.
Jake Gyllenhaal in Demolition has made again a successful role, tragicomedy which is also very funny.

Als je heel vaak hardop wil lachen om een ietwat vreemde Jake Gyllenhaal dan moet je naar Demolition. Wat een film! #pacfest14
If you often want to laugh out loud with a somewhat strange Jake Gyllenhaal then you need to see Demolition. What a movie!

Ohh mensen, ga Demolition zien. Wat een heerlijke topfilm. Hardop lachen om de absurdheid. #pacfest14
Oh people, go see Demolition. What a lovely top film. Laughing out loud at the absurdity.

BlueJean said...

Where did you find that, Anon? :) The translations are perfect!

I saw some (very positive) 'Demolition' reviews on another Dutch movie website and I had been wondering where people got to see it - and now I know! :) Shame I didn't know about the event earlier.

I like how lots of people call it "funny". Don't get me wrong, I love Jake "dark", and I have no doubt 'Demolition' will have its dark side, but I can't wait to see him in a role that's somewhat funny as well. He hasn't done anything like that in a long time - and I'm not counting 'Accidental Love'... ;)

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for all the tweets and links, Anon 10:40. Glad to hear the positive Demolition response. It's a shame you didn't know, BJ. How great would it have been to catch Demolition early!

The Brits are living up to their reputation as Jake fans. More from Glasgow:

Demolition is a strong contender for my film of the year. Catch it when it comes out on general release

went into Demolition with little expectations but really enjoyed it, Jake Gyllenhaal and Judah Lewis both gave great performances #GFF16

@glasgowfilmfest #gff16 Demolition: brilliant comedy drama dealing with bereavement. Fantastic performances from all

#JakeGyllenhaal plays such a wonderful part - ok, as always - in #DemolitionMovie. Congrats to his young partner on screen #JudahLewis. Great story about loss, and the help you can get from others... Very moving, but also so funny sometimes #DemolitionMovie

Really enjoyed Demolition. Great, committed performance from Jake Gyllenhaal in a funny, charming, slightly odd film. #GFF16

Genuinely loved Demolition. Quirky, touching & funny, it's refreshing to see a film about grief/loss that doesn't wallow in self pity. Gyllenhaal is excellent as ever. Also, grateful that it's not manipulative in its search for emotional resonance. This is how some people deal with loss. It's just wonderfully played out. It would've been too easy to make the film miserable experience. Handling of loss is terrific. Some people simply focus on something else.

Loved "Demolition" Jean-Marc Vallee continues his run of excellent form. A funny thoughtful and beautifully presented take on grief #GFF16

Just seen Demolition. Right up my street. Touching strangeness @glasgowfilmfest #GFF16

Gft Jack Gyllenhaal Naomi Watts in UK film premier Demolition. A must see great story great acting. Enjoy

Really loved Demolition. Very funny & lovely. Definitely up there as one of my favourite Gyllenhaal performances.

@glasgowfilmfest #gff16 Demolition: brilliant comedy drama dealing with bereavement. Fantastic performances from all

Torn about Demolition. Some great moments & mounting sense of tantalising dark humour, but marred by film school screenplay clichés. #GFF16

That last tweet is from the tweeter above who mistakenly identified Demolition as a French thriller.

UltraViolet said...

I think Demolition will satisfy folks who want to see Jake in something lighter. Even though it's a dark premise, there is light :)

Oops. They aren't all raves.

Caught #Demolition at #GFF16 today. Eh. 6/10 at best, trying really hard to be Fight Club and came out with nowhere near enough substance. Some moments of real hilarity and the occasional really heartfelt scene though, and Gyllenhall's performance was great. Also if Vallée could stop shoehorning meaningless queer tragedies into his plots as an attempt at adding substance that would be cool

Agree on the last point. Don't agree or really get the Fight Club reference.

Anonymous said...

Just saw a post on AW and in a Tom Ford interview with TIME,it s say's he's nearly done editing the film. So hopefully we get a announcement on a release date and maybe a teaser.

Anonymous said...



UltraViolet said...

I think Hagen posted that Tom Ford quote in the last post. There's some speculation it may go to Cannes, which would be fun.

Thanks for the link, Maura. I love how the DailyMail spends five paragraphs saying the same thing, lol.

Jake back in Boston?

Spotted @CodaBarBoston: Jake Gyllenhal in town filming his new movie about the #bostonmarathon. cc: @usweekly #putusinyourmagazine

likemonalisa said...

The current war will start shooting in Sept:http://deadline.com/2016/02/weinstein-company-sale-library-or-tv-division-harvey-weinstein-david-glasser-q-and-a-1201708350/

Anonymous said...

It's been a quiet period for Gyllenbabblers and Jake, but looks like all that will change soon with Stronger starting to film at beginning of April, Demolition coming out at end of April and Okja (seemingly) starting to film not to long after that. With The Current War filming in September and Nocturnal Animals coming out in the fall (just guessing), it should be an interesting year. RH

Sal (the real one) said...

Happy Saturday all :)

Jake is back in LA attending pre-Oscar parties.


BlueJean said...

"... it should be an interesting year."

Let's hope so! Yes, it has been quiet - but I'm sure the promotion for 'Demolition' will make up for it! :)

UltraViolet said...

Definitely exciting times ahead. It's good to have some downtime!

Speaking of down... just made an Oscars loopback post.