Sunday, March 29, 2015

Boxing promoter

That's the first official poster.

Eminem kicked Southpaw promotion into high gear this week. The trailer has over two million views on his youtube page. And The Weinstein Company's version is approaching a million:

The intense trailer has also yielded some impressive gifs, screen caps and even a fanmade poster:

That will do until we get the official one, I guess!

Is this official?

(Screen caps and gifs courtesy of My New Plaid Pants and Rachel Mcadams Daily.)


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Extra said...

Even though the trailer gives away too much, it's not going to keep me from seeing this, wow!
He looks awesome and he even sounds different. Love the reaction om social media and I love the screencaps, thanks UV!!

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, Extra! I have watched the trailer several times, more than some other Jake movie trailers. Definitely a showcase for him.

Forgot to say yay for Jake's Blogos De Oro win. It's apparently "Blogs Awards where moviegoers choose the year's best film."
From twitter:

Finally, a Jake Gyllenhaal + puppy sighting. #nycwins

FP said...

Photobomb level:Jake gyllenhaal #funny

LOL! :)

grat post as usulal UV!

FP said...

I meant Great!

Piruleta said...

Overall I think the trailer had a good reception (not as good as Nightcrawler, but they did an awesome marketing campaign) and even if a lot of people has complained that it's too spoilery and shows a bit too much, seems like everyone agrees that Jake looks really great :)

I'm curious about the movie now, it looks like a totally different role for Jake and I can't wait to see his scenes with Oona Laurence.

I was following the Blogos De Oro yesterday and it was cool to see Jake win! there were 122 blogs voting this year and the reaction when his name popped was great :D

Anonymous said...

Interesting, trailer has two similar things with NC, he says he is looking for a job and breaks some glass, window as well :-).

I think in this movie the target is path, not a plot or any twist, script is quite simple, more important is how it is going to be performed.

bobbyanna said...

I agree, Anon. There are some familiar themes in the plotline, and it is very simple to follow. The journey of the characters, and the skill of the actors will give the story its power. I think the pacing will be important too. I love the little girl!

UltraViolet said...

Round Three. Jake is losing this one but it's close.

I think Southpaw's trailer has gotten more views than the first NC trailer. But the reaction to NC was better, in a way, because it was so unexpected. And unique.

The the Southpaw marketing campaign is a little slow. The Eminem trailer move was smart, but there's no website. The official twitter account didn't even have the trailer Friday morning. Let's hope they kick it into gear.

That photobomb photo makes no sense. It's clearly an attempt to take a picture of Jake. The photo was on instagram a couple of weeks ago. Very odd.

Chica said...

The trailer is kick-ass (although very spoilerish)!
Jake looks scary, lol! I like boxing movies so this is right up my alley!

Hagen said...

I think from a commercial point of view the trailer for "Southpaw" is better received than the first one for "Nightcrawler". (There's a much stronger reaction to the "Southpaw" trailer on HSX. Their prognoses aren't reliable, but you get a rough idea whether a trailer works or not. The first trailer for "Nightcrawler" got a rather muted reaction in July 2014. The film exceeded expectations thanks to the strong reviews.) On the other hand it's noticeable that some critics are hesitant to embrace Antoine Fuqua, to put it mildly.

Hopefully we'll get the trailer for "Everest" by the end of the week. :-)

Anonymous said...

Jamie Graham
Jake Gyllenhaal assured me that Southpaw is Antoine Fuqua's best film. Crazy talk. It *can't* be better than Olympus Has Fallen

Anonymous said...

in the trailer he is looking for a job and breaks some glass, window as well :-).
ah ah, I thought the same thing "oh my God, another broken mirror"... LOL
Thanks for the great post, UV!

Piruleta said...

I'm not sure, but I think he actually breaks a picture (of himself) and not a mirror. But I couldn't help but smile when he says he is looking for a job :)

I think Southpaw's trailer has gotten more views than the first NC trailer. But the reaction to NC was better

Yeah, that's what I meant, the reaction for those trailers was better, especially the teaser, that was a really really good trailer.

Hopefully we'll get the trailer for "Everest" by the end of the week. :-)

Wasn't there someone who said it was set to be released on April 3th? Anyway I can't wait to see that one!

UltraViolet said...

There's an Italian twitter account for Everest, so that's progress? And if you go to, it redirects to Universal.

I did see a tweet from another film type that the trailer would be with Furious 7, so let's hope.

Piruleta, I think you're right about the mirror/picture/poster.

Someone replied to the Deadline post on the SP trailer with this:

I’ve seen the move and it’s very good. Plot was straight forward but Gyllenhaal’s performance was incredible. One of his best.

This is a non sequitur but I think Monica alluded to this in the previous post. I read somewhere that Tom Ford wanted to do Nocturnal Animals as two movies. I wonder if that's still in the plan.

I saw The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby, Her and Him, and frankly, the second was was pretty boring. (Though the first one wasn't all that interesting, either.) So I wonder how/if it would work.

Monica said...

50 Cent talks about Southpaw and Jake: video

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, Monica. He's definitely a fan. He hasn't posted the trailer yet, though.

Jake has made the Elite Eight in Filmspotting March Madness

Sadly, he's not going to beat Jamie Dornan on Buzzfeed.

Aspen said...

Anonymous said...

BoxOffice ‏@BoxOffice
The Weinstein Company will now release SOUTHPAW on July 24, 2015.

Monica said...

I’ve seen the move and it’s very good. Plot was straight forward but Gyllenhaal’s performance was incredible. One of his best.

That's what I want to read. Thanks.

UltraViolet said...

I hope to hear more reviews like that, as well, Monica!

Probably a better date for Southpaw, moving away from MI5.

Funny exchange about Jake in Aspen:

Enjoying our last few days here. Beautiful hike to Sam's Smokehouse. Saw Jake Gyllenhall walking out…

he's adorable. We can do some damage with him. ha

I agree! And somehow his hair was perfect. No helmet hair. 😍

he's hot...

Nice to see Jake taking some real vacations!

Monica said...

Lindsey Lazarte ‏@Lindseyruns
Just walked past Jake Gyllenhaal in the East Village. Dying. #celebritysighting

hmmm I wonder if he was in Aspen for a photoshoot, because it seems that he was only there for a few days.

UltraViolet said...

Yup, definitely back in New York. And out at the theater. Photo evidence:

Tweet 1

Tweet 2

Tweet 3

No idea what this tweet is all about:

Yeah!! I'm going to be in a movie directed by Jake Gyllenhaal!

Doesn't seem like an April Fool's Day joke...

UltraViolet said...

... but it is an April Fool's Day joke. Odd but okay.

Michael Kelly, who is in Everest, tweeted a link to a fanmade poster. At least, I hope it's fanmade, since Keira Knightley's name is spelled wrong. I think we've seen it before, as well.

Hagen said...

I'm glad that Jake doesn't launch a career as a director (yet). It's more exciting to see him as an actor.

I got my copy of "Tony & Susan" yesterday. I'll report if Tom Ford should film one or two movies based on the book. ;)

UltraViolet said...

Looks like some Furious 7 moviegoers got to see the Southpaw trailer. But I haven't heard about any Everest trailer showings at IMAX theaters or any others. A shame.

I guess two new Jake trailers in a week would be asking for too much!

Anonymous said...

Is Everest still opening on September 18th?

Hagen said...

I guess two new Jake trailers in a week would be asking for too much!

Yeah, I got a bit greedy.

Is Everest still opening on September 18th?

Yes, but a week earlier would make sense IMO.

FP said...

JadoreNewYorkxo ‏@jadorenewyorkxo 6 min6

I won't say where...but somewhere in #nyc Carey Mulligan, Jake Gyllenhaal, and two of the Gummer sister are looking perfect & eating brunch

FP said...

Is Jake Gyllenhaal Already the Most Stylish Man of 2015?

The Nightcrawler and Southpaw star has always had swagger, but he's absolutely crushing it style-wise in the early days of 2015. In fact, the guy looks so good that the competition for most stylish man of the year may already be over

sorry the double post UV

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I agree that trailer gives away too much but it looks fantastic, I can't wait to see it!

It's a bit too early I think for a Every trailer but
Bring it on I'm greedy!

UltraViolet said...

What else is opening on September 18, Hagen? Perhaps they will move Everest, as well. But moving too early in September isn't great. Maybe a week later?

No problem on the double post, FP. Loved the lunch tweet. Jake was also with Carey, Marcus and the Gummer sisters at the opening night of Carey's play, Skylight, which has gotten rave reviews.

You know I love Jake, but is GQ lowering their standards? Jake as the most stylish man of 2015?!

OONP, remember the dog days of Jake fandom, when we didn't know what he was going to do next. That could happen again, but he has certainly kept (and kept us) busy the past couple of years.

UltraViolet said...

Someone tweeted to me that it seems like there's a virus on the blog. I am not seeing it. Are other people having issues?

Monica said...

Are other people having issues?

No. It's ok for me.

bobbyanna said...

Everything seems fine, UV. I did have a problem earlier, with the photos being slow to load, but that's not happening now.

Mary said...

No problems for e either

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for checking and letting me know!

FP said...

No problem for me UV. :)

BlueJean said...

Everything fine here too! :)

Hagen said...

"Avengers: Age of Ultron" will be the next 3D movie on the release schedule, opening on May 1. I don't think Universal will miss this opportunity to promote "Everest".

What else is opening on September 18, Hagen?

"Black Mass", a crime drama starring Johnny Depp, is probably the most relevant competitor, even if Depp isn't the box office draw any more that he used to be. "The Maze Runner II" is likely to do very well and get a PG-13 rating like "Everest". I haven't heard of "Captive" before. Overall that's quite a lot of competition in a slow month at the box office.

Jake as the most stylish man of 2015?!

LOL, at first I thought it was meant ironically. Anyway it's fine that someone likes his style. ;)

Los Angeles said...

bobbyanna said...

Happy Easter, or Passover to all who celebrate!

Mary said...

Happy Easter/Passover to all who celebrate!

Chica said...

Hope everyone had a blessed Easter/Passover weekend!

UltraViolet said...

Vulture did a piece on summer movies: Watch/Stream/Skip:


Which buff leading man will we buy tickets for this summer? Well, after Nightcrawler, we’d follow Jake Gyllenhaal anywhere, so if he wants to bulk up to play a boxer in the summer drama Southpaw, we’ll be there to watch. San Andreas pits Dwayne Johnson against an earthquake, and we don’t know which should fear the other more. Sounds campy and streamable. As for Maggie, wherein Arnold Schwarznegger cares for his zombie daughter Abigail Breslin … well, Schwarzenegger is not the first person we would cast as an earnest midwestern father, let’s put it that way.

Anonymous said...

Rolling Stone brought up Heath's 2006 interview, for his 36th birthday recently. It reminds again, Brokeback was a group effort right down to its PR campaign. Heath, the producers and Jake were all on the same page about their characters and each other. No matter how it's sliced or called out as betraying the story, Jake was part of a Greek chorus. He was unlikely to contradict his colleagues; not with the intense media glare upon their still-young careers:

(And if Jake's very sex-positive character and performance aren't enough, what happens to Brokeback's inherent worth & legacy once Jake is passed, too?)

Also, Nocturnal Animals begins shooting this Fall, despite slated release in 2017:

NOCTURNAL ANIMALS - Fall, 2015; Details Are only Available By Subscription.. STORY: Fifteen years ago, Susan Morrow left her first husband Edward Sheffield, an unpublished writer. Now, she's enduring middle class suburbia as a doctor's wife, when out of the blue she receives a package containing the manuscript of her ex-husband's first novel. Susan is plunged back into the past, forced to confront the darkness that inhabits her and driven to name the fear that gnaws at her future and will change her life. (Posted: April 7, 2015)


Anonymous said...

P.S. Brokeback was clearly looking for crossover appeal, with their "only gay for each other" PR angle. Pandering? Yes. But it overcame much reluctance and indifference typically reserved for the niche of gay-themed movies. (Few ever saw worldwide gross of 178 millions.) In the 10 years since Brokeback, gay presence has improved in mainstream TV and film. All the more reason Brokeback's PR needs to seen in the context of its time.

Anonymous said...

That Rolling Stone article was printed in March 2013 , why are you posting it here now ?

Monica said...

What a wonderful interview! 10 years !! seems like yesterday!

Good about Nocturnal Animals!

Mary said...

Thanks for the interview I haven't seen it before .can't believe it's been 10 years either.

BlueJean said...

"That Rolling Stone article was printed in March 2013 , why are you posting it here now ?"

Why not? I like to think there are always new people lurking here. I've never read it before either.
Thanks for posting it, Beth!

bobbyanna said...

The article came out first in March, 2006. The author clearly admits difficulty interviewing Heath, and many of the quotes are cut & paste; lifted from other interviews and articles, many of which I've seen and read.

IMO, the author also clearly admired Heath, and thought he was very cool. But the theme of the article was that Heath, like Ennis, was withholding.

"Brokeback was clearly looking for crossover appeal, with their "only gay for each other" PR angle"

I don't agree.

In Annie Proulx's story, and in the movie, Ennis was the one who deluded himself with that notion.
Jack very clearly did not.

" No matter how it's sliced or called out as betraying the story, Jake was part of a Greek chorus. He was unlikely to contradict his colleagues; not with the intense media glare upon their still-young careers "

Not sure what you mean here, but
I don't know WTF anyone could expect from two young actors, and what there was for Jake to contradict.

Jake & Heath were promoting a movie, and yet, they did address the political, human rights aspect of the story very clearly, and very well, but within the parameters of promoting the movie.

I think they said quite a bit about the perspective of the film, and the "message."

Every movie develops a media strategy when it's launched. The actors, directors, producers, etc. all try to "stay on message," to focus attention on the film, and their work in it.

That's been true of all of Jake's movies, even though they could have easily strayed. The media loves controversy.

So, was PoP talking about WMDs in Iraq? Was Jarhead making a statement about war? End of Watch about cops? We saw interviewers try to trap Jake to say something critical about the media when he promoted Nightcrawler. But he and Dan stayed on message and let the movie speak for itself.

Most filmmakers leave symbolism, interpretations, criticisms, etc. to the audience. Once art is created, it takes on a life of its own.

Brokeback Mountain is a work of art. It has a lasting, powerful impact, and doesn't require a lot political or social commentary to attend it.

Jake and everyone else associated with BBM stayed on message to develop interest in the film, and insure it would be enjoyed by a large audience.

I don't think they avoided anything. They handled a lot of stress and media scrutiny with uncommon grace, IMO.

UltraViolet said...

Not sure if this was sparked by a discussion on DC or not. Someone posted an except from a story in which Jake said he thought of Ennis and Jack as two straight guys. I think Jake might have said that in a few places. But it's not something he stuck with. I don't think, ultimately, that he denied the gay element of the movie.

I was annoyed on DC because it was brought up obtusely, IMO. And those things tend to lead to battles over there. Happily, most people ignored it, which is what I should have done.

UltraViolet said...

A couple of cute videos of Jake at the stage door. I think we might have seen the second one before.

BlueJean said...

Those are cute indeed! :)))

bobbyanna said...

Guess I'm spoiled. When Jake was doing his play we knew his routine. But he's in LA and the sightings are fewer. : (

Not to belabor it, but I can see where at first, Jake might say the characters in BBM felt they were straight, or that he thought they identified as straight.

Ennis certainly did, and early on Jack insists "I ain't queer." He seemed enthusiastic about his courtship of Lureen, too, although the added incentive of her father's money was part of the attraction.

Watching it, we know they're gay, but I think the journey the two characters were on, attempting to understand their sexuality was really shown very effectively.

Monica said...

Jake might say the characters in BBM felt they were straight, or that he thought they identified as straight.

Yes about Ennis, but not Jack. Jack was always comfortable with his sexuality, he knew what he wanted, didn't care what people thought to the point where he wanted to live with Ennis or even with Randall. The thing with Lureen was just for money.

Twitter said...

Sacha Quarles
Go to Hairstylist for Hollywood's Hottest Stars.

Sacha Quarles ‏@hairbysacha 26m26 minutes ago
Early morning #cover #Photoshoot for the film #Everest Starring #joshbrolin #Jakegyllenhaal…

Monica said...

Baltasar Kormákur will receive the award of "International Filmmaker of the Year" - Baltasar Kormákur ("Everest") at the CinemaCon on 20 April. I hope he will show the trailer or a footage of Everest.

Hagen said...

There's a new publicity still from "Southpaw" on IHJ.

Hagen said...

Southpaw: Entertainment Weekly preview
Appearance wasn’t [Jake's] main concern, though. “You can’t play a boxer and just look like a boxer,” says the actor, last seen playing a rail-thin sociopath in Nightcrawler. “You have to believe that you can exist in that world.”

Piruleta said...

Jake wins best actor in "las horas perdidas" site firstly Blogos de Oro and now this. it's cool to see him getting all this love from Spanish audiences specially after Nightcrawler had such a poorly distribution here.

Hagen said...

it's cool to see him getting all this love from Spanish audiences specially after Nightcrawler had such a poorly distribution here.

"Nightcrawler" struggled during its theatrical release in Germany, too. But currently it's doing very well on DVD / Blu-ray / VOD. "Prisoners" and "Nightcrawler" really helped to broaden his fan base over here. Hopefully it will pay off when his next films are released. (I suspect "Southpaw" will be a tough sell as a boxing movie though.)

UltraViolet said...

I saw the trailer last night before Woman in Gold. It was great to see it on the big screen. It played pretty well, I think. There were murmurs. I also heard someone laugh - not sure if that was at the trailer or unrelated.

Nice to see the Spanish love for Jake and NC; same for Germany digitally. It will be interesting to see if Southpaw can break through.

We need some word on Everest. I hope the trailer will be shown at CinemaCon.

Sag Actor said...

I saw the Southpaw trailer last night when I went to see Fast and Furious 7, great reception from the audience!

UltraViolet said...

Edible Schoolyard NYC is having its spring benefit tomorrow. Jake is listed on the committee. He was tweeted in various places in CA this weekend.

Unbelievably, Jake wasn't even nominated for an MTV Movie Award. (Bradley Cooper won.) I saw a tweet of Amy Schumer doing "Nightcrawler auditions." No idea if it was a funny gag or not.

Monica said...

MTV Movie Awards is about who is popular at the moment with teenagers or be in a blockbuster + have a good PR team.

Hagen said...

I saw a tweet of Amy Schumer doing "Nightcrawler auditions." No idea if it was a funny gag or not.

She was crawling on the floor in a black catsuit (Hollywood Reporter video).

Monica said...

Dinner with Rachel McAdams

UltraViolet said...

No-beard/scruffy Jake. I like it.

Thanks for posting the video, Hagen. It was cute.

Found on a blog post from April 4:

I saw Jake Gyllenhaal at Momofoku Noodle Bar the other night. It was really thrilling and it's true, he's really really ridiculously goodlooking. If he weren't already a famous actor I'd say that he should become one because as many people as is humanely possible should see his face. And his hair. He was sitting down so I couldn't see how tall he was, but he seemed to be having a business dinner because he pulled out a script after he finished his pork buns.

Someone on the Rachel McAdams fan forum noticed that Rachel and Jake's characters have matching tattoos: bird behind the right ear, and Leila (daughter's name) on her wrist/his chest.

Hagen said...

BTW Tony in "Tony & Susan" wears a moustache. So expect some facial hair in "Nocturnal Animals"!

UltraViolet said...

Wow. Definitely not the kind of news I expected to hear!

Suddenly, Seymour is a Hollywood heartthrob: Jake Gyllenhaal will make his musical theater debut as the nerdy florist in the Encores! Off-Center production of “Little Shop of Horrors” at City Center this summer, theater representatives announced on Tuesday.

For only three performances!

Hagen said...

Wow. Definitely not the kind of news I expected to hear!

That's a surprise indeed. It'll be goofy fun for sure. xD

Anonymous said...

No! Can't believe I'm going to miss this, I'm going to be in NY in August. So frustrating living so far away :(


Monica said...

Although I will not see, I am very happy with this news. Happy that Jake will finally act in a musical.

UltraViolet said...

Just some fun reaction tweets found today:

jake gyllenhaal as seymour in little shop of horrors sounds like a porn I would write

where does he even go from here. Where do any of us

like many good things, I can't wait and I'm also terrified for everyone

My feelings exactly!

You guys know that you can see Jake Gyllenhaal on your TV any second of day of the week, right?

Just booked tix to see Jake Gyllenhaal in Little Shop of Horrors! At some point he is going to marry me.

taran killam @TaranKillam
Life continues to be cool. …

UltraViolet said...

I wish it were a different show. I've never been interested in this one. But I'll still go :)

Chica said...

I loved the movie with Rick Moranis but I never thought that this would be the show Jake would make his musical debut! Its more of a showcase and I will be there!

UltraViolet said...

Twitter is still abuzz with this news, lol.

I did see this, from a tweeter who appears to be in San Francisco:

Omg jake gyllenhaal at my job buying avacdo chicken salad


he's so fine/very low key. Everyone stared but didn't say anything lmao

wtf I can't believe this

I'm still in shock lol

BlueJean said...

You people who are able to go see Jake on stage again... You do all realize how lucky you are, right?! ;)

UltraViolet said...

I do know how lucky I am, BJ, believe me. I wish everyone could go.

I laughed when I saw this tweet:

I'm flying to NY to see LITTLE SHOP with Jake Gyllenhaal and I just realized I don't even know if he's a good singer.

That tweeter can check out this MTV article listing all Jake's singing videos.

And <a href=">EW</a> posted a short article on how Jake got his Southpaw body. Short answer: He boxed. A lot.

Twitter said...

Arleo Dordar ‏@ArleoDordar 3m3 minutes ago
Just got a call for a supporting lead next to jake gyllenhall!!!!

Monica said...

If Jake is to be in a great movie, I'd love it to be in an upcoming Star Wars movie.

Hagen said...

Just got a call for a supporting lead next to jake gyllenhall!!!!

I guess he's one of the evil guys in "Nocturnal Animals".

UltraViolet said...

Are we sure Nocturnal Animals is a go?

Just saw that Ryan Gosling is being sought for Bladerunner 2. It pisses me off not to see Jake's name up for these roles.

I don't mind him not being in Star Wars, however. I don't want to have to go to see those.

Piruleta said...

agree, maybe it's because I want to see them to work together again but I can't help but feel disappointed that they're negociating with Gosling.

Hagen said...

Are we sure Nocturnal Animals is a go?

George Clooney and Grant Heslov produce the film. But it's certainly possible that Jake will drop out.

UltraViolet said...

I didn't mean a go as in whether it will happen but whether Jake will do it. I never saw a confirmation article. We don't always see one - I was just curious.

Hagen said...

I never saw a confirmation article.

I don't think it's official yet. Both Jake and Amy Adams are listed as rumored members of the cast on IMDb.

bobbyanna said...

"It pisses me off not to see Jake's name up for these roles."

I agree about Bladerunner, UV. I think Jake would've been perfect. I'm surprised they're talking to Gosling. I just can't see him in that kind of role.

When does Man Who Made It Snow start shooting?

Monica said...

Just saw that Ryan Gosling is being sought for Bladerunner 2.

You came into my mind when I read this news.
I still think the idea of a new Blade Runner is a risk. If this goes wrong ...

But it's certainly possible that Jake will drop out.

If he does this to make another cliché film with Antoine Fuqua I'll be upset. I read that the character is juicy.

I look forward to reading the book.

Anonymous said...

I thought Gosling had been tied to Blade Runner for years. The movie had stalled but its a shame that Denis V didn't fight for Jake but who knows.

Anonymous said...

Lola ‏@LisforLOLAA 1h1 hour ago
touching jake gyllenhaal abs at the Ellen show with @NatthalieFlores

Hagen said...

I still think the idea of a new Blade Runner is a risk.

That's what I think, too. On the other hand I thought the relaunch of "Mad Max" was a bad idea, but it seems to work pretty well.

If he does this to make another cliché film with Antoine Fuqua I'll be upset.

Give him a chance and wait until you've seen "Southpaw"! ;)

I read that the character is juicy.

I've read only one third of the book so far. It's a tight thriller. Right now I don't know where the story is heading which isn't a bad thing.

BlueJean said...

"It pisses me off not to see Jake's name up for these roles."

I thought you'd say that, UV. And this time, I have to agree.

I'm kinda disappointed. As Bladerunner 2 is linked to Denis Villeneuve to direct... if there's one thing in Jake's career that I'd like right now, it would be for Jake and Denis to work together again. I'm still recovering from 'Enemy'! ;)

BlueJean said...

Hagen, are you reading 'Tony and Susan'? Me too! :) Just started.

Isn't it strange we're reading the same book? :)))

I'm still amazed I ever finished reading 'The Double' by José Saramago. Strange book. And yet, I just had to read it ;)

Piruleta said...

So Hagen and BlueJean: is the book any good? because I'm looking for something new to read and I wouldn't mind to give it a try.

BlueJean said...

I've just started reading yesterday, Piruleta (chapter 3), so I can't really say just yet ;) It's good so far!

UltraViolet said...

Everest emails in the latest Sony leaks.

Real of fan-made?

Looks like Jake filmed the Ellen show yesterday. Someone posted a tweet here yesterday. There were a couple more:

Gna see Jake Gyllenhaal, and cast from big bang theory omg I love life!

OMG Jake Gyllenhall is babe af ughh! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Can I replay this day again?!?! Still can't get over how hot he is, and single!

And a sneak photo.

Highlight of my year... creepily making eye contact with Jake Gyllenhaal in a sushi restaurant

UltraViolet said...

I'm not reading, since I don't like to be spoiled for Jake movies. But I'm glad you are all doing the research for us!

And BJ, are you saying I'm predictable? ;)

UltraViolet said...

I meant to say that I assume Ellen taped this to show later on, closer to Southpaw release. Hence the lack of tweets about it. I don't know if Ellen does "new" shows during the summer.

Hagen said...

If there's one thing in Jake's career that I'd like right now, it would be for Jake and Denis to work together again.

I agree. Villeneuve's "Sicario" was selected for the Cannes Film Festival. He's on a roll.

Isn't it strange we're reading the same book? :)))

It's hardly a coincidence, is it? xD

I'm still amazed I ever finished reading 'The Double' by José Saramago.

I LOVED reading 'The Double'. It's much better written than "Tony & Susan". But I must say "Tony & Susan" has a compelling plot, as far as I can judge it. Ultimately the plot counts when you want to adapt a book.

Piruleta, the book is entertaining. Give it a try!

Real of fan-made?

Hm, at first I thought it looks like the poster on Jake's homepage. But this one is diffferent.

Hagen said...

Wrong link, I've meant this page: Upcoming Projects.

Monica said...

Give him a chance and wait until you've seen "Southpaw"! ;)

My hope is only in Jake's performance. I wasn't a big fan of the trailer, and Fuqua doesn't inspire me confidence.
I started reading the script for The Man Who Made It Snow ...

I bought Tony and Susan :)

Piruleta said...

Thank you, girls! Will try to find it :)

BlueJean said...

"And BJ, are you saying I'm predictable? ;)"

Nooo...;) I know you feel bigger budget movies could increase Jake's profile as an actor. We've talked about that quite a lot here.

It's just that I usually don't care for "big movies" in Jake's case. He's doing so well in smaller, lower budget movies lately. But this one has Denis Villeneuve, so it's special. So yes, I agree - he should be in this one!

UltraViolet said...

I think you misunderstand me. I don't want Jake to be in big-budget movies. I want to hear Jake's name as being sought for the prestige, big-director projects. It's great that Jake worked with Denis and helped propel him forward. I'm not sure why it hasn't happened for Jake, as well.

Hagen said...

Fuqua doesn't inspire me confidence.

"End of Watch" was better than David Ayer's previous movies. So there's hope that Fuqua might exceed expectations, too.

I bought Tony and Susan :)

LOL, we can found a reader circle.

Variety: Kormakur says he loves to direct films that contrast large scale images with intimate moments, but the process of creating “Everest” was an uphill climb. “It’s by far the most complicated and challenging film that I’ve made.” Filmed partly on location in Nepal, there were times when the temperature fell to 30 degrees Celsius to the point that all had to evacuate for fear of frostbite. But Kormakur believes the film’s authenticity makes braving the elements a battle worth fighting.

Monica said...

I would have liked to see Jake in The Story of Your Life, upcoming Dennis V movie. Not Blade Runner. The first film is perfect.
For me it would be like hollywood make Brokeback Mountain 2 on Ennis Del Mar. No way.

I want to hear Jake's name as being sought for the prestige, big-director projects.

Same. I was hoping Nightcrawler would change things, but so far only Tony & Susan, more for being a production of Clooney.

When does Man Who Made It Snow start shooting?

probably next year. He is currently filming Mag 7.
Don't get excited because of Harvey. We will make sure only after Southpaw.

Anonymous said...

Tony & Susan role is incredible!
It's Enemy's professor times a million, to hell and back.
Better than anything Denis V could give him (supporting female leads.)
So no offense to the Gos, BR sequel could be a "Denis V + Roger Deakins Show".

Think if Jake holds his own with Joaquin, top directors will take notice.
Joaquin is as highly regarded as it gets. Outside of Daniel Day-Lewis.
Also very few people debut at Venice film fest, as Tom Ford did.

Between the trailer and Jake's pride in Southpaw (since an early cut), could one of them be half-right?

#Southpaw is gonna knock your socks off this summer. Call it a hunch :)
10:58 AM - 27 Mar 2015

Instagram said...

1 hour ago · Casa Del Mar
Drinking Moscow Mules in the most gorgeous hotel with the US Warner Bros crew. Jake Gyllenhaal, Sean Penn and Susan Sarandan were here (we missed them :( ) and we're about to use Muse's town car. Ballin #whoruledaworld #mikesachsdoes

Hagen said...

Women's Wear Daily on "Nocturnal Animals": [Tom Ford] has changed the title and made considerable revisions to the story. As planned, the film is in two parts, the first faithful to the original material, and the second, completely new.

Hagen said...

Also very few people debut at Venice film fest, as Tom Ford did.

I'm optimistic that he will do a good job with "Nocturnal Animals", but I had to laugh when I read this (AV Club): Based on the novel Tony And Susan by Austin Wright, the story follows Alice, a woman who receives a book manuscript from her ex-husband whom she left 20 years earlier ... “Who cares?,” you’re probably asking. “What will she be wearing?” Since she’ll spend most of the story seated and reading, we’re guessing Yves Saint Laurent. But the fainting couch she occupies will probably be just as impressive, as well as the designer trash can where she’ll throw away her Gucci tissues.

BlueJean said...

"It's great that Jake worked with Denis and helped propel him forward. I'm not sure why it hasn't happened for Jake, as well."

Denis is now a "bigger" director because of Jake, rather than the other way round? That's how I read your words - correct me if I'm wrong.

I think Jake is a pretty "big" name in the movie industry as well - but on his own terms. I've got this feeling he doesn't really care for highly prestige projects right now. Or maybe he does, but he hasn't found the right director / script / project yet. Or maybe he has found it, but we don't know about it yet ;)
Am I making any sense at all?

"Better than anything Denis V could give him (supporting female leads.)"

Anon, I'm not sure what you mean. You're saying Enemy's female leads weren't good enough for Jake? I thought both women were fabulous in their roles. It's just a shame they didn't get the opportunity to really shine, because all the focus was on Jake / Adam / Anthony.

"1 hour ago · Casa Del Mar"

Casa Del Mar! So... Ennis did well for himself then! :-)))

bobbyanna said...

We have no idea. Maybe Jake had a scheduling problem with some of these projects or was up for a part he didn't get. So that's a consideration.

I think he's really raised his profile in the past two years, but, as you say, on his own terms.

I'm optimistic about Southpaw. If Jake is part of the Tom Ford project, that sounds "prestige-y" to me, with Clooney's company also attached.

You all have me intrigued. I guess I'll have to start reading about "Tony & Susan" as well. Spoilers don't bother me too much.

I have a fiction selection for my book club next week I haven't even started, and I've been plodding through a non-fiction book that held more promise than it delivered.

I usually enjoy political gossip in an historical context, but this book is perfect for bed time. I'm asleep three minutes after I start reading! LOL!

Gosling is OK. I'm not a huge fan, but I don't dislike him. He doesn't seem to demonstrate a lot of range, IMO. He's always Ryan Gosling.

Anonymous said...

"Casa Del Mar! So... Ennis did well for himself then! :-)))"

Giggle, I agree with just about everything you said.

Hagen said...

BJ, Denis Villeneuve said he would like to work with Jake again, but ...

Sadly, they may not work together again immediately, says Villeneuve, "As the inspiration for my next project will probably be with a lead actress."

"So he's going to cast me," quips Gyllenhaal. They both laugh
(Toronto Sun).

I think that's true for both "Sicario" and "Story of Your Life".

I've got this feeling he doesn't really care for highly prestige projects right now.

Coincidence or not, but Antoine Fuqua, Jean-Marc Vallée and Tom Ford all have directed movies in which the lead actor was nominated for an Oscar. Based on that I'd say Jake has a tendency to pick prestige projects.

BlueJean said...

That's true, Hagen.

I happen to think Jake picks his projects based on who the director is, rather than how high the prestige is - but based on what you just said... things are looking good for Jake! ;)

UltraViolet said...


They both raised their profiles with Prisoners and Enemy. Denis seems to have gotten a bigger bump from it than Jake, whose name (as far as I can see) is not bandied about for the plum roles.

We'll see what happens after the triple play of Southpaw, Everest and Demolition.

I think Jake follows the director. And I wish someone like Scorcese would work with Jake.

And yes, I know there are not many directors like Scorcese.

I'm curious if David O. Russell and Jake would ever work together again or if Nailed is too much baggage. I'm not a DOR fan. And from some of those Sony leaks, it sounds like he's just as much of an asshole as ever. So maybe Jake should steer clear.

BTW, speaking of the Sony leak, I searched their handy database for Jake's name. Not much there, except an exchange between then-Sony Chair Amy Pascal and the head of Sony acquisition. Amy asks if they should reconsider going after The Man Who Made It Snow:

not reallybut i love antoine and jake

On Nov 6, 2014, at 5:32 PM, Bersch, Steven wrote:
Breaking News | Deadline Hollywood
It’s a tough call. The most attractive element is Antoine, Jake is attractive but I don’t know if he opens a movie, especially a period drug movie. Ultimately, it was the subject matter that put me on the “no” side of the fence. Do you feel differently (budget is roughly $30M)?

Not bad, given what has been revealed about some other folks.

Monica said...

I happen to think Jake picks his projects based on who the director is
I think he chooses based on the character / script. Well, Dan Gilroy never directed a film before.

Ellen Degeneres show
Mo 4/27: Jake Gyllenhaal

Anonymous said...

It's almost May and Southpaw still is being written with a release date of 7/31. The movie is making the lists of must see movies for the summer but once again a Jake movie is having a "Dates" problem.

Just give the promo duties to Eminem, it is doing a better job than Weinstein. Jake has the worst luck with movie promotion except Nightcrawler.

Monica said...

Southpaw doesn't have yet an official poster.

bobbyanna said...

Monica, I agree with you about Jake making choices based on the character and the script. In fact, I would absolutely love to see him work with Dan Gilroy again. Even more so than with Denis Villeneuve.

One comment about PR. There are some other really big films about to roll out, and I think they want people to pay attention to Southpaw, and not see it lumped in as one of several. That big jolt people got from seeing the "leaked" trailer was really great.

Tweety said...

It's disappointing to hear that Southpaw doesn't yet have a official poster to go along with the trailer:(

Not a fan of Little Shop of Horrors but I think Jake took this three performances job as sort of an audition to show that he can do a musical imo.

Anonymous said...

"Southpaw doesn't have yet an official poster."

They should have had a fan contest for this because some of them have been great.

Its not too late to just pick a fan's poster and surprise promotion would be great.

I read that one fan was approached by Weinstein to use her SP page, if true that is really disappointing to turn to a fan page who has done all the work simply because she loved Jake's work. I guess Weinstein is putting his resources else where. Still think Sutter and Eminem would do a good job with their cyber influence.

Monica said...

That big jolt people got from seeing the "leaked" trailer was really great.

Yep, but a official poster in theaters could draw the attention of those who haven't seen the trailer.

Monica said...

The thing with Harvey is that he is more interested in the awards season than anything else. It's not so surprising that the Southpaw promo is slow. Just look at the harvey movies that aren't at the awards season.

Jake is attractive but I don’t know if he opens a movie

Few actors can open a movie. Only Leo and Denzel comes to my mind now.

Anonymous said...

There is anther interesting Sony Leaks discussion about Everest from 2013

"The other Everest movie, which deals with the same events as INTO THIN AIR, has fallen apart and come together a number of times in the last several months. At this moment, they are saying they want to start shooting in January in the Dolomites, with Josh Brolin and Jason Clarke starring (not clear whether Jake Gyllenhaal is still in). Baltasar Kormakur is directing. They have no crew on and as of Friday are not funding pre-pro. Their idea of starting is Jan seems far-fetched, but it's unclear exactly how much prep work had been completed before the most recent shut down. Supposedly, Cross Creek and Walden Media are going to finance the film and funding will begin again this week.

>> If we don't go forward with the requested work (and we can do that in steps), there's no way to make the film this spring and we'll almost certainly lose the race. If we do the prep work, close Tom's deal, and announce our start date, I believe there is a chance we will scare off the contemporary Everest. Then, we can make our movie and release it as originally envisioned in fall '15.

>> Of course, there is certainly the possibility that even if we get out of the gate ahead of them, they will still go forward with their movie. Even though the two films are quite different, I do not want to be the second Everest film. Therefore, in that scenario, we would need to have a contingency plan ready, which means dating our film ahead of theirs. That would likely impact fy15. I will work with Stefan to examine the impact of various scenarios. There is also the possibility that the other movie gets its funding this week, crews up and races for the January start. In that case, we can always pull the plug on our movie between now and Xmas."

bobbyanna said...

I agree, Tweety, LSOH is definitely an audition.

I'm also disappointed about the lack of a poster for SP.

Wow. Thanks, Anon, for sharing the behind the scenes discussion about the making of Everest.

Reminds me yet again what a cutthroat business movie making is. I thought of the Robert Downey black comedy,"Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang."

Racing to be first, gloating and the competition's failures, and I wouldn't be surprised to discover they could try to sabotage financing. It makes me appreciate the smaller independent films more.

Anonymous said...

Jurassic World- its poster was just released today and its opening in June. So maybe it is smart to wait until all the "block busters' are out of the way first. There are so many this summer.

Hagen said...

According to "The Projection List" the "Everest" teaser trailer will premiere with "Jurassic World".

Hagen said...

I've overlooked that it's just a projection.

Hagen said...

BTW I'd like Jake to work with Ang Lee again. Vin Diesel will star in Lee's next movie "Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk". For real.

UltraViolet said...

Monica, when I say Jake goes with the director, I don't mean just big names. I think at this point in his career/life, he wants to have a good relationship with the director. Hence his working with Denis Villeneuve and Dan Gilroy, despite their lack of prestige/experience.

I don't want to have to wait until June for the Everest trailer. That's too late. Perhaps we'll get a teaser before then. I'm hoping for tomorrow, when Kormakur gets his award.

Kurt Sutter seems to have been strangely unenthusiastic about Southpaw. I wonder if this explains it, as well as the lack of a poster:

kurt sutter @sutterink · Apr 13
Thank you @WGAWest. After arbitration, they overturned the studio's move with a unanimous decision to give me sole credit for #SOUTHPAW.

UltraViolet said...

Jake on Ellen on Ellen a week from Monday? Definitely early for Southpaw. Perhaps they'll replay closer to the date. Thanks, Monica.

canuck_cutie said...

Apparently the posters for Southpaw & Everest are on display at comicon

Monica said...

According to "The Projection List" the "Everest" teaser trailer will premiere with "Jurassic World".

It makes sense, since Universal is the studio of both films.

bobbyanna said...

What I find annoying, is reading about other, lesser actors, (IMO)getting "first look," or a "three picture deal" or some other kind of affiliation with a studio.

I'm not certain I understand the implications of those deals, but they seem to assure someone gets to make movies with a support system in place.

After reading some of those Sony e-mails, I can see why that kind of security would be attractive.

Right now Jake's career seems like it's on a good trajectory, and I think Southpaw will do well, as will Everest, and Demolition... With or without Harvey...; )

Hot Mess said...

So there is a poster for Southpaw :-) and it's the first picture of Jake/Billy in the ring. It had such a big impact on the public, I knew that pic would be the poster by default.

UltraViolet said...

Not crazy about either of those posters. The Everest photo is cool, but the billing is not. Southpaw could have used something new. I'm tired of that photo. Of course, most people haven't looked at it as many times, lol. But I don't love it in any case.

Thanks for posting, canuck_cutie. And welcome, if you haven't posted before. Though your name seems familiar. So welcome back, in that case :)

Venice said...

Hagen said...

Hi Hot Mess, it's been a while since you wrote here. :)

Unfortunately both posters are a bit unimaginative. At least the "Southpaw" poster makes sense since Jake is the main selling point of the movie.

Unlike Boxofficemojo "The Projection List" announces "Southpaw" as a limited release. Maybe it will depend on the tracking data.

He looks fine. Apparently he wants to grow back his beard.

Monica said...

I think the poster for Everest is on point. We don't have a trailer, so it makes sense to have a poster with only the mountain image and cast name. It's a teaser poster.

Piruleta said...

I don't think that's the final art for Southpaw, I guess they are using that picture because it was all over the place.

I saw this on awardswatch about a movie they think is called "Little House On the Prairie"

UltraViolet said...

I don't object to the names on the Everest photo. I object to the order they are in.

I saw those LHOP emails. Dear god - has it really come to that in Hollywood?!

I think Gjusta Bakery is connected to Gjelina, always a Jake favorite in Venice.

Anonymous said...

I read somewhere that the order of the names on the Everest poster is based on who is the lead in the film. The book (according to Wikipedia, I haven't read it yet) states that Rob Hall is the lead character which is Jason Clarke's character in the film. That seems to make sense.

Piruleta said...

Yeah no doubt Jason Clarke's Rob Hall will be the main character. What surprises me is that they have Josh Brolin in second place. He plays Beck Weathers whose story is really shocking but until the storm hits them his character is as important as any of the other expedition members.

Hagen said...

He plays Beck Weathers whose story is really shocking but until the storm hits them his character is as important as any of the other expedition members.

The movie will certainly focus on the characters with the most eventful and emotional stories. And the director has to make sure that the audience gets to know these characters before the storm hits them. Storywise Beck Weathers isn't just one of many expedition members.

Piruleta said...

I don't remember much about him before the events, tbh, but when I read Into Thin Air I wasn't that familiar with all the names and he is not mentioned that much in The Climb. I guess I should read the fist book again lol

Hagen said...

I don't remember much about him before the events

Jon Krakauer portrayed Beck Weathers as a loudmouthed Republican. (Josh Brolin wore a Dole / Kemp shirt in one of the pictures from the set. I don't think that could've been possible in May 1996.)

Hagen said...

Crystal ‏@darthxsidious

UltraViolet said...

From Awards Watch:

There's a screening of this on Thursday in Huntington Beach...hopefully we'll hear something on it.

They sometimes get lots of reports, sometimes none. Sometimes it's via private message. Fingers crossed for some intel.

UltraViolet said...

It's been clear for awhile that Jason Clarke is the lead. Why James Brolin is billed over Jake is anyone's guess, but I find it irritating. I'm also curious why Jake took this role. I'm hoping it will all be for the best.

The CinemaCon luncheon where Kormakur will get his award is happening now, so I also hope we get some word on Everest.

UltraViolet said...

Jake back in his LA CZUrth Caffe, Beverly Hills.

Update from twitter/CinemaCon:

Just saw an early trailer for Everest, Dir. Balthazar Kormakur. Looks intense and beautifully shot! #cinemacon2015 #EverestMovie

Anonymous said...

I think Jake not being the lead on Everest is a good thing. He doesn't need to lead every film. It might take some pressure off of him by not being solely responsible for opening the film on his name. I think it also will show how he can work in an ensemble which could help open him up to working with some other big name actors. Take a film like American Hustle for example, Bradley Cooper took the supporting role behind Christian Bale in that film and it worked for him. Supporting isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Anonymous said...

Pan has move to a release date in October, no longer 7.24.15.

UltraViolet said...

I've been saying for a long time that Jake should do an ensemble. I just wonder why this was the one he chose.

A not-very-specific description of the Everest trailer shown today:

The preview showed an all-star ensemble cast including Josh Brolin, Jake Gyllenhaal, Robin Wright, Keira Knightley, and Jason Clark.

The preview set the stage for a film that intimately shows what it is like to hike the famed mountain and the challenges that lay ahead. But as this band of hikers reaches the top of the world and scales the peak, they realize very quickly that getting back down may end in disaster as a storm blows through the valley below them. The trailer gave us glimpses into the real life struggles that these hikers encountered as they brace themselves through a severe ice storm and try to make it back down alive.

Baltasar Kormakur, known for such gritty films as 2 Guns and Contraband, paints a harrowing scene of human strength against snow and ice and the trailer left us in shivers.

Jake on Ellen:

Pretty soon, he'll be showing off his totally ripped physique in the new movie “Southpaw,” but before it hits theaters, JAKE GYLLENHAAL comes by to see Ellen! The talented actor has a preview of what's to come in his highly-anticipated boxing film… and yes, Ellen will also bring up that hilarious scare from the last time he was here!

From an article about Ruth Wilson:

It was the intimate, questioning nature of the play which led to rumours that she and Gyllenhaal were romantically involved. She declines to discuss her personal life but does allude to the “unique friendship” that they developed. “He’s a lovely guy. I’ve never met anyone who seeks the truth as he does. In the theatre, it’s constantly in motion, and he’s constantly searching, every night. It could be very intense. We had to be very trusting of one another.”

Trust was crucial, she says, since the play’s themes of love and mortality required such an intense level of commitment. As her character Marianne contemplated suicide in the play’s final scenes, she found herself looking into the pitch black of the auditorium each night. “It was like looking into non-existence, blackness, nothing. Of course, some nights you’re just thinking about how your nose is dripping. But sometimes I really felt like I was looking at the end of life.” The show gave her nightmares, she says.

“I would dream of friends and family dying every night. It affected me profoundly. Most of the time, we don’t consider what it’s like not to exist. But it’s good to realise that we don’t really matter and we all turn to dust.”

Fascinating family history.

bobbyanna said...

"Fascinating family history"

UV, that's an understatement!
A Member of MI6 with four families? LOL!

Hagen said...

Pan has move to a release date in October, no longer 7.24.15.

That's good to read. Now it's getting a bit less likely that "Southpaw" will be crowded out by big blockbusters.

Monica said...

Empire Magazine @empiremagazine
The jury for this year's @Festival_Cannes has been confirmed, including Xavier Dolan, Guillermo del Toro, Sienna Miller and Jake Gyllenhaal.

FP said...

Laure Croiset @LaureCrroset 4 min ago

Rossy de Palma, Sophie Marceau, Sienna Miller, Rokia Traoré, Guillermo del Toro, Xavier Dolan et Jake Gyllenhaal au Jury de #Cannes2015

oh my!

FP said...

OOPS Monica!

Monica said...

Yay Jake is back to Cannes!

UltraViolet said...

Yes! I have always wanted to see Jake at Cannes for real. I want a movie someday, as well. (I know Zodiac was at Cannes, but it wasn't a premiere.)

Will take this for now:

The Cannes Film Festival has unveiled the jury for this year's festival.

Below are the nine members:

Joel & Ethan Coen – Presidents

(Directors, Writers, Producers – United States)

Rossy de Palma (Actress – Spain)

Sophie Marceau (Actress, Director – France)

Sienna Miller (Actress – United Kingdom)

Rokia Traoré (Composer, Singer-songwriter – Mali)

Guillermo del Toro (Director, Writer, Producer – Mexico)

Xavier Dolan (Director, Writer, Producer, Actor – Canada)

Jake Gyllenhaal (Actor – United States)

UltraViolet said...

Oops - triple posted, lol. But it's exciting.

Jake is also in LA with Leo - pictures on IHJ.

FP said...

Isn't Xavier Dolan the guy who said he is masturbating on Jake's pics? Well, he will be happy at least as we are about this jury!

Monica said...

Yes, FP! lol He is so talented, I hope he has admiration for Jake talent also so they can collaborate in the future.

bobbyanna said...

Cannes Festival Jury! Great news.

The Coen brothers are co- presidents of the jury, Denis Villeneuve will have a movie in competition, Sicario, as will Natalie Portman, and Isabella Rosselini will over see the flims "un certain regarde." So lots of intersections! LOL!

Glad to see Guillermo Del Toro on the panel, too. LOL! @h Xavier Dolan comment. He won Best Foreign Film @ Cannes last year. He's a Canadian filmmaker & actor. Only 26.

FP said...

Monica lol!

I do not know him so well, I trust your judgment, you never wrong about these things, sure he is going to enjoy all that Jury time! lol

Oh my God, there are Joel & Ethan Coen and Guillermo Del Toro I'd give an arm for a movie with Jake and Guillermo!

Anonymous said...

The Coen brothers chose a good jury for the most part. Wonder how Jake will field Denis V questions.

FP said...

But WTF?

Is already Christmas And I do not know?

Drama League Nominations: Bradley Cooper, Helen Mirren, Jake Gyllenhaal (FULL LIST)

bobbyanna said...

Ruth Wilson & Carey Mulligan are also nominated in the same category as Jake.

It's a very prestigious award. Once you win it you can never win it again.

Monica said...

finally: Southpaw poster

Anonymous said...

Stunning poster for Southpaw, thanks Monica

Hagen said...

finally: Southpaw poster

Oh wow, he looks unrecognizable in this poster. Very dark, very bloody.

bobbyanna said...

Hmmm. I prefer the last two photos of posters in your post UV. Not enthused about this new profile. Jake looks almost unrecognizable in this new profile poster. The other is more dramatic, he's battered, but clearly Jake.

Mary said...

Glad there's finally a poster for Southpaw. Good news about Cannes.

UltraViolet said...

Oh. I like this poster much more. He doesn't look himself in either but I like the designed feel of the new one.

I hope we'll hear more about Everest at Universal's presentation on Thursday. I'm afraid poor Baltasar's first-day award wasn't really covered.

2000 sit-ups a day?!:

Gyllenhaal trained for six months before filming even began last June in Pittsburgh, PA. As Claybon recalls, Gyllenhaal was nowhere near fighting shape when he started training. First off, he was still fairly thin following his well-documented 30-pound weight loss for last year’s crime drama Nightcrawler. For Southpaw, Claybon confirms that Gyllenhaal returned to his normal weight and then gained 15 pounds of pure muscle.

Secondly, the actor didn’t know much about boxing. “I was blown away over how much work I had to do because of his rhythm, coordination, and timing,” the Los Angeles-based trainer recalls of the first time he saw the actor shadowbox, adding with a laugh that it appeared he’d received some bad coaching prior to their first meeting. After a week though, Gyllenhaal’s sheer determination shined through. “Every day, he was eager to learn more and more about the sport,” says Claybon. ...

Gyllenhaal was burning so many calories through rigorous workouts that his diet didn’t need to be terribly strict. He did stick to carbs in the morning and protein in the evening. Claybon started him off with three hours of workouts a day: An hour-and-a-half in the morning and an hour-and-a-half in the evening. After two months, the workouts got pushed to six hours a day: Three hours of boxing in the morning and three hours of strengthening, conditioning, and cardio at night. Among the physical feats, the actor would do 1,000 sit-ups in the morning and 1,000 at night. “Gradually we built up, day-by-day, to 2,000. It takes time to do that,” says Claybon. ...

The end result in the film is clear, says Claybon: “You see a guy who knows how to box.” And the trainer says Gyllenhaal still has the brawling bug. “I just trained Jake a couple days ago,” notes Claybon. “He really loves the sport now.”

Some interesting stuff in there.

UltraViolet said...

Official Southpaw Facebook page.

FP, I meant to say that, as is so often the case, the Jake news comes in a deluge. To think back a couple of years when we seemed to go for a long time with no news!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bluejean,
Sorry I'm just catching up now.

RE: Denis V + "supporting female leads"

Denis V to Videozilla, January '15 on Enemy: "We had so much fun and decided to apply those techniques to a classic studio movie and it was, for us, a success. I’m really looking forward to working with him again and I know it’s the same for him. It’s really a nice creative collaboration."

They will join up when the project is right, IMO. Nightcrawler so far, is Jake's biggest haul in noms and critical rave. He did it with an unproven director and his offbeat interpretation (way more "nocturnal", animalistic than Gilroy saw Lou Bloom.) This bodes well for Jake, because top directors want to know the raw goods they can draw out of an actor. An acting vehicle allows an actor to stand and fall more on his effort. It's harder when the director & director of photography (e.g. Villeneuve + Deakins) combine their masterful styles, to almost overwhelm an actor to a mere part of the composition.

(The Prisoners basement scene is sumptuous play of light and dark, I would've missed out all the details of Jake's nimble, tactile physicality moving within the confined space, giving a suspense of "discovering" that space - if not already a fan going into Prisoners.
The final drive to the ER has the reasonable cop break into a desperate compassion, emotional and urgent. But his bloodied mug is still a blotch on canvas for how Deakins bounces the traffic lights off the sleek and rain on on. The only Oscar nom comfortably given out? Deakins:D)

Southpaw, Demolition are almost one-man shows, compared to:

Sicario is a cartel thriller hinged on Emily Blunt's journey of her "moral choice". Benicio has the meatiest role, and also expert as an alumnus/Oscar winner for Traffic. Jake would've taken the Brolin role, playing government official (=limits of American institutions again, in Denis V's terms.)

Story of Your Life: Jeremy Renner plays Amy Adams' colleague, suitor, fathers her baby, that's all. The SONY emails say their romance is under-baked. The special connection is between Amy and the aliens, Amy and her baby (who she outlives.) Everyone else on the side making noise.

RE: Everest
Jason Clarke took over for Christian Bale. He and Brolin have wives (Knightly, Wright), so they have more subplots. Jake plays a lively, charismatic guy competing with Clarke's business. It's a semi-flashy, wild guy role.

So excited for Jake to watch some amazing movies at Cannes (or Coronation of Denis V? lol.) Maybe they can bring Nocturnal Animals to Cannes 2017?


UltraViolet said...

Of course both Jake and Denis are going to work with other people. I hope they work together again. I also hope Denis isn't the only one in demand.

I'll always love that hospital drive scene in Prisoners. Beautifully done.

Monica, keep a lookout on May 3.

Piruleta said...

Enemy, prisoners, jarhead and brokeback mountain… that's a cool marathon.

Re. Cannes: I've seen some comments doubting Jake's impartiality with Denis being there lol I hope we get a picture of them together. Now that I think about it, I prefer if Jake stays away from the Blade Runner sequel, the only excitement I've seen about this film it's because Denis will direct it, but the general feeling is that this sequel is unnecessary. If they work together it would be more interesting to see them on an original or at least less restrictive project.

I like the picture on that Southpaw poster, but I'm not sure about the composition, tho.

Monica said...

but the general feeling is that this sequel is unnecessary

Exactly. Many critics and people are fans of the original. If this goes wrong, they will come with knives against this movie, even if it's not so bad.

I've seen some comments doubting Jake's impartiality with Denis

People said the same about Aronofsky that is Malick fan, friend of Natalie Portman, but KOC didn't win any awards in Berlin.

UV, thank you, but this channel is from Portugal, I think.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

So much fantastic news, Congratulations Jake and Ruth on their Drama Desk nominations and Jake on his Cannes jury duty!

He is totally unrecognizable in that Southpaw poster, which is why I like it, he is 100% transformed.

I'm a fan of the Roger Corman Little Shop of Horrors, the musical not so much but it sounds like Jake will have fun playing Seymour for the few performances.

UltraViolet said...

Ah, sorry, Monica. I looked and thought it said it was a Brazilian outfit.

Funny stylist anecdote:

What was your favorite shoot that you’ve worked on or favorite look that you’ve created?
As much as I hate this’s hilarious. I assisted Jitka and one of her fellow stylists at Canoe Studios. I didn’t find out who we were working on until I got there…loe and behold it was Jake Gyllenhaal. I was tasked to prepare his face and I sneezed on his face. He laughed and said “It’s okay don’t worry about it”. I wanted to throw myself out the window.

Anonymous said...

'I was tasked to prepare his face and I sneezed on his face."

I wonder if that was the shoot during his Prisoners haircut, the stylists names seem familiar.

UltraViolet said...


Saw jake jillinghall today at work

Gyllenhaal. I fuckin love him

he looks so elfin good

The tweeter works in Beverly Hills, I think.

UltraViolet said...

Jake and Leo at the park:

i've been taking my dog to this dog park in the morning before work a few times a week. there's usually MAYBE like 5 people there at 7 AM when i go. the place is huge, though. it's like the length of a football field and maybe 1.5x the width of one. there's a cluster of stone picnic tables where i always post up and play with my dog if he doesn't seem interested in playing with any of the other dogs there.

so i'm sitting there playing fetch with my pup and i see this guy walk in with this giant german shepherd and he's got on a hat and sunglasses and has a super hott beard and i was like "wow that's a hott guy." so he walks over... to where i'm sitting... there's 3 other empty picnic tables and no one else in the area where i'm at, and he walks right over to me and puts his stuff down on the table next to where i'm sitting. he throws a ball for his dog and he chases after it and when he brings it back, the dog is squeaking the fuck out of the ball and i thought it was cute so i turned to him and was like "that's so funny how he squeaks the ball the whole way back. my dog does the same thing." and he looked right at me and was like "haha, yeah" and that's when i noticed it was him. his sunglasses weren't reflecty ones so i could see his face and i was like ohshit! on the inside.

so i felt awkward because of who he was and i walked away and played fetch with my dog some more, but then his dog started chasing after my dog and he kept calling after his dog (leo, who i have dreamt is named after leonardo dicaprio) to get him to stop and i was like "oh how old is he?" and he was like "11 months" but then he went and sat down at the table behind me and pulled out his phone but he left his stuff still next to me.

i didn't say anything else to him or let on that i ~recognized~ him because i want him to come back lol.

it was just funny though because when i woke up this morning i was like "maybe i should dress cute for the park today" because the past couple of times i've gone there have been cute guys (but they've all been married :((() so i put on some cute leggings and a cute hoodie and pulled my hair down instead of my usual literally-just-rolled-out-of-bed look. pretty cool, though! he's fucking gorgeous IRL.

And LOL for the tl;dr crowd:

lmao tl;dr we exchanged 4 "sentences" between us, his beard is woven by angels and his dog dgaf about listening to him

And wow - a positive review for Nailed.

BlueJean said...


I always love reading stories like that! :) Good for her, for staying "cool" after recognizing Jake.

And LOL at "jillinghall" :)

BlueJean said...

Did you see that someone replied: "can't wait for your wedding announcement." Excellent! :D

bobbyanna said...

LOL! What a cute story! Great find. I LOL at the fact that Leo doesn't listen to Jake. : )

Monica said...

Jim Vejvoda @StaxIGN · 49m 49 minutes ago
Everest looks gripping but don't think anyone recognized Jake Gyllenhaal in it. Also the Josh Brolin factor. Love him but doesn't sell tix

Jeff Sneider
EVEREST looks great. Amazing cast. Love those kinds of survival stories...

Brett Arnold @BrettRedacted
@TheInSneider it's a great script!

Josh Lincoln Dickey @NotoriousJLD · 47m 47 minutes ago
EVEREST: Finally, a climbing movie that's not a Sundance documentary. #CinemaCon

Peter Sciretta @slashfilm · 54m 54 minutes ago
Everest Trailer makes this adventure look very real and intense, doesn't feel like a stage production. #CinemaCon

Dave McNary @Variety_DMcNary · 58m 58 minutes ago
'We set out to make a film as authentic as possible' - Baltasar Kormakur on 'Everest' #CinemaCon

Steven Weintraub @colliderfrosty · 54m 55 minutes ago
EVEREST trailer looks huge and fantastic. Insane cast and based on a true story.

Alex Billington @firstshowing · 55m 55 minutes ago
Trailer for the film Everest was awesome. Big action, crazy footage of them climbing, yet intimate with emotions. I am so so down for this.

Jim Vejvoda @StaxIGN · 53m 53 minutes ago
Everest looks gripping but don't think anyone recognized Jake Gyllenhaal in it. Also the Josh Brolin factor. Love him but doesn't sell tix

Anonymous said...

Someone on awards watch saw a preview of demolition seem pretty good.

Piruleta said...

Thanks, more than one reaction in there. That McTeague guy really hates Jake LOL.

Here's another one from IMDb:

Just got back from seeing it. And I have to say, it's my favorite movie of the year. Both my girlfriend, and I walked out of the theater thoroughly pleased. Jake gave an excellent performance (as I have come to expect from him over the past few years.) Naomi Watts was great as well. She was no show stealer, but she gave a solid performance.

Judah Lewis however did steal the show. He gave a fantastic performance. His character was incredibly complex, and mature for someone his age, but nailed his role. This kid can act. Expect more from him in the future.

Now, for the person who said he heard mixed things about the script, I really didn't have any problems with it. My one complaint was that the movie was a little too heavy-handed with the metaphors. It could have been toned down just a tad. But, given that the script was self aware about all the metaphors, I'll let this minor complaint slide.

All in all, I really enjoyed Demolition, and I can't wait to see the final cut when it hits theaters.

8.5 at the very least.

And great Everest's reactions, can't wait to see that trailer!

Monica said...

His character was incredibly complex, and mature for someone his age, but nailed his role.

I really liked this character, so happy to hear that. Damn, he was opposite Jake, who played a similar character in the past. :D

Hagen said...

There's a new still from "Southpaw" on IHJ.

Anonymous said...

I like JAKE and I'm happy for:

"It's my favorite movie of the year. Both my girlfriend, and I walked out of the theater thoroughly pleased. Jake gave an excellent performance (as I have come to expect from him over the past few years)."

"Demolition is really good folks! The film surprised me as being more of a character study than I anticipated. The film had an abrupt ending and I'm not entirely sure how it'll do at the Oscars? The film gets quite emotional towards the end, so perhaps that's a plus for its Oscar chances? I liked it though, a lot actually. I think you all will too. Jake Gyllenhaal is FANTASTIC and could definitely score a nomination. Gyllenhaal likes to break shit and there is an entire scene of him destroying his home. He's crazy!! He's also very lovable, but also kind of a dick. The film has Gyllenhaal's character dealing with grief and conflicted feelings. Gyllenhaal really does have a good shot at his first Oscar nomination since Brokeback Mountain. "

"For the acting nominations:
Actor - Gyllenhaal (not sure this is an actually winning performance though, but with FS on his side I think we're looking at a nomination).

"I loved Demolition! Gyllenhaal was FIRE. It's called Demolition for a reason. Gyllenhaal likes breaking shit! Movie's better than Wild."

"But Jake and Naomi should be good bets for nominations.

"The reviews for this should be strong and I believe it has a lot of commercial appeal as well. Everyone in the focus group enjoyed it, rating it either very good or excellent."

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for compiling all those reactions. Very happy with both. I didn't expect to get that much about Demolition. People who attend these screenings often keep their reactions offline.

A little more on Everest. First from Hitfix:

"Everest" looks, um, epic
Slight hint to Warner Bros. You might want to move "Black Mass"* off Sept. 18. Right now, "Everest" has the goods for a record Sept. opening with an all-star cast hitting a rocky road on the world's tallest peak. In the footage shown the movie appears to center more on John Hawkes and Josh Brolin than Jake Gyllenhaal and Jason Isaac, but that they were in more of the money shots. Oh, and for all of you Keira Knightley fans out there, her role is mostly that of concerned wife/girlfriend on the phone.

*We think "Mass" could be exceptional, but "Everest" will steal their audience.

Fingers crossed. I saw the Black Mass trailer and thought Johnny Depp was laughable. Of course, he's getting raves for it.

LA Times:

Five Universal Pictures releases to get excited about

Yes, we've seen countless stories told about treks up Mt. Everest, but Baltasar Kormakur's take on Jon Krakauer's bestselling "Into Thin Air" somehow still looks like a breath of fresh air. Featuring a star-studded, beard-heavy cast -- Jake Gyllenhaal, Jason Clarke, Josh Brolin -- the movie centers on the 1996 disaster in which a blizzard killed climbers. Shot in Italy, Nepal and Iceland, the film's scenery looks authentically terrifying -- cold and white, dizzyingly high.

"I was the only director foolish enough to take this job on," Kormakur told movie theater owners, referring to the "grueling circumstances" in which he shot. At some points, he said, the production crew climbed so high that donkeys had to carry camera equipment. "I wanted to make a big-scale adventure film," he said. "But a drama with the heart of an indie."

Pete Hammond/Deadline:

so for September director Baltasar Kormakur showed some very exciting footage from Everest, the true story of a harrowing climb with Jake Gyllenhaal, Jason Clarke, Josh Brolin, Robin Wright and Sam Worthington among others. Looks good. Count me in.

And about Southpaw, from a Deadline story about social media tracking:

Recently when the trailer was dropped for Southpaw, the consumer needle moved significantly in a positive direction. Also hitting high on the consumer buzz index was May 15 glee club sequel Pitch Perfect 2. Among June 5 wide entries, Insidious Chapter 3 is outpacing Entourage and Spy in terms of social chatter (this was prior to the Paul Feig film making a big splash at CinemaCon). But again, PreAct gives you an early read on your campaign and whether you are stalled; it’s not a indicator that one film will outpeg the other at the box office.

UltraViolet said...

Ellen showed a clip of Jake from Monday where he's jumping rope and answering trivia questions, lol. Not sure what you call it, but he does that trick where you swing the jumprope from side to side.

Ellen seemed impressed.

Monica said...

he's jumping rope

I saw it on tumblr. I don't understand why the promo of this film started so early.

UltraViolet said...

Lots of tweets alerted me to TDAT on AMC. Always fun for a little rewatching.

Rough clip of jake jumping rope.

More good marks for Everest. From First Showing:

CinemaCon 2015 Recap - The Best Studio Footage We Saw This Year

Everest (Universal) - The story of a group of mountain climbers stranded in a devastating storm as they try to descend Mount Everest. They filmed this in the Dolomites, and you can actually tell as so much of it feels real. Some gorgeous shots of climbing, then some epic shots of the storm as it rolls in and decimates the climbers. It looks epic on a scale worthy of the mountain it's named after, and I'm hoping it all lives up to the footage. Quite a cast too: John Hawkes, Jason Clarke, Josh Brolin, Jake Gyllenhaal & Keira Knightley.


But there were originals too.

Top of the line is Baltasar Kormakur's true story action adventure "Everest" (Working Title), which boasts an all-star cast: Jake Gyllenhaal, Keira Knightley, Jason Clarke, Robin Wright, Josh Brolin, John Hawkes and Emily Watson. They shot in horrific below zero conditions at 12,000 feet where donkeys had to carry the equipment, Kormakur said, joking that as a native of Iceland he was probably the only director foolish enough to take on the job. He wanted to keep the mountain-scaling drama authentic and intimate, he said. (September 18)


Climb Every Mountain

Baltasar Kormakur, director of the action-disaster epic Everest (Sept. 18), turned up in Vegas to tout his star-heavy biopic (its cast includes Jason Clarke, Keira Knightley, Jake Gyllenhaal, Josh Brolin, Sam Worthington, and Robin Wright Penn) about a mountaineering expedition to crest the world’s tallest mountain that went horribly, fatally wrong. The footage of men being blasted off sheer mountain faces by avalanches, nearly tumbling into crevasses and being pelted by snow boulders was enough to prevent audience members from ever venturing far above sea level again.

“We wanted to make a big scary adventure film, a drama, with the intimacy of an indie,” Kormakur said.

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