Thursday, November 21, 2013

Questions and answers

Jake Gyllenhaal, Melissa Leo and writer Aaron Guzikowski attended a Prisoners screening, as part of the :A Times Envelope series. You can watch the Q&A here. The moderator, Steven Zeitchik, teases Jake about his hand injury. It's fun to watch the interplay among the participants.

Go to the bottom of the post for a clip on the movie's themes with a funny exchange between Melissa and Jake over their first collaboration on Homicide.

In more Prisoners awards promotion, Jake and Melissa will take part in a live chat on Gold Derby today:
Jake Gyllenhaal ("Prisoners") Thursday, Nov. 21, 9:50 a.m. PT / 12:50 p.m. ET
Melissa Leo ("Prisoners") Thursday, Nov. 21, 12:00 p.m. PT / 3:00 p.m. ET

I found a new/old Youtube video from the Prisoners Toronto premiere, with some funny post-movie stage talk:

Variety's annual SAG preview features actors discussing awards-worthy performances. Here's Richard Jenkins on Jake in Prisoners:

Richard Jenkins on Jake Gyllenhaal as Detective Loki in “Prisoners” Jake Gyllenhaal in “Prisoners” was simply a cop doing his job, and it was a beautiful thing to watch. I didn't know anything about his character, where he was from, if he was married, had any kids, what the tattoo on his neck meant or why he buttoned the top button of his shirt. Nothing. And he wasn't interested in telling me. He was too busy being a cop. But by the movie's end, I knew him. Totally. Completely. And he was never interested in helping me, as an audience member, understand him, or like him, or sympathize with him. He was only interested in doing his job. It's always thrilling to watch a living, breathing human being on the screen. That's Jake. He takes you with him on this journey. Doesn't ask you to come along, doesn't even know you're there, because he's too busy being a cop doing his job. It's the case of a lifetime for this guy and he's working it alone. No other cops to talk about it with. It's internalized, lived, and I could watch all day. Simply a great performance.

The Melissa/Jake exchange:


Monica said...

This video doesn't work for me. I click on play and nothing happens.

bobbyanna said...

He looks good, almost back to his normal weight. Not loving that hair. Melissa likes to tease him.

Anonymous said...

"He looks good, almost back to his normal weight. Not loving that hair."

Scott Fisher had long blond hair so maybe the hair will be kept longer and hopefully lighten, now that's a safer form of method acting.

Scott was also 41 when he died.

bobbyanna said...

Jake has played a lot of "real" people, like Homer Hickam, Anthony Swofford, Robert Graysmith, and a character based on Jamie Reidy, and I thought he did a great job of interpreting those characters.

I know Scott Fisher had a blonde ponytail. I guess if he needs to grow a pony tail to "be" Scott Fischer, I understand it, but I personally don't need to see him do that, to believe in the character, and the story he's telling.

I mean, we know he's not Scott Fischer, so in some cases he maybe come across to a lot of people as Jake with a ponytail. It can be distracting.

I just happen not to like him with this longer hair. it's a matter of my own personal taste and my own opinion. I didn't care for it in PoP either.

Anonymous said...

It was not a criticism of your statement just an observation.

And for the record I disagree with in your observation about Jake's portrayal of real people.

Swofford, the Marine haircut was an important part of Jake's character not to mention the muscles.

Reidy, Jake has a pretty boy hair cut (not an insult) and wore suits (when he had clothes on) because they were important in portraying the ladies man pharm slick salesman. And we all know how damn hot he looked in that role.

I think Jake will follow his instincts with the Scott Fisher role whatever it may be now that he trusts himself more and if the director allows it as he stated in the video UV just posted.

It does seem to make a difference with some actors as also indicated by Melissa Leo that they immerse themselves in the character including changing their look.

The hairstyle in POP should have been a ponytail in my opinion because of Jake's facial structure.

Monica said...

I see him going blonde and having a ponytail. Oh, he can still put an earring.

I hope he will do it.

UltraViolet said...

Against all odds, I liked the Pop hair. I wish Jake had felt more comfortable with it offscreen. He was always wearing the freaking hat.

Not sure how he'll look as a blond, but I'm willing to see. Can't be worse than the Lou look for Nightcrawler!

I added a clip of JAke and Melissa from the screening. Someone who watches that and the longer, half hour video from the screening let me know if the Homicide exchange was in the longer clip. I don't remember it, but it was late when I was watching!

UltraViolet said...

Melissa, did you get the video to work?

bobbyanna said...

Look, Anon, my comment was very clearly stated. Of course Jake goes for authenticity in his characters. That's distinctly different from what I'm talking about.

He took on a certain physicality to play a marine, not to look like Swofford, and another to play a promiscuous Viagra salesman, not to look like a fictionalized version of Jamie Reidy.

I certainly understood what he was doing with all of them. That's not the point I was making.

Let me repeat my point:
"I guess if he needs to grow a pony tail to "be" Scott Fisher, I understand it, but I personally don't need to see him do that, to believe in the character, and the story he's telling.

I mean, we know he's not Scott Fischer, so in some cases he maybe come across to a lot of people as Jake with a ponytail. It can be distracting. "

You needn't state the obvious for my benefit. Of course most actors try to alter their physical appearance in some way, as Melissa Leo pointed out, to get into character.

"for the record"?...I'm not soliciting unanimous agreement. As I said, I'm merely stating my own personal opinion.

Monica you want the whole show, blonde with an earring, too! LOL!
I'd definitely need a lot of time to get used to that. Maybe a sort of Hemsworth effect: )

bobbyanna said...

UV, that Lou guy in Nightcrawler is not going to be any Jake I ever saw! LOL! The thing that irked me about PoP, was the different lengths of Jake's hair in different scenes. I liked the shorter, more ragged cut better than the very long, "Fabio" style. LOL!

Anonymous said...

The Goldderby live chat he just did was kinda short and ended abruptly. Felt like it stopped when Jake got into the groove. Goldderby's joke “if you never win an Oscar you could always buy one” felt patronizing. I understand Jake’s chances of winning THIS year are nul but he’s only 32, very talented and chooses strong projects so his winning chances for NEXT years or decades are big. Even this year there's a small chance for nominations. Goldderby’s attitude towards Jake felt patronizing to me, more so considering Jake proved to know many things about adaptations, remakes, films in general. Swear to God sometimes I wish Jake wouldn’t be so modest and polite. Sorry, I had to get this off my chest. Now off to watch the Q&A clips.

Links: and

Caps are for emphasis, by no means for yelling.

Jake's fan

UltraViolet said...

Interesting explanation/non-explanation of the mirror incident:

If you've been following the entertainment news lately, you may have overheard a little diddy about Jake Gyllenhaal punching a mirror. While filming Dan Gilroy's Nightcrawler, Gyllenhaal became so wound up in a scene that he punched a mirror hard enough to require an emergency hospital visit and a few stitches. When we caught up with the actor earlier today to talk about his heroically damaged performance as Detective Loki in Prisoners, we had to ask about the mirror and his hand, which is still bandaged up.

"We were working a scene and it was an intense scene, and I just went for it," he told us. "It's going to be in the movie, too, which is pretty awesome. The feeling that you left it all out on the field, ya know? That you even put a little of your own blood into a project."

In the film Gyllenhaal plays a young man caught up in the seedy, underground world of freelance crime journalism, and while his mirror-punching exploits will indeed make it into the film, he added that you may not see his character punch the mirror in the shot, but you will see it shatter.

"It's so hard to explain this character," Gyllenhaal said. "He's all over the map in this way that is so fun to play. We were experimenting a lot because it's such a brilliant screenplay -- probably one of the best I've ever read. Dan Gilroy wrote it, and [the character] is sort of a modern version of a real entrepreneur. This sort of personification of this idea that success is the ultimate goal regardless of anything. He's charming, and at the same time calculating. Why he is all these things is definitely underneath that [mirror-punching] moment in a way, but he's just so complex. It was real fun to play as an actor."

UltraViolet said...

Didn't get a chance to watch the Gold Derby chat. It's disappointing if they were dismissive. WIll check it out in a bit. Thanks for the links, anon.

Monica said...

Jake Gyllenhaal Explains What His Recent Mirror-Punching Accident Was Really About

Thelma Adams ‏@thelmadams 43m
1h: Anticipating chatting w/ @MelissaLeo + Jake Gyllenhaal + #Prisoners dir. Denis Villeneuve on Monday Q&A. Any ?s for me 2 ask? @dported

Monica said...

ErikDavis ‏@ErikDavis 3h
Great chat with Jake Gyllenhaal today. We spent a lot of time talking about our unconventional Bar Mitzvah parties. BUBBLE BOY also came up

ErikDavis ‏@ErikDavis 2h
Also got the whole mirror punching story from Gyllenhaal. His hand is still all bandaged up. He's real proud of it actually

david ehrlich ‏@davidehrlich 2h
@ErikDavis you ask him about that time we saw him almost murder a dude in the paramount bathroom?

ErikDavis ‏@ErikDavis 2h
@davidehrlich no. I went back and forth on it for days, but ultimately decided to leave it out.

Anonymous said...

For Monica: Goldderby was more like passive-dismissive. Joked a lot. Maybe he doesn't truly believe in Jake's performance in Prisoners or his chances but doesn't say it. Maybe he believes more in Hugh, who knows? Jake started the chat by making a connection: he observed the Oscar and Emmy in the reporter's room. "I buyed them" joke ensued and the reporter took it further. Would he say "If you never win one, you can buy it" to Leo DiCaprio?..... He made a similar joke at the end. Too bad because before it, the interview got interesting with talks about Brokeback Mountain. Could've been good.

The back and forth between Jake and Melissa on the other hand was brilliant and funny.

The mirror incident, looks like exactly what happened. The media chasing for a better story made it look like anger or rage or other ridiculous thing.
Btw, the twitter discussion of SXSW incident with the fan who harassed Jake in the bathroom goes like this:

ErikDavis ‏@ErikDavis
Also got the whole mirror punching story from Gyllenhaal. His hand is still all bandaged up. He's real proud of it actually

david ehrlich ‏@davidehrlich
@ErikDavis you ask him about that time we saw him almost murder a dude in the paramount bathroom?

Mike Sampson ‏@mjsamps
@davidehrlich @erikdavis I've talked to him about it. He appreciated we made him look like such a badass.

Matt Singer ‏@mattsinger
@mjsamps @davidehrlich @ErikDavis I somehow missed this story.

John Gholson ‏@gholson
@mattsinger @mjsamps @davidehrlich @erikdavis It went a lil sumpin like this...

Matt Singer ‏@mattsinger
@gholson @mjsamps @davidehrlich @ErikDavis You dudes witnessed it first hand?

Mike Sampson ‏@mjsamps
@mattsinger @gholson @davidehrlich @erikdavis It happened literally right in front of me. ‏@joblocom Guy just tried to take Jake Gyllenhaal's picture while he was taking a leak. Cops came. Brouhaha ensued.

Mike Sampson ‏@mjsamps
@mattsinger @gholson @davidehrlich @erikdavis I wound up feeling really bad, because it brought SXSW a lot of bad press.

Matt Singer ‏@mattsinger
@mjsamps @gholson @davidehrlich @ErikDavis Would you say the whole thing was kind of dickish?

ErikDavis ‏@ErikDavis
@mjsamps @mattsinger @gholson @davidehrlich great now I feel bad all over again. This is why I didn't bring it up.

Mike Sampson ‏@mjsamps
@mattsinger @gholson @davidehrlich @erikdavis That guy just shouldn't have been acting so cocky.

Talk about Jake's "dickish" fans, what he has to put up with unfortunately.......

Anonymous said...

Sorry again, my first answer was for Ultraviolet.

Jake's fan

Anonymous said...

TaraKlein411 ‏@TaraKlein411 1m
Intense night watching #Prisoners @jbfc_ny ... Rewarded by great convo with #jakegyllenhaal in #pleasantville

Sag Actor said...

Thanks for the Q&A video. I wish it was a bit longer too but interesting.

Over on Awards Daily there is talk of Jake being talked up for BA for the SAG awarda. Surprising, I thing he has a better shot at BSA.

Anonymous said...

Es istschön zu sehen das es Jake ganz
gut geht.Es hätte auch schlimmer sein können.So hat er doch großes Glück gehabt.Ich wünsche alles Gute

Mary said...

Guess Jake is back in NYC Stephanie has posted sone pics of him leaving a hotel.

Anonymous said...

Looking fabulous:

Ignore Daily Mail dumb description "slightly gaunt, emaciated new look", and enjoy Jake's NY photos. He rocks the new hairdo and looks fan-tas-tic. Not gaunt or emaciated at all. Back to his normal self in what 3 weeks?
Explanation for the elegant look and fancy shoes: new Prisoners meetings with the press:

Thelma Adams ‏@thelmadams 13h
Write Philomena review. lunch with #prisoners folk @MelissaLeo + Jake Gyllenhaal + Denise Villeneuve. Questions besides pass the salt?

Wilson Morales ‏@blackfilm 7h
Having lunch with Prisoners director, screenwriter, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Melissa Leo.

mose persico ‏@MPersicoCTV 5h
Me & @jakegyllenhaal at a special luncheon for his movie #prisoners! A true gentlemen!

mose persico ‏@MPersicoCTV 4h
@jakegyllenhaal thanks for an amazing chat! Enjoy Awards Season! You deserve it! Warm wishes, Mose

Jake's fan

Anonymous said...

Gee ‏@GabeTheShogun 3h
Perhaps I shouldn't have followed one of Jake Gyllenhaal's answers during this q+a with, "You truly are... a prince of Persia."

Mary said...

Jake does look good I think he trimmed his hair maybe.

Wonder why Hugh not doing any of these prisioners screening and Q and A's?

Anonymous said...

"Wonder why Hugh not doing any of these prisioners screening and Q and A's?"

Hugh had a cancer scare recently, that may or may not be one of the reasons.

UltraViolet said...

PRISONERS Screening with Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal Q/A. So. Excited. — with Gina Negron at Time Warner - Screening Room.

Anonymous said...

8:19 PM - 22 Nov 13
James Janowsky ‏@jamesjanowsky 15m
SAG screening of PRISONERS with Q&A: dir Denis Villenueve, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Melissa Leo. Great film! @wbpictures

5:57 PM - 22 Nov 13
Star Watch TV Show @starwatchtvshow 3h
Great fun in the Big Apple today as Jake Gyllenhaal and I compare injuries at the "Prisoners" Oscar push luncheon...

Anonymous said...

Jetzt ist Jake ja wieder in NY.Ich bin gespannt,ob man Ihn auch mit
Alyssa sieht.Ich habe das Gefühl,das nicht alles OK ist.Lassen wir uns mal überraschen.

Chica said...

Yeah Jake is back in NY and looking so much better: ) I was wondering why Hugh was MIA with the Prisoners awards push. Had no idea, I wish him well.
The Derby chatvwas frustrating to listen to, it felt rushed but I'm glad Jake was there!

Monica said...

Lauren Susan ‏@LaurenSusan84 7h
Just saw the movie #Prisoners followed by a Q&A with #MelissaLeo & #jakegyllenhaal such great actors #sagawards #SAG

mose persico ‏@MPersicoCTV 18h
Me & @jakegyllenhaal at a special luncheon for his movie #prisoners! A true gentlemen!

UltraViolet said...

I didn't think the Gold Derby guy was dismissive. No, he probably wouldn't make that joke to Leonardo diCaprio, mostly because everyone thinks that Leo is desperate for an Oscar.

It's often frustrating that Jake doesn't just answer questions directly. I don't know why he can't say, "Yes, I think there was homophobia involved in the Crash win." Or no, if he doesn't think there was.

But I almost always enjoy these interviews, even when he lapses into babble.

We'll get to read another one (with video, too, I hope):

ErikDavis ‏@ErikDavis (
Spending Saturday morning tucked inside a car outside a school transcribing my Jake Gyllenhaal interview while my kid takes an art class.

Jake Gyllenhaal is the type of guy you want to talk to for hours. He's incredibly introspective, and I love the way he breaks down character

@ThePlaylist 5h
@ErikDavis And doing some of the best work of his career lately. Did u see Enemy at TIFF? A 2014 treat for those that missed it.

@ThePlaylist I missed it, but he's very proud of it. He talks about it a lot as it being the foundation for his performance in Prisoners

@ErikDavis Yeah, he unlocked something in that one that's going to be looked back on as the turning point in his career.

@ThePlaylist we talk about that, & I think it all comes down to him finding a director who allowed him to explore in a way he hadn't before

@ErikDavis yep. talked to them together in sept. was a great convo; a great palpable affection for each other.

Hoping for some different stuff in that one.

bobbyanna said...

" He's incredibly introspective..."

LOL! No kidding : )

I think he's going a lot deeper than I can ever recall him doing. I sometimes miss the guy who promoted Source Code and EoW, but this has been a very interesting period, too, in its own way. I have to remember that he is focused on his SAG audience so it's more like talking "shop."

Anonymous said...

Habe Jakes neue bilder gesehen.Er sieht ja wieder Klasse aus.Er hat wohl wieder einiges zugenommen.Das ist gut so.Ich hoffe das seine Hand
auch bald wieder in Ordnung ist.Alles Gute Jake....

Anonymous said...

The hair has not been trimmed based on pics from IHJ of Jake returning to his hotel from the luncheon.

I would love to see it without all the gel. I know he probably does it because he has really thick hair and its difficult to tame thick hair unless its short or has lots of product.

A ponytail would be hot on Jake with that unbelievable masculine jaw line.

Monica said...

Erik Luers ‏@ErikLuers 16m
Jake Gyllenhaal, Melissa Leo and director Denis Villeneuve in person tonight @MovingImageNYC for PRISONERS (7PM): …

Anonymous said...

Bethany Larson ‏@bethanyelarson 36m
I am in the same room as Jake Gyllenhaal. That is all.

Gabriel Shore ‏@ImAShoreThing 23m
Post-screening Q&A with Oscar winner Melissa Leo and nominee Jake GYLLENHAAL (@ Museum of the Moving Image) [pic]:
Reply Retweet Favorite More View details

Monica said...

Tahiat Mahboob ‏@tahiatmahboob 7m
Melissa Leo & Jake Gyllenhaal discussing Prisoners. @ Museum of the Moving Image
Reply Retweet Favorite More from Queens, NY

Thelma Adams ‏@thelmadams 3m
Tomorrow mammoth movie catchup day: @WalterMitty + #Her + #Enemy with Jake Gyllenhaal and then a #Prisoners Q&A with @MelissaLeo and Jake

wow she's going to see Enemy!

Anonymous said...

Matt ‏@_mattarena 26s
Prisoners screening/Q&A at MoMI tonight was pretty cool. Full disclosure, I got a little weak in the knees seeing Jake Gyllenhaal in person.

ɐɹɹɐɯ pɐɥɔ ‏@chadmarra 20m
Q&A following Prisoners screening at Museum of the Moving Image with actors Jake Gyllenhaal, Melissa…

Monica said...

dean majd ‏@deanmajd 7m
Prisoners intense but powerful. Jake Gyllenhaal and Melissa Leo were gracious and cool, hard to believe they were the same people on screen

Angela DeGregorio ‏@angdegs 13m
#Prisoners screening + Q & A with Jake Gyllenhaal (amongst others)! @ Museum of the Moving Image

Anonymous said...

Es stimmt seine Haare sehen nicht so
gut aus.Aber vielleicht gehört das zur Filmrolle.Mir gefallen kurze Haare und ein zweitage Bart gut.Oder natürlich glatt rasiert.

Anonymous said...

At MoMA, Innovative films made in the past 12 months. The Contenders 2013. Monday, November 25, 6:45 p.m. Denis Villeneuve’s Prisoners is followed by a discussion with Villeneuve, Jake Gyllenhaal, Melissa Leo, and screenwriter Aaron Guzikowski.

+ interesting reading about Prisoners Oscar luncheon. From the introduction, seems there’s more to Hugh’s absence from any Q&A or press meeting than the surgical procedure. BOSTON HERALD says Hugh made a visible tv appearance same Friday but decided to be a no show at the luncheon. Jake and Melissa are complimented.
+ mirror incident explained: it shattered and sliced his PALM, no "angry punching" methinks.

After appearing on the TODAY show Friday morning Hugh Jackson must have decided he’d said enough about having a melanoma removed from his nose while sporting a prominent bandage on his prominent probiscus, so he was a no-show at Warner Bros.’ PRISONERS lunch at Manhattan’s midtown Quality Italian restaurant.
Happily Jake Gyllenhaal, his hand still bandaged with a flesh colored wrap, was there along with Melissa Leo who was so glamorous and stylish-looking you would never in a million billion years recognize her as the dowdy harridan she so effectively brings to life in PRISONERS, a dark dual kidnapping drama that was one of the bright lights of the fall film season and is now receiving the veritable Oscar push.
Gyllenhaal, who turns 33 in December, explained that he was filming Dan Gilroy’s LA thriller NIGHTCRAWLER when a scene require he intentionally smack a mirror – which shattered and sliced his palm. Yes! that take is expected to be in the final film, “But there’s no blood,” he said cheerfully enough.
As for his Supporting Actor Oscar push, anyone who has seen PRISONERS might think he was the lead or, literally, co-star with Jackman. They both are equally prominent on the poster, they both have star billing and it’s Jake’s detective who frantically is speeding thru the film’s final act as he desperately drives to a hospital and nearly solves the case while Jackman remains immobile, imprisoned and off camera. “I don’t know how this works,” Gyllenhaal said, pointing out that, “Hugh was the one who got the movie financed and made and he’s the focus of the story.” AND if Christopher Waltz could win a second Oscar last year in the supporting category with a sizable role that matched Jamie Foxx, why can’t Jake do the same!
However, Oscar methinks needs to institute some kind of criteria about what exactly constitutes a supporting performance. Judi Dench won hers with, what? seven minutes of screentime. Beatrice Straight with one telephone scene.

Jake's fan

Hagen said...

Vulture Magazine on "Nightcrawler": His character, previously described as an underground crime journalist, is someone who "films accidents and crime scenes for the local news." "I wouldn't really call him a journalist," Gyllenhaal said. "I would actually consider him a cinematographer. He's a total observer, and a visual artist."

And Jake doesn't have a clue what's happening with "Nailed".

Hagen said...

"Enemy" will compete for the Valle d’Aosta Black Lion Award at the Courmayeur Noir in Festival which will take place from December 10th to 15th.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm American Hustle apparently is making quite the splash, raves for everyone involved it appears.

I am so afraid this film will make everyone forget Prisoners and Gravity.

Anonymous said...

There's room for many movies in nominations. Every award has 5/6 nods for each category, 10 for best picture. Nobody expects Prisoners to actually win something, hopes are for nominations.
For awards American Hustle will face plenty opponents: 12 Years a Slave, Captain Phillips, Osage County, Counselor, Dallas Buyers, All Is Lost, The Butler, Gravity.

Anonymous said...

"Nobody expects Prisoners to actually win something, "

Yeah you're probably right like nobody expected Crash to win anything either.

Anonymous said...

The categories are very competitive this year, but I hope Jake and Melissa Leo get nominated, and Denis and the cinematographer do too.

Monica said...

2 hours ago
David Rooney with #Prisoners Jake Gyllenhaal, Melissa Leo, screenwriter Aaron Guzikowski & Denis Villeneuve. #contenders2013

MoMA Film ‏@MoMAFilm 1h
ML: "That weighed heavily on me. The premise of taking children from their family. Denis expressed responsibility." #Contenders2013

MoMA Film ‏@MoMAFilm 1h
Q: A lot of darkness in the film, did that make it difficult? A: I wanted to create a space for actor to concentrate. - Denis Villeneuve

MoMA Film ‏@MoMAFilm 1h
ML: "We were blessed to be working on that set with one another. We are a funny little family even after all this time." #prisoners

MoMA Film ‏@MoMAFilm 1h
DV: When I shoot I'm designing a shot that has never made before- truth, authenticity- meaning from life, nature. #Prisoners #Contenders2013

MA Film ‏@MoMAFilm 1h
JG: "This movie would not have been made without @RealHughJackman. Working with him even when we were fighting was wonderful." #Prisoners

MoMA Film ‏@MoMAFilm 1h
"That's what a movie star should be. A pure gentleman." - Jake Gyllenhaal on @RealHughJackman

Anonymous said...

Directors on Their Teams: Denis Villeneuve Talks ‘Prisoners’

Jake Gyllenhaal is also a very creative actor. In the screenplay, all the characters are well defined, but the cop was a little bit of a device. I needed someone with sensitivity and intelligence to bring the character to life, to create a real human being. I needed Jake’s skills.

Monica said...

Thelma Adams ‏@thelmadams 9m
Love seeing @MelissaLeo getting her props + included and teased. She and Jake Gyllenhaal make for a lively panel even at 1015 pm. #troupers

Thelma Adams ‏@thelmadams 5m
Saw Jake gyllenhaal ' other movie tonight #Enemy reminded me of 70's psychological horror nod to cronenberg but not a genuflection. Spider!

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for all the tweets and links, everyone, especially Monica, Hagen and Jake's Fan.

I like that Herald writer; he always posts a report on these things, as opposed to everyone else who just goes and perhaps makes a tweet or posts a photo.

Has anyone noticed that Jake can't stop himself from saying "An Enemy." :)

New post.