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Prisoners was shown at the Telluride Film Festival last night. Stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman were not in attendance, but director Denis Villeneuve was there to premiere his first Hollywood movie to a stunned audience:

The thriller, which breaks the rules of genre by focusing on character and the degrading effects of violence on people's souls, played well. Even viewers who could not stand its violence agreed afterwards that it was a stunning, overpowering film.

From Deadline:

The applause was strong and early critical praise is over the moon. Pundits will have to add this Alcon production being released by Warner Bros on September 20th to the list of strong Oscar contenders this year. That is , if audiences and academy members can handle the intensity of this superbly directed and produced film that features career best performances , for sure, from Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman (okay, I liked Les Miz too a lot) plus a brilliant supporting cast including Melissa Leo going for another supporting win, Terence Howard, the great Viola Davis, Maria Bello and Paul Dano who goes through the ringer for his art. You can easily compare this gem to critically acclaimed pictures like Zodiac, Seven, Mystic River and any number of films in the genre.

Look, it’s not an easy sit but as Telluride’s Julie Huntsinger had planned to say in opening remarks before she was called away, "I’m sorry, and you’re welcome..."

At the films’ Telluride after-party Friday night Villeneuve also talked about Enemy, the intimate drama he made before Prisoners with Gyllenhaal in the lead. Like Prisoners it will be playing next week in Toronto. Unlike Prisoners it is looking for a domestic distributor. Also at the party Alcon’s Andrew Kosove, his wife and fellow producers Kira Davis, Broderick Johnson and Adam Kolbrenner were truly euphoric about the initial Telluride and critical reaction to the movie. Villeneuve was glued to his iPhone awaiting new reviews. Such is the life of a filmmaker with a movie just about ready to go out in the world.

The producers must have been happy, as the reviews so far have been stellar. From Variety:

The wages of sin, guilt, vengeance and redemption weigh heavy on the characters of “Prisoners,” a spellbinding, sensationally effective thriller with a complex moral center that marks a grand-slam English-lingo debut for the gifted Quebecois director Denis Villeneuve. Powered by an unusually rich, twisty script by Aaron Guzikowski (“Contraband”) and career-best performances from Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal, this tale of two Pennsylvania families searching for their kidnapped daughters sustains an almost unbearable tension for two-and-a-half hours of screen time, satisfying as both a high-end genre exercise and a searing adult drama of the sort Hollywood almost never makes anymore.

The Hollywood Reporter:

Jackman gives what may be the most intense and satisfying performance of his career. As the film progresses, we learn that Keller is a far more complex and tormented character than his first appearance as macho hunter suggested. A recovering alcoholic and less than perfect husband, he seems to be acting out these vigilante fantasies as a way of compensating for a deep-seated sense of inadequacy. Jackman illuminates the character’s conflicted nature without ever begging for sympathy. Gyllenhaal is also playing a troubled character, a suspicious loner who nonetheless has a strong desire to help people in need, and he wins our sympathy for this dogged detective without in any way idealizing the character. Howard and Davis are excellent, as always, though one flaw of the film is that they have too little to do in the second half of the story.

As the plot twists multiply and tension mounts, the film reaches a climax that is satisfying without being predictable. Special praise should go to the sound engineer for a shrewd touch in the very last scene that brings the story to an absolutely perfect conclusion. Prisoners can at times be a hard film to watch, but thanks to all the talent involved, it’s even harder to shake off.

More from Deadline:

I don’t think there’s a single laugh in the film , no relief. You are simply wrung out by the end. The title is appropriate. All the characters are prisoners in their own right. This is a major achievement, one I can see landing several significant Oscar nominations. The journey is just beginning for the film. Villeneuve gives much credit to the casting and his key stars. “If you cast someone like Jake Gyllenhaal you know he will invade the part totally and create something. My background is documentary. I am used to listening to life. The more I am doing fiction movies, the more I love actors and want to give them freedom there is nothing more exciting than to let chaos happen in front of the camera,” he said while adding he was also more impressed everyday with Jackman as well as Gyllenhaal. He said Jackman is an actor without ego.

From Indiewire:

Director Denis Villeneuve and actor Jake Gyllenhaal are on the precipice of having a tremendous fall film festival season. Arriving in just a few short day is their first collaboration, “Enemy,” a terrific psychological doppelganger thriller that will premiere next week in Toronto.

And on "Prionsers": While Jackman is more than genuine as the father driven to the ends of his frayed tether to find his daughter -- and a few particular scenes with his son are heartbreakingly emotional -- it’s Gyllenhaal as the in-his-world, indefatigable detective that takes over as the heart of movie in the end with an impassioned but controlled tenacity that never asks to be applauded as heroic.

As the Variety reviewer tweeted: Wow!


UltraViolet said...

Okay, I think these photos are too big! I'll try to downsize.

Before we get lost in Prisoners euphoria, Mermon engaged the tweeter who saw Enemy and called it surreal:

I meant sharing your impression from a movie. Did you like it?

Not that much. I loved seeing Toronto (my home) on film, & Jake was great, but overall it lacked depth. Glad I saw it though.

Too bad, I read a book film is based on.Liked it v.much. I still hope I'll like it. two Jakes in one movie is great for me

haha, yeah. I think 2 Jakes is great for anyone!

It will be interesting to see the different reactions to the two movies. I can imagine it will be a little surreal for Jake and DV.

Sag Actor said...

The reviews for Prisoners are trough the roof, thanks so much UV for gathering all together. I can't wait !

bobbyanna said...

LOL! How can any photo of Jake be "too big!" "Stunning" is a good title for this post! : )

One thing was certainly confirmed as I read thru the interviews/articles, and that's the fact that Enemy still doesn't have a domestic distributor. : ( So UV, Hagen, Monica, and all our other posters were right on the money about that.

I think the festival exposure and the incredible, positive reactions to Prisoners will help attract attention for Denis & Jake. Lots of business gets done at TIFF.

UV, "12 Years a Slave" premieres on Friday Sept. 6th @ 6 PM. Prisoners Premieres @ 9 PM.

Hagen said...

I didn't expect the reviews of "Prisoners" to be that enthusiastic. (Like Pete Hammond put it: For weeks some I spoke to thought on the basis of the trailer and more mainstream elements of the film that it was probably an unworthy commercial film that somehow snuck into the more tony environ of Telluride. Uh, no. This is a first class motion picture experience unlike any other that I, for one, have experienced in a long time.) Absolutely fantastic news. On the other hand Jake's statement on "Enemy" doesn't sound reassuring (I don't know, if I would even call it a film.) That's a bit too cryptic for my taste. I'm starting to anticipate "Prisoners" even more than "Enemy" which is quite convenient, since we can watch "Prisoners" in a few weeks. :-)

Hagen said...

I might be a bit fickle, but my anticipation for "Enemy" has just risen again. LOL

Indiewire: Director Denis Villeneuve and actor Jake Gyllenhaal are on the precipice of having a tremendous fall film festival season. Arriving in just a few short day is their first collaboration, “Enemy,” a terrific psychological doppelganger thriller that will premiere next week in Toronto.

And on "Prionsers": While Jackman is more than genuine as the father driven to the ends of his frayed tether to find his daughter -- and a few particular scenes with his son are heartbreakingly emotional -- it’s Gyllenhaal as the in-his-world, indefatigable detective that takes over as the heart of movie in the end with an impassioned but controlled tenacity that never asks to be applauded as heroic.

Mary said...

Thanks UV love all the great reviews really can't wait now to see the movie.

Monica said...

Scott Feinberg ‏@ScottFeinberg 3m
Seated in Telluride for the 2nd screening of PRISONERS. A guy near me said he was told that the movie is so scary he should wear a diaper.

FP said...

I did not believe, the day would come when I would read Indiewire rave on Jake,oh boys, is like Christmas, but without the annoying cousins ​​that you see only on these occasions lol :)

Translator said...

So many things to say about so many topics - but I need to sort them out. For now, a big thank you to the translator of the German GQ piece. Great job! For Elle Men China we'll just look at the very nice picture.

Since the main topic is "Prisoners" impact on the critics, here's the newest: IndieWire's review It's great - and the highlight is Jake!

It starts with:
"Director Denis Villeneuve and actor Jake Gyllenhaal are on the precipice of having a tremendous fall film festival season. Arriving in just a few short day is their first collaboration, “Enemy,” a terrific psychological doppelganger thriller that will premiere next week in Toronto. But first up, the pair (along with co-lead Hugh Jackman) unleashed their first collaboration, “Prisoners,” on Telluride last night as one of the “surprise” screenings of the festival. And if this dark, intense and engrossing drama is any indication of what’s to come, it bodes very well for future collaborations."

And continues: "Far from the feel-good movie of the year, “Prisoners” is dark, disturbing, white-knuckle stuff with an unnerving shade of dread blanketed over almost every frame."

"Like “Incendies” before it, “Prisoners” is emotionally draining as the family, the detectives and everyone involved is put through the ringer, but it’s an all-consuming ride that’s ultimately compelling, if not slightly exhausting. While Jackman is more than genuine as the father driven to the ends of his frayed tether to find his daughter -- and a few particular scenes with his son are heartbreakingly emotional -- it’s Gyllenhaal as the in-his-world, indefatigable detective that takes over as the heart of movie in the end with an impassioned but controlled tenacity that never asks to be applauded as heroic."

I'm doing the Numfar dance of joy now! (Angel/Whedon reference)

Twitter said...

And on the last weekend of summer, it finally happened. JAKE GYLLENHAAL WAS IN MY @SOULCYCLE CLASS 😍😍😍

Translator said...

I'm sorry my IndieWire post is an unfortunate repeat of a previous post by Hagen. If it's against the blog's rules, feel free to delete my comment UltraViolet.

Tweety said...

Im over the moon with these reviews! This is so awesome. It would have been great if Jake and Hugh would have been able to attend Telluride but the response to Prisoners sort of makes up for it.

FP said...

A.J. ‏@keybearer 1m

I haven’t seen a movie that amazing in too long! #Prisoners #TFF40 😶

Monica said...

gregoryellwood @HitFixGregory
Great performances by Gyllenhaal and Jackman, but really don't think Prisoners is an awards movie. Very good thriller though. #telluride

UltraViolet said...

Oh, Translator, please don't worry! It's never a crime to repeat words like that :) Very, very happy to read that from IndieWire.

And Hagen, that also made me feel a little better about Enemy's prospects.

Not too many tweets about Prisoners today, but here are a few:

I saw an advanced screening of #Prisoners last night! It was really good. Very dark and fantastic performances all around. #Telluride
Also Jake Gyllanhaal looked really, really ridiculously good looking. #GURL #Prisoners #Telluride

PRISONERS is simply phenomenal. Only way it could be better is if Jackman's character was Wolverine. #tff40

PRISONERS-Impeccably crafted + stacked with shattering performances. Insanely clever whodunit no match for compelling character drama #tff40

PRISONERS-Fincheresque thriller-earns its heart-stopping intensity/makes u overlook characters' occasional senseless actions to further plot/
HUGE shout out to Roger Deakins' gorgeous photography. /
By the way, if we MUST compare PRISONERS to a specific Fincher (only if we must), it ain't SE7EN. It's ZODIAC.
how's Viola?/This movie belongs to three people mostly. I won't tell you who they are in order to not spoil it. Viola isn't one of them.

This guy also got a shot that makes me really wish Jake had gone:

In #Telluride, you run into the likes of Brad Pitt and Michael Fassbender all the time. #NoBigDeal

And this tweet (and the reaction) made me laugh:

Michael Fassbender just walked into the hotel restaurant in a white robe for breakfast buffet. #telluride #noshame

Beginning of dream I had once.

UltraViolet said...

I saw that TIFF objected to TWC showing Philomena, because it was supposed to premiere in Toronto, so they pulled it. I wonder if Jake and Hugh didn't attend in order for Toronto to keep its exclusive.

Such a shame as the Telluride vibe seems so inviting. Alice Waters is even there.

UltraViolet said...

Wells delivers a typical contrarian take. Though he's probably right in the title:

Calm Down on Prisoners:
If you ask me Denis Villenueve‘s Prisoners (Warner Bros., 9.20) has been a little bit over-hyped by critics. Don’t get me wrong — it’s a moody, riveting, well-crafted thriller by a director who’s obviously a cut or two above the norm and is into complexity and adult stuff. Set in the grimmest, coldest, rainiest part of Bumblefuck, Pennsylvania you’ll ever not want to visit, the story (written by Aaron Guzikowski) is about the kidnapping of two young girls and the efforts of a lone-wolf cop (Jake Gyllenhaal) and the girls’ vigilante-minded dads (Hugh Jackman, Terrence Howard) to find them. Although not in synch, of course.

Aimed more at critics than ticket buyers, Prisoners is one of those thoughtfully murky, atmospheric, densely plotted thrillers that’s more about the journey than than the destination. Because when you get to the end it’s like “uhm…wait, what?” That was my reaction, at least.

The performances are about as good as they can get in a thing like this, which is to say one that demands lots of glum intensity from everyone top to bottom. And a certain amount of weeping and shouting and dashboard-pounding.

You don’t want to go nuts and play the vigilante card in too much of a renegade, loose-cannon fashion. That’s one of the rhetorical or thematic takeaways.

I’m lost in this review. I don’t know what I’m saying or feeling except that I felt more respectful and “interested” than aroused and/or turned on.

Gyllenhaal and Jackman deliver in intriguing, atypical ways. Gyllenhaal especially — he doesn’t seem capable these days of being rote or lazy or anything but on it.

Nice words for Jake. It is really heartening to see his work acknowledged like this.

Monica said...

Telluride: 'Prisoners' Is Well-Made and Gripping, But Is It Academy Fare? (Analysis)

Scott Feinberg

mermon said...

I'm on cloud nine reading all those Prisoners' reviews and Jake's praising! It's even better then I thought.
When it comes to Enemy - I believe it's a good film, maybe not for everybody's liking, cause may be specific.

FP said...

if I understand correctly, Scott Feinberg believes that the film deserves the awards, but he's afraid that members of the academy do not understand it, right?

FP said...

yllenhaal, who plays the prodigious gumshoe leading the police investigation (he was also great as a law enforcer in last year's End of Watch)

Where Scott Feinberg was last year when would be fair and useful to notice the incredible performances of Jake and Michael Pena?

oh right pushing Bradley Cooper the powerful Weinstein Company's horse

bobbyanna said...

Just saw this on FB:

"Saw Jake Gyllenhaal at Angelica Kitchen tonight. They don't take reservations and he waited for a table like everyone else. He is very handsome in person."

FP said...

Emily Rutz ‏@emily_rutz 28m

I just had the most awkward casual wave with jake gyllenhaal....what the fuck 😍😍

Sierra Intoccio ‏@SierraMist10 27m

Dying because @emily_rutz just casually waved to Jake Gyllenhaal while he was outside eating dinner and he was so perplexed 😂😂 #heishott

FP said...

I found this in the comments of Variety :)

As someone who got scared in Shrek, it was clearly apparent to me watching the screening without bolting and being absolutely riveted, that this was a slice of genius. It is absolutely brilliant. Kudo’s to director Denis Villeneuve; actors, Maria Bello, Viola Davis, Terrance Howard, Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal, et al not to mention the very talented crew, DP etc. The editing is also flawless and music is perfection. I believe the psychological question it brings up about family and the lengths one goes to protect is an honest and timely one.

Monica said...

FP, Scott praised Jake in End of Watch, but I think he talked more about Michael Pena.
About Prisoners, I think he is saying that the Academy doesn't like this kind of film, even when it's a great movie.

Review by ERIC KOHN Prisoners

FP said...

Monica, my bad Scott was the one who made the host in the Q & A on EOW, with Jake!

I confused him with another critic!

Christine Rossi ‏@chrisxxcross 38m

Was blessed with getting the Jake Gyllenhaal butterflies tonight...

And all it took was "the names jake, table for 2" 😍

Anonymous said...

just brought Elle men China! it's out yesterday. haven't read yet. sooooooooo excited XD

hope you can see this and sorry for my poor photoing tech.


Anonymous said...

@Hagen "Enemy" is set to be released in Hong Kong on October 31st (?). (I don't know if that site is a reliable source though.)
tks a lot for yr information. and it states that Enemy will be released on Oct. 31st but it's odd that there is still no poster.

And i haven't found the release date of Prisoners in HK yet.


UltraViolet said...

Ooh, thanks so much for posting LikeMonaLisa! Those photos are wonderful. So much better than the German GQ photos, which just look like the unretouched outtakes from the Details shoot! Great to see new photos.

Please let us know if there are any interesting tidbits in the article :)

Will let you know if I see a Hong Kong release date.

UltraViolet said...

Mermon, I think you're right on Enemy. It will probably not be for everyone. But I was happy to hear something positive rather than just another "interesting/bizarre/surreal" take.

Feels like it's been a while since Jake was seen at Angelica Kitchen. Lots of sightings over the past few days. Here are a few more:

August 29 near New York, NY via mobile
Jake Gyllenhaal just jogged past me on the West Side! At the risk of sounding like a teenage girl, OMG THOSE EYES.

Well Jake Gylenhaal and I made eye contact today. I played it pretty cool for a block after we left one another's company and then I blushed and laughed all the home to the Upper West Side. Dang New York you got me!!! #thanksnyc #onceinalifetimemoments
August 29

Jake Gyllenhaal is hotter in person. Especially when sweaty after a workout. #ilovenyc

JAKE GYLLENHAAL hiding in the back at soul survivor class today!!

In a French cafe in Soho, turn my head to see Jake Gyllenhaal sitting outside IN THE VERY SAME CAFE. Nice to see the rich and famous enjoy modest places as well

Saw Jake Gyllenhaal at Angelica Kitchen tonight. They don't take reservations and he waited for a table like everyone else. He is very handsome in person.

I say: Imagine if we meet a celebrity now, would be cool. As I said it and turn around, I see right in the eyes of Jake Gyllenhaal. And what does Yvonne do then? Sure, she gets embarrassed and walk away ... 😳

(The last one was translated from Norwegian, btw :)

And a photo.

NYC Lady said...

Hey, saw a couple of postings ago people saying they were disappointed that they hadn't seen ITIIHFIT and that there wasn't a taping of it...Well, there is :) It's not highly accessible if you're not in NYC but The Performing Arts Library at Lincoln Center has a taping of the play *for library use only*. So, maybe not helpful to most folks here but just thought I'd mention it.

Chica said...

A stunning man and post, thanks so much UV! The reviews for Prisoners is off the charts! I'm not too concerned about it getting any awards just that its a hit.
Thanks NYC Lady! I used to work at The NYPL and I know some people that work in the Theater division of The Performing Arts Library. You will need to contact them and make an appointment to view the play in one of the viewing rooms. Theater on film is very popular along wiyh Dancr on film.

bobbyanna said...

NYC Lady & Chica, thank you!!! That's wonderful info. So if eventually some of us find our way to NYC we can at least see the play on video!

Sitting here absorbing all the positive feedback about Jake & Denis, I'm excited to think that Prisoners will do great things for both of them careerwise.

I'm betting Enemy is a very good film, too. Jake is just an amazing actor.

Glad someone finally posted a photo of Jake even if it is from the back. : )

FP said...

Megan Hustad ‏@meganhustad 7m

Happy to see Jake Gyllenhaal is also shopping alone at the Tribeca Whole Foods.

FP said...

Marlow Stern ‏@MarlowNYC 9m

Seeing PRISONERS, starring Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal. #TFF40 (@ Galaxy Theatre)

NYC Lady said...

In response to: NYC Lady & Chica, thank you!!! That's wonderful info. So if eventually some of us find our way to NYC we can at least see the play on video!

Glad if I could be of any help :)

NYC Lady said...

Not to be obnoxious but I made it on the standby line at Inside The Actor's Studio, yep and a good seat too. Naomi and Jake's gf stood on line just like everyone else! Very surreal, have only seen this show on tv. Did get a little busted for texting and eating but all was ok :) Let's see how my luck holds out for Letterman tix :) Living in NYC isn't easy (when your're not rich) but there are many times when it's totally worth it.

Anonymous said...

Good luck to you NYC lady. I was in NYC when Jake was in LA, thank goodness. I didn't want to spend my time in NYC looking for Jakey G.

I did see one reality TV star, yuck.

Monica said...

Sasha Stone @AwardsDaily
Prisoners is a solid but predictable thriller but more Criminal Minds than Zodiac or Se7en or Misery. Good though.

Alex Billington @firstshowing
Prisoners - Chilling. Brilliant Fincher-esque kidnapping mystery. Riveting to watch. Amazing cinematography great performances. Damn. #tff40

William Goss ‏@williambgoss 8m
Prisoners: a smart, bleak, morally tricky studio thriller the likes of which we rarely see. This year's Gone Baby Gone? #Telluride

FP said...

Alex Billington ‏@firstshowing 34m

@ClogTheBases Definitely not a throwaway. Would compare this to the likes of Zodiac or even Silence of the Lambs or Se7en.

CSI fan said...

"Sasha Stone @AwardsDaily
Prisoners is a solid but predictable thriller but more Criminal Minds than Zodiac or Se7en or Misery. Good though."

Oh well there will be dissenters, I am more interested in what te movie goers who don't watch network TV think?

FP said...

Alex Billington ‏@firstshowing 3m

@OSTCritic Ha! No way - this just happens to be a particularly outstanding year. I can't believe everything I keep seeing is so damn good.

UltraViolet said...

Still mostly raves. Looks like Sasha Stone and Jeff Wells are in agreement for a change.

Some other tweets and posts from Telluride:

Finally we saw a film called the Prisoner starring Hugh Jackman & Jake Gyllenhaal--- who were both superb. The stripy was that of a man who becomes obsessed about finding his missing child. An incredible cast, really well done---very suspenseful but quite violent.

#DenisVilleneuve #PrisonersMovie is a tight, gripping and often scary thriller!. It reminded me of #Zodiac. Terrific cast!. @TellurideFilm

PRISONERS = Gripping. Gyllenhaal at his best & subtlest, Jackman at his fiercest (w/o claws anyway). Delectable cut to black. #TFF40

And LOL, if true:

My sister told me that before my nephew said "Mama" or "Dada" he said Jake Gyllenhaal. I've never been more proud of something in my life.

UltraViolet said...

And perhaps this is why Jake didn't go to Telluride?

Funnyman Seth Meyers is hitched! The former Saturday Night Live star has married his longtime girlfriend Alexi Ashe on Sunday, Sept. 1, multiple sources confirm to Us Weekly.
The soon-to-be Late Night host, 39, and lawyer Ashe married on Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts. The bride wore a cap sleeve lace dress and Meyers wore a dark colored suit.

The couple had their rehearsal dinner outdoors the night before at Beetlebung Farm House starting at 7 p.m. All guests sat at tables surrounded by freshly grown produce and flowers.

The newlyweds were feted around 150 guests for the big day, including famous pals Olivia Wilde, Allison Williams, Rose Byrne, Jimmy Fallon, Jack McBrayer, Bobby Cannavale, Ayaan Hirsi, Mike Shoemaker, Niall Ferguson, Jake Gyllenhaal and his latest model girlfriend Alyssa Miller. Some of his SNL friends who attended included Jason Sudeikis, Kristen Wiig, Will Forte, Kenan Thompson and writer Colin Jost.

I remember Seth gushing about attending one of Chris Fischer's farm dinners. He loved it. Very cool that they had the rehearsal dinner there.

UltraViolet said...

NYC Lady, thank you so much for that info! I'd encourage anyone who didn't get to see the play to check it out, if possible, when you're in NYC.

Monica said...

UV, many people in movie forums don't like Sasha Stone.
Knowing that she's a Fincher fan, I think she didn't like the comparisons.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, I know that people have issues with her. I like her writing, and I like the fact that she calls people on their sexist behavior.

She can also go over the top when she likes something, so she annoys people. But she takes beautiful photographs and is one of the few bloggers I've seen own up to her mistakes. (She was part of the internet hysteria that led to the misidentification of one of the Boston Marathon bombers, and she admitted it and apologized for it. Her behavior in jumping to the wrong conclusion was startlingly rash and misguided but her shame was real.)

I haven't checked out her feed today. I'll take a look at her reasoning.

Translator said...

But what if Villeneuve is as good as Fincher – and a Oscar guru like Sasha Stone can't accept it? Just like Tapley, A.Thompson or Nikki Finke will have a really hard time accepting Jake's current/future career-best performances. These bloggers have parti-pris, take sides.

About Telluride, I think it was Warner Bros decision to send only Villeneuve and the producers. The studio may be planning a Toronto premiere en fanfare and wants it to be an exclusive.

It seems Jake had fun today. There's a monster of a promotional tour ahead of him. Must be nice to party with the likes of Bobby Cannavale and Jimmy Fallon. Whose talkshow I hope Jake will be a guest of soon. They're always fun together. I wonder if they did the "hedgehog doing karate" at the wedding :-))))

UltraViolet – nice to know that repeats of good news are accepted and embraced.

UltraViolet said...

I wonder if Jake was really at the wedding - it sounds like a press release of guests. I would love it if he (and Alyssa) attended. Maybe we'll get pictures.

I don't think of Kris Tapley as anti-Jake or someone who doesn't appreciate Jake. He did a couple of great stories with Jake about EoW and the play, and about what Jake learned from different directors. (I've always wanted to revisit that article.

I can't remember if I ever posted these tweets. Posting this before I forget. Follow up from film Kris Tapley to the EW columnist tweet about Jake:

Best NY stage debut I've seen in a long time: Jake Gyllenhaal, off-Bway in "If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet." He's the real thing.

Right?/I don't know if you caught my interview with him but we got into the syntax and whatnot. He's kind of amazing.

FP said...

Nuestro Nueva York ‏@NuestroNYC 6m

Cena increíble en @ABCKitchen que a unas mesas del actor Jake Gyllenhaal sabe aún mejor. 10/10 😍#NuevaYork #NewYork

Monica said...

Well, I think Tapley like jake. I think it was he who said that Jake is an underrated actor.
Sasha Stone loves Jake's performance in Brokeback. For her, he deserved to win the Oscar and not Clooney. But I don't know if she likes him, or just that performance.
I don't know about Anne Thompson.

FP said...

AnnaThompson wrote rave reviews about Jake'sperforance in EOW last year, she said several times that Jake deserved the nomination, and she also made a nice long interview about the film and the theatrical play

UltraViolet said...

I don't think there are many critics out to get Jake. I think a lot underestimate him, and some sites (Movieline, e.g.) always seem to have it in for him.

I think Movieline is defunct at this point, though.

Interesting comment on the Hitfix review:

I saw a sneak preview of this back in June in Chicago and thought it was terrific. Since it was unfinished and I had to sign a form saying I'd forfeit my first-born AND my right arm AND my Happy Rhodes collection if I even breathed a word of having seen it, I never told anyone. It's a relief to hear others talk about it now. I'm glad you liked it and I hope others like it too. I did like Incendies in the abstract, but like you was most impressed with the filmmaking. Lets hope Prisoners is the exact perfect stepping-stone Denis Villeneuve needs to keep giving us his vision. I've seen 208 movies in the theater so far this year, and I paid for all of them except for this one, and I'll gladly pay for this again when it opens.

From FB:

Saw the film, PRISONERS, at the Telluride Film Festival. 4 out 4! Amazing film. Suspenseful and captivating. Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Not great three-word reviews:

Riveting potential, fizzles
#filmreview #moviereview
#TFF40 #Telluride

Becomes Law & Order

Hopefully someone will point out that the second one is four words, even if they used an ampersand.

Translator said...

I remember that great article. My mistake - it was the other HitList blogger, G. Ellwood, who refused to acknowledge Jake in "End of Watch".

This year it's Tapley's turn to downplay Jake's performance. As I see it.
What Variety and P.Hammond called his "career-best", Tapley called "solid".
Where E.Kohn saw "the finest, most controlled work" and S.Foundas saw "the full breadth of his impressive range", Tapley saw Jake as being "perfectly utilized".

Anne Thompson, like Ellwood, downplayed Jake's performance first. Check the early reviews. She tweeted that Pena was better. Later on, she had a change of heart and did an interview with Jake for awards consideration.

Bloggers are humans too: they have agendas, take sides and sometimes they change their minds.

UltraViolet said...

Warning: Avoid that Eric Kohn Indiewire review and the IMDb Prisoners board if you want to avoid a huge spoiler. No idea if it's true or not, but the subject line on IMDb and the comment on Indiewire reveal the kidnapper.

Bloggers definitely have agendas. It's a shame that people can't seem to recognize Jake on his own merits.

On a Hugh Jackman board, I saw posters complaining that Jake was going to get the kudos over Hugh on this one.

All the things we assumed about Hugh getting the lion's share of the praise, which I think may still happen. It's hard to be a fan :)

FP said...

E.Kohn is never kind to Jake, was one of the few critics not to make the right on to EOW, he gave the movie a paltry C +
about, Ann thommpson, I can honestly say I've seen many of her tweets where she prized Jake,long before the interview

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Wadiing through all these incredible reviews (and a few so -so reviews). Wow, im so stoked to see this ! I have to say that I haven't visited Jeff Wells site in ages and I had no idea that Stone was do disliked. It's frustrating being a Jake fan sometimes because some critics either down play his performances or over look him. In this case I don't feel they are doing that this time. I hope that douche on IMDB deletes that post:(

Congrats to Seth Meyers!

Translator said...

I beg to differ. Eric Kohn's yesterday review praises Jake:
"Of course, the movie also contains a literal connection to Fincher's movie in form of Gyllenhaal, who does some of the finest, most controlled work since his similar role there."

Oh yeah, it's hard to be a fan! But the sad irony is, at least in "Prisoners" and Jake/Hugh case, there's no competition. Even as co-leads, if awards nominations will happen, they won't compete directly. Studios don't pit their stars against each other. Hugh will be in Lead Actor category, Jake in Supporting Actor. We, Jake fans, have experienced this situation before.
Unfortunately, the press will make comparisons e.g. Tapley's "Jackman fantastic, Gyllenhaal solid". Bloggers and rabid fans are the ones who turn everything into a battle.

FP said...

Roegr Ebert did the same to AnneThompson, left praising Pena, and ended up praising Jake, almost over Michael

I thought with fear that it would be all about Huge, which is a wonderful actor and looks like a real nice person, humble and helpful,, a very rare thing for a star of his caliber.
at one point I even feared that it would be all about Dano, which looks impressive here, but thanks to God it seems Jake's performance is such that it can not be ignored, even by the usual haters

FP said...

Huge = Hugh lol sorry!

Hagen said...

@mermon: Could you ask Chris Knight please, if he has watched "Enemy" and what he thinks about it? I haven't got a twitter account. Thanks!

FP said...

Buddy Ferrera ‏@Buddy_Ferrera 31m

Just a casual brunch with my boy jake gyllenhaal and arianeank @ The Smile

Anonymous said...

When does TiFF begin? I get very confused by that one particular film festival.

UltraViolet said...

Jake and Alyssa are no longer mentioned in the Us article about Seth M's wedding, so these weekend NYC sightings make more sense.


Anonymous said...

Thanks about the TIFF information, dang it Hugh has his own venue?

Jackman Hall,
Art Gallery of Ontario

Hagen said...

Kristopher Tapley on "Prisoners" again: The other big sneak preview of the festival was Denis Villeneuve's "Prisoners," which is an unexpectedly patient and measured studio thriller. Villeneuve has chops, there's no question, but despite some breathy exclamations elsewhere, I remain a bit reserved on its awards prospects. At the end of the day, it doesn't quite match the filmmaking prowess to which it has been compared (David Fincher's "Zodiac," for instance, which, by the way, wasn't an Oscar movie). I think ultimately we'll see this was "just" Villeneuve's impressive leap onto the Hollywood stage, and at the end of the day, there's no shame in that. However, critics in love with the film could end up pushing the issue and Warner Bros. thinks its a film to nurture through the circuit. Hugh Jackman will have trouble cracking the tight Best Actor field but Jake Gyllenhaal isn't a huge stretch for supporting. Others think Melissa Leo is someone to consider but in my humble opinion she represents the weakest element of the film.

So he thinks that Jake was just solid in "Prisoners", but it isn't a huge stretch that he could be nominated as best supporting actor?

FP said...

Hagen I learned that consistency does not belong to the world of film critics

Anonymous said...

Of course, there are the "usual suspects" as far as Oscar goes. Tom Hanks, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Forrest Wittaker, but also maybe Fassbender?

I am disheartened by the pre-occupation with "awards season" talk coming from the festivals. It is much too soon. It is something the journalists do to make things interesting and competitive. To stir up drama and interest. Hype.

I believe that if the studio doesn't get behind the actor full out, he stands little chance unless he is so well established he doesn't need the studio.

Monica said...

so true, FP!
I think his point is that doesn't have much competition for supporting actor unlike best actor. So jake can have more chance to receive nomination for best supporting actor.
Bruce Dern refused to go to supporting actor for Nebraska, because he wants to go for best actor. Apparently Steve carrel will also campaign for best actor, along with other names like Leo Dicaprio, Mathew M, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Joaquin Phoenix ...

FP said...


Emily Greenspan ‏@OhEmG331 3m

I wish I could ban bratty teenagers from my store. This isn't Starbucks go talk about how much you love Jake Gyllenhaal somewhere else #bye

Extra said...

I hate when movie bloggers start predicting the Oscar race in Aug/Sept. It's way too early there are so many more movies and performances to consider.

If Prisoners is Oscar-baity then Jake may have a shot for Best supp. Actor based on the reviews so far.

FP said...

From what I got, it is difficult to categorize as supporting the role of Jake in Prisoners, just as it was difficult to say that about Michael Pena in EOW and again about Jake in BBM

Anonymous said...

Peter Debruge
PRISONERS (Denis Villeneuve, 2013), #Telluride - 8/10
ZODIAC fans will love this dark, slow-burn procedural, whose sinister twists prove sometimes it's better for obsessive cases to go unsolved.

FP said...

Anne Thompson ‏@akstanwyck 50m

Settling in for Prisoners, starring Jackman and Gyllenhaal. One of the WOM hits at @telluridefilm.

FP said...


Telluride 2013: Denis Villeneuve's 'Prisoners' is Chilling & Enthralling

by Alex Billington

A new crime thriller in the pantheon of acclaimed favorites like Zodiac, Se7en and even Silence of the Lambs has arrived. And it's surprisingly as great as those films. It has been a few years since Aaron Guzikowski's kidnapping screenplay Prisoners earned a top spot on the industry Black List. After changing different director's hands for years in development, French-Canadian filmmaker Denis Villeneuve (of Incendies) got the job to bring the story to life and has delivered a very chilling, Fincher-esque, visually sleek mystery-suspense-thriller. Boasting one hell of an ensemble cast, and running almost three hours, the riveting plot in Prisoners truly deserves the adjective "brilliant" for all the twists and turns that lead us to the final moment.

For no real reason, I wasn't expecting too much going into this, but I am happy to report that it's actually an outstanding film.
Prisoners is a great exercise in telling a compelling story that runs two hours and yet keeps viewers enthralled up until the final second.

UltraViolet said...

Keep those raves coming :)

Stephanie posted a new article from the Toronto Sun. It's pretty good.

Random tweets:

"Prisoners" is an instant classic crime thriller without any real good guys. Gripping and morally ambiguous, a must see! #TFF40 #hughjackman
/Denis Villeneuve. #prisoners #telluride. His film is amazing and suspenseful. Must see!!.
WB Telluride bonding. Alfonso Cuaron and Denis Villeneuve celebrating their success. #prisoners

Hard to be bummed about not seeing #Gravity when you've already seen 3 brilliant films in one day. #TFF40 #Prisoners #Tracks #Nebraska#gravity #tff

Monica said...

Oh, Denis and Alfonso Cuaron!! I'm so excited to see Gravity!

Anonymous said...

Goalfanzine TV ‏@Goalfanzine_TV 4m

WATCH CBS EAST: Late Show With David Letterman: Actor Jake Gyllenhaal; TV host Julie Chen; The Dodos perform: ... - …

FP said...

Directed by Dennis Villeneuve, "Prisoners" is this year's upcoming American spellbinding crime thriller starring Hugh Jackman as Keller Dover and Jake Gyllenhaal as Detective Loki.

The first entirely English language feature of the Quebecan director, Villaneuve succeeded of crafting one powerfully suspenseful moment after another without dragging it as he maintains a vise-like grip on the viewer without compromising the integrity of the film. This is an intense tale of crime and punishment which makes this investigative thriller deserving of an Oscar nod.

Hagen said...

"Enemy" is among the Playlist's (Indiewire) 15 most anticipated films of the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival:

Synopsis: A troubled university lecturer discovers he has a double, an identical lookalike, or a possible twin who is married with a baby on the way.

What you need to know: Academy Award-nominated Best Foreign Language Film director Denis Villeneuve (“Incendies”) and Jake Gyllenhaal deliver a double shot at the Toronto International Film Festival this year and "Enemy" is the second of this one-two punch. And it could prove to be as lethal as their first shot fired, the abduction crime thriller "Prisoners" which wowed audiences in Telluride, including our critic (read our review here). An adaptation of the Nobel Prize-winning author José Saramago’s novel “The Double” (and not the thematically similar Dostoyevsky book of the same name which confusingly, features elsewhere on this list) this psychological thriller sounds a little bit more damaged and arthouse than Villeneuve's aforementioned studio film and given uncompromising nature of that picture, we're rather psyched to see how “Enemy” turns out. There's also Jake Gyllenhaal who's pulling double duty as the doppelgängers and that's always a fascinating challenge. Melanie Laurent, Sarah Gadon and Isabella Rossellini round out what is an impressive supporting cast.

Yahoo Canada: In other left-field offerings, Bullock trades her rom-com reputation for the sober sci-fi drama "Gravity" directed by Alfonso Cuaron; Jake Gyllenhaal goes arty and surreal for Denis Villeneuve's mysterious "Enemy;" and Joseph Gordon-Levitt graduates to multi-hyphenate mover-and-shaker with the romantic comedy "Don Jon," which he wrote, directs and stars in as a muscle-bound porn addict.

FP said...

lisa thompson ‏@LiiSA_tee 1h

JAKE GYLLENHAAL IN UNION SQUARE. Brb, screw class, Jakey all the way! #JakeGyllenhaal 😍

Hagen said...

ComingSoon: More Than 40 New Stills From Denis Villeneuve's Prisoners

FP said...

ThePlaylist ‏@ThePlaylist 30s

Over 30 New Photos From Telluride Hit 'Prisoners' Starring Hugh Jackman & Jake Gyllenhaal

Translator said...

In this new Canadian article Villeneuve talks for the first time, I think, about "Enemy": "a laboratory that I did with Jake Gyllenhaal"
Looks like an art film that requires a special kind of public. It may be the reason why the few people who saw it didn't know what to make of it. If I'm not mistaken, it doesn't seem to be a movie for everybody. More like cinémathèque cinéphiles than multiplex moviegoers.

Villeneuve 'addicted' to U.S projects after big studio debut with 'Prisoners'

"He gushes over working with Jackman and co-star Jake Gyllenhaal, who also stars in Villeneuve's Toronto-set psychological thriller, "Enemy."
Both films will screen at the Toronto International Film Festival, which begins Thursday.
"Prisoners" got an early preview at the Telluride Film Festival over the Labour Day weekend, and early reviews are rapturous.
Villeneuve says the enthusiastic response has thrown him into a sense of "euphoria."
"When you make a movie, it's always flirting with disaster," Villeneuve said Tuesday from Montreal.
"You never know. A movie exists when it's seen by an audience, you never know at the end of the day, it's like a wish, a dream, but you don't know if they will share the dream."

Villeneuve says he's become close friends with Gyllenhaal as well as "Prisoners" cinematographer Roger Deakins and the film's editors Joel Cox and Gary Roach.
"It was the most beautiful cinematographic experience of my life," raves Villeneuve, who called Deakins one of his biggest heroes.

Before tackling "Prisoners," Villeneuve dove into the Canada-Spain co-production, "Enemy," an adaptation of the Jose Saramago novel, "The Double."
The film traces the increasing paranoia of a university lecturer, played by Gyllenhaal, who believes he's found his exact doppelganger.
Villeneuve admits to being especially nervous about how that smaller, more experimental project will be received, noting it's "a very challenging movie."
"For me, it's a movie experience. It was a laboratory that I did with Jake Gyllenhaal," he says.
"When the audience will (sit) in the theatre to see 'Enemy,' they have to know that I want to play with them. It's really like a game.... It's a movie that requires a lot of attention and the will to participate.

Villeneuve credits that experimentation with helping him prepare for "Prisoners," also an intense examination of humanity's darker tendencies.
"Thematically, both movies are puzzles and both movies, more importantly, deal with inner fears and the dark side of a human soul," he says. "One of the questions (they are) asking is: Who is really in control inside yourself?"

"I have a lot of offers on the table right now but I need to take just a little distance. Because the next movie will be, I think, very important for me and I must not make a mistake. I must choose the right one."

Translator said...

Oops, I forgot the link for Villeneuve 'addicted' to U.S projects after big studio debut with 'Prisoners'

UltraViolet said...

It's a shame the stills of Jake are all basically the same, lol. Happy to see the raves continue.

Enemy sounds like a challenge. There have been trickier movies that got deals, so I hope Enemy will, too.

I read somewhere that Roger Deakins usually doesn't like his directors, but it seems he and Denis got along very well.

Looks like Jake will be on Jimmy Kimmel on 9/12:

FP said...

Late Show ‏@LateShow 1m

From the new film #Prisoners, Jake Gyllenhaal has arrived at the Ed Sullivan Theatre.

UltraViolet said...

Looking forward to tonight!

Officially in love with Jake Gyllenhaal after seeing him 😍 #JakeGyllenhaal #lateshow

UltraViolet said...

New post :)