Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring fling

The Edible Schoolyard New York's inaugural spring benefit was held last night at the Essex Street Market. Jake Gyllenhaal was the man of the hour.

There was also an auction of unique culinary experiences, including:


Yes, that Jake. Jake Gyllenhaal, actor, our Spring Benefit honoree, and longtime supporter of Edible Schoolyard NYC, is taking you and your friends on a private Edible Schoolyard at P.S. 216 tour. He knows the garden well — he planted a pear tree in it at the groundbreaking ceremony in 2010. Oh, and he’s staying for lunch! Famed Brooklyn restaurant Roberta’s is transporting its pizza oven to P.S. 216 to prepare lunch from the garden, in the garden, for you and your guests.

Since 2008, Roberta’s has been serving some of Brooklyn’s finest fare, with an emphasis on local, sustainably sourced ingredients. In August 2011, The New York Times named Roberta’s ‘one of the more extraordinary restaurants in the United States.’

For up to ten people. Date to be mutually agreed upon. All food costs included. No alcohol permitted.

The winning bid was $14,000, though that did not draw the night's biggest prize.

Photo of Jake and Anna Kendrick from the weekend:


UltraViolet said...

That's Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of NY, talking to Jake in the last photo. You can barely see him. It also looks like Tom Ford is there, but I'm not sure.

Some tweets:

Jake Gyllenhaal is just as gorgeous/sexy/adorable/charming in person. #firsthandexperience

Congratulations @ESYNYC on a hugely successful night! #michaelanthony #jakegyllenhaal

Dinner w Maira Kalman fetches $30k at @ESYNYC auction; @RobertasPizza w Jake Gyllenhaal: $14k. I f*ing love you, NY.

UltraViolet said...

Going to be a hard day to wake up to in Boston. Thanks again for all the good thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

Christine Muhlke ‏@ChristineMuhlke 8h

We're at the @Missionstfood table at the @ESYNYC benefit. Can I order Kung pao pastrami? pic.twitter.com/mSqPhCTzha

ros@dimaggio63 said...

...però non sanno neanche scrivere in Italiano !
Zucchini, si scrive " ZUCCHINE "
Pistachio, si scrive " PISTACCHIO "
Se vogliono imitarci nella cucina và bene.... ma che almeno imparassero a scrivere bene la nostra lingua italiana !
By Myriam

Anonymous said...

haha Ciao Miriam, e che dire di Pepperoni?

Lara said...

What are we doing to each other!! My heart goes out to the victims and their families. Our love and thoughts are with you our American brothers and sisters, and friends. From Norway

Lara said...

Hi UV, thanks for the new post. Is great see new jakes´s fotos.

There are more pics in Iheartjakemedia/Edible Schoolyard NYC's Spring Benefit.

FP said...

Well beautiful Jake is back!

ps Jake really love that shirt!:)

FP said...

UV are you from Bostn? If so a special prayer for you and the people you love, along with a thank you for the wonderful work that you always do here :)

bobbyanna said...

Thanks UV, for the new pics. Jake looks great, and it looks like the Edible Schoolyards event went very well. Nice crowd. It was good to see him relaxed, and smiling, and having fun.

My heart just aches for the families affected by this disgusting, cowardly act. My NYC daughter called last night "just to talk." She was shaken by the events. How sad that we have to adapt to this.


Lara said...

mermon7 Marzena ‏@mermon7
Wow! Jake Gyllenhaal with some stubble, showing his lips is so appealing!
http://i1154.photobucket.com/albums/p521/mermon7/normal_003_zps45b68704.jpg …

Lol Mermon!

FP said...

Dean C Mazurek ‏@rooskable 45s

Rode the R train with Jake Gyllenhaal this morning so basically my day is a wrap.

Busy sexy bee jake:)

Monica said...

From facebook:
So ... I just finished catering at a benefit where I was literally 5 ft from Martha Stewart (who looks fierce btw), AND Jake Gyllenhaal brushed my elbow as he was going in to give a chef a handshake. This was a good nite [smile].

Lara said...

Billy Farrell Agency ‏@BFA_NYC

#JakeGyllenhaal at the @ESYNYC spring benefit: #AGardenGrowsInHarlem pic.twitter.com/KvY0povnl7

Chica said...

What great photos UV. I'm so happy that Jake is involved in this wonderful cause. It gives me hope and reinforces that there are good people our there doing fantastic things after the carnage that happened in Boston.

Anonymous said...

Leigh ‏@LeighBradford 18m
Having trouble processing the fact that Jake Gyllenhaal and I conversed on the train this morning for 5 stops #dreamy

Mary said...

Thanks UV for the new pics Jake looks good.

Scott said...

Our Jake is looking really good. Ok Jake time to make another film, chop chop. Your fans want to see you working.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Yes he doea look good here and looks happy and
Relaxed. And it looks like the event was a sucess!

Monica said...

Marco Canora on His ‘Bratty’ Former Busboy, Jake Gyllenhaal


bobbyanna said...

LOL! Thanks, monica!

Anonymous said...

All-Clad ‏@AllClad 1m
Jake Gyllenhaal was honored at last night's Edible Schoolyard #SpringBenefit. All-Clad donated the Cookware! pic.twitter.com/vZRaaWQpzR

UltraViolet said...

LOL at the Marco Canora story.

The New York Times has a story about the event, with some nice photos. Apparently Martha Stewart was there.

LOL, Myriam. You don't like the English spelling!

FP, I am indeed from and in Boston. Thanks to you and everyone else for the concern. Such heartbreaking stories continue from yesterday. (Just read the statement from the father of the eight-year-old boy who was killed.

It's nice to be able to smile at these photos of a fun event.

UltraViolet said...

Added a bunch of new photos. I'd love to see some video of Jake's speech.

FP said...

lews therin ‏@callumparker 50m

I would drag my balls through a mile of heroin-laden syringes just to be in the same room as Jake Gyllenhaal


Scott said...

"I would drag my balls through a mile of heroin-laden syringes just to be in the same room as Jake Gyllenhaal"

Greatest quote ever.

Monica said...

From Cinemacon:

Steven Weintraub ‏@colliderfrosty 38m
Wb also world premiered footage from PRISONERS. They showed a very powerful scene with Hugh Jackman giving an Oscar level performance.

Steven Weintraub ‏@colliderfrosty 38m
Lots of other footage from PRISONERS was shown but the one scene with Hugh jackman really stood out.

Monica said...

Monica ‏@Monicabbm 2m
@colliderfrosty Besides Jackman, Prisoners looks good?

Steven Weintraub ‏@colliderfrosty 1m
@Monicabbm very much so

Surely he'll write about it in the coming days.

Anonymous said...

"They showed a very powerful scene with Hugh Jackman giving an Oscar level performance."

Oh brother, what a stretch playing a distraught father whose little girl has been kipnapped. I am beginning to think that RDJ was correct, over the top performances don't necessarily mean good acting.

Scott said...

Yay for Monica's twitter account.

In defense of Mr. Jackman, he is the star and WB knows his box office clout. Of course they would showcase his scenes to stroke not only his fans but his ego. Jackman is hot right now with Wolverine coming out soon.

I doubt if any significant scenes with Jake or any of the other actors were showcased.

It's a WB movie, money first.

Monica said...

The MacGuffin ‏@macguffincast 1h
Hadn’t heard of Prisoners before, but the footage shown looked very promising…very strong performances. #CinemaCon

It was a surprise to know that they are already showing scenes of Prisoners, which shows that Warner will make a big promo of his film.

Anon, it's just a scene. Many people see scenes like this and think of Oscar, this is also the way the studio is selling. And that is how the buzz begins.

Monica said...

from nolan fans:

Convention-goers also got a lengthly look at the fall drama Prisoners, about a Boston man (Hugh Jackman, looking trim and beard-y) who becomes desperate after his young daughter and her best friend suddenly both go missing. The clips include the awful moment when both girls' parents (Jackman, Maria Bello, Viola Davis, and Terrence Howard) realize they've disappeared, followed by an intense scene between Jackman and the cop (Jake Gyllenhaal) assigned to help find the girls. Man, when Wolverine really gets angry, there's nothing quite like it. The footage was especially impressive considering the film is still in production.

bobbyanna said...

Couldn't help noticing Jake's hair and sideburns in the pics.Styled just as it was for the movie. Makes me wonder if he still has some re-shoots or photo shoots related to Prisoners left to do. Nothing big just loose ends?

Glad they are getting buzz for Prisoners already.

FP said...

Mrs. BB ‏@nahhh_uh 52m

I was too drunk to properly meet jake gyllenhaal #shameonme he was just edible!

Mrs. BB ‏@nahhh_uh 11m

Yeah I'm drunk but I can brag that I met and touched Jake Gyllenhaal! I win for life! Lol :)))


FP said...

Emily Entwistle ‏@EmEntwistleee 2m

YUP waved and said "hello" to jake gyllenhaal tonight 😍

lol whwere is Jake tonight?:)

Anonymous said...

Ashley Hicks
So it only took me like 12 years but I'm finally a New Yorker because I passed a famous person on the street (Jake Gyllenhaal)

Monica said...

If you want to avoid spoilers, don't click on the link below, because it is a description of a scene.


Prisoners, which is still in production, revealed a full scene that establishes the film's plot. The characters, several different families, have all gathered for Thanksgiving, but soon find that two little girls have vanished from the festivities. Since the girls were last seen in the proximity of a mysterious RV parked outside their house, Hugh Jackman's Keller Dover (the father of one of the girls) becomes determined to find them before it's too late.


Understated and offering a very bleak, realistic look, Prisoners is set for release on September 20 and, if the rest of the film matches the tone of what CinemaCon had to offer, it's very likely going to be an early awards contender.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, Monica. I'm not going to click because of the spoiler. Was anything said about Jake's performance?

Scott, I hear you on this. I can already see the plaudits for Hugh Jackman, and people chalking Jake's performance, if they like it, to working with a stronger actor. Something that is ridiculous to me.

I'll cross my fingers that doesn't happen, but I'm not hopeful.

And LOL at the tweet FP posted above. That is a very descriptive way to share one's feelings about Jake!

Monica said...

Was anything said about Jake's performance?

He only described an intense scene involving Jake and Jackman. I have not found anything about the performance of jake.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, Monica!

Another spoilerific blurb about the Prisoners footage:

The movie seems to be taking aim at this year’s award season, with a prime September 20th release date already set, and from the looks of the footage alone it looks like it should have the drama and the performances to back it up. After the initial set up is shown, featuring a great tonal shift from fun family gathering to thrilling search for the girls, the reel had two heavily dramatic sequences that paired Bello and Jackman with Gyllenhaal, respectively. ...

I'm glad the footage is being well received.

Another article on the Edible Schoolyard event:

As a booming, disembodied voice told guests at Edible Schoolyard NYC’s inaugural spring benefit to take their seats for dinner Monday night, the Transom learned that honoree Jake Gyllenhaal doesn’t have a favorite food—let alone a least favorite. “Seriously, it’s one of the areas of my life where I hold everything with love and no judgment,” said the actor. “Anything that is fresh from a garden is my favorite food.”

Mr. Gyllenhaal’s mother, screenwriter Naomi Foner Gyllenhaal, corroborated his story. Apparently he didn’t even object to broccoli as a kid: “He was very adventurous, and always, from the time he was really little, a spectacular cook,” she said proudly.

Even the pickiest eaters, however, couldn’t find much to complain about at the gala dinner, held in the Essex Market on the Lower East Side. Edible Schoolyard, which brings gardens and kitchen classrooms to New York schools, treated approximately 360 guests to multi-course meals designed and prepared by 20 of the city’s premier chefs. ...

And another article.
From twitter:

Jake G spotted at Nom Wah in Chinatown #cutie

UltraViolet said...

One more:

Jake Gyllenhaal was the evening's honoree. "The number of schools with gardens is not nearly enough," he said. "We're not all in the dirt tonight, but hopefully this will help us get the idea to where it needs to be."

Mr. Gyllenhaal grew up with gardens in his homes in Los Angeles and Martha's Vineyard. We wondered, who had a greener thumb, he or Maggie?

"Me," he said, after a short pause.

As brothers cannot always be trusted to assess superiority over their sisters, we asked Naomi Foner, Mr. Gyllenhaal's mother. "It's Jake," she said. "He helped me plant our vegetable garden and worked really hard at it."

Ms. Foner is also a fan of the organization. "Most kids in New York don't see gardens," she said. "And people only know what they know. When you expand their horizons, you're giving them an enormous gift."

She then sought out a photo from her iPhone depicting her granddaughter, Gloria, mauling a garden-grown tomato. "I mean, is there anything better than a warm tomato that you grew yourself right off the vine, maybe with a little bit of salt and olive oil?"

And now we know who was in one of the photos with Jake above: Actor Jake Gyllenhaal and Sameer Talati, the principal of P.S. 7 in East Harlem.

UltraViolet said...

And another:

“We can’t teach math, we can’t teach science, but we can certainly raise awareness about food!” said Chang, the culinary chair of the evening.

Jake Gyllenhaal, a longtime Edible Schoolyard ambassador and the honoree of the evening, took a moment to contemplate the real value of the organization’s mission.

“It’s about more than just what you eat—it’s about being connected to the earth,” he explained. “Like, what would New York City be without Central Park? I mean, there’s not much edible food in there…but still. That idea exists within the city, and it should exist in every public school.”

From twitter:

TIL: Jane Gyllenhaal mumbles when he orders ice cream, is really that hot.
11:00 PM - 16 Apr 13 · Details


it's totally true. I think he was with rachel mcadams but i'm not sure

Anna again?

Sasha Hoyt said...

Wow, so many new pictures and articles. Great news on Prisoners too.

Thanks for gathering everything together.

Bob Berry said...

It could of been Emma stone and Andrew Garfield that were getting ice cream. They were shooting spider man in the same area were jake was spotted.

Bob Berry said...

I forgot to mention that jake was spotted by so many people tonight on twitter and Facebook and no one mentioned Anna. When jake was in china town at that restaurant a PR publicist saw him and did not mention anyone with him. Any way this is only my opinion, from what I read tonight. Thank you for letting me comment on this site.

Anonymous said...

Sometime when Jake is out people never mention who he is with and we think he is alone but he is not. It is very frustrating but happens a lots. So maybe he is with someone and it is not pointed out. I agree is also a possibility it is the Spiderman cast. But I can not see how anyone mistake Jake and Andrew Garfield.
But yes, possible.

Anonymous said...

God bless the people of Boston. Pray for them.


FP said...

Of course can't be Jake with Rachel Mcadams or God forbid, with Anna for the third time in a row, otherwise too many people would have a meltdown,So, no no no it's not Jake, absolutely not, Andrew Garfield, maybe Tobey Maguire Daniel Radcliff also, anyone, but not Jake,o no no no!;)

Rolling eyes

bobbyanna said...

LOL! FP, I agree. I'm thinking it was probably Anna, too.

UltraViolet said...

Maybe it was Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. Or Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis.

From twitter:

Christine Muhlke ‏@ChristineMuhlke 15 Apr
Jake Gyllenhaal said he worked for @MarcoCanora when he was a kid and was "kind of a brat." true, Marco? @ESYNYC benefit

marco canora ‏@MarcoCanora 16 Apr
@ChristineMuhlke @ESYNYC we beat the brat out of em.. He was a good kid, kinda knew he was goin places.

Bob Berry said...

All I am trying to say is that I find it hard to believe that with all the twitter and Facebook comments that no one mentioned anna . I mean this girl has more award nominations then jake. She in my opinion is more popular than jake at this time. And no one noticed her last noc with him. Plus do we know was it even him at the ice cream shop or restaurant/bar. The truth is we do not know unless we have photos. So to make fun of someone who is just looking at the facts is uncool. I was just trying to make a comment, because there have many times where twitter and Facebook sightings have been wrong. One more thing I could care less if jake and anna are an item or who ever he is seeing.

Scott said...

They should move the date of Prisoners closer to Awards season if a few scenes are that good.

And we have to remember that true film critics and actors know a good performance we they see it.

Scott said...

Oops almost forgot, please let Jake have a personal life including friends without having a melt down. I wish that man would get married before some of his fans are go nuts.

Anonymous said...

^^ LOL Some of his "fans" think he already is.

UltraViolet said...

You'll forgive us our skepticism, Bob, as any time Jake is seen in the vicinity of a woman, suddenly we have posters jumping all over themselves to question the sightings. People who, like you, never bother to comment on any non-female-related sighting or post.

Also, your premise is faulty. Jake was seen with Anna over the weekend, and there was not a flurry of sightings. I think one person posted one day, one the next. And there were no photos, except the one instagram pic that I posted.

In addition, Anna is blonde these days, which might make it harder to recognize her.

None of that means it was Anna with Jake last night. And no one here is saying they are together or that anything is happening.

But to leap to dismiss the sighting as perhaps Andre Garfield and Emma Stone seemed like a stretch, and a trollish one at that.

We know Facebook and twitter sightings have been wrong. That's why we don't take these things too seriously.

You're welcome to comment here about any and all matters regarding Jake. But don't be surprised to be greeted with some hesitation if the only comments you make are attempts to disprove Jake+Female sightings.

Monica said...

I mean this girl has more award nominations then jake. She in my opinion is more popular than jake at this time.

Hu? She was nominated for an Oscar a few years ago and as a supporting actress. After that, she received no other nominations.
Jake was also nominated for an Oscar and I think more awards than she.
She has act in many small roles. You saw the screen time she had in End of Watch?
If you talking about PP, the attention went to RW.
Jake was in Brokeback, Prince of Persia and many other films as a leader, which is enough to be recognized when he's on the streets, especially in New York. Even if he doesn't have a hit in years.

Bob Berry said...

I understand and thank you. I was not trying to be a troll with the Emma and Andrew comment . I was trying to make a point that anyone can say anything on twitter and Facebook and it could be untrue. Only real true evidence is photo. Also to let you know there is another Instagram photo if jake on Saturday smoking. Look up the name Thetwannation and you should find the picture.

Bob Berry said...

She was also nominated for a tony award.

Monica said...

Sorry, I'm not trying to diminish Anna. I think she is talented and deserves better roles.

UltraViolet said...

I think Anna is probably a little more popular in certain circles. She's on twitter and is a frequent poster. Pitch Perfect did very well. I like her.

And thanks to Bob Berry, here is the photo of Jake. Thanks!

FP said...

Holy Shit, is Jake smoking what I think He's smoking? LOL What a bad guy!;)

FP said...

I really like Anna Kendrick she is talented and lovely and always very nice, Bob I did not want to be rude but as rightly pointed out UV, it is curious that some posters feel the urgent need to comment only when Jake is in the company of a woman, and just to deny, discuss and denigrate the sighting.

FP said...

PS Jake wasn ominated for a Golden Globe for LAOD also.#justsaying

bobbyanna said...

Just saw a tweet that Jake's been added to the list of performers for Poetry & the Creative Mind @ Lincoln Center, tonight.

Mario Battali is also reading poetry. : )

Tickets range from $45-$75.

Anonymous said...

Sam Finzi
Wast a coffee with deep
And guess who was sitting near us
jake gyllenhaal

Scott said...

" FP said...
Holy Shit, is Jake smoking what I think He's smoking? LOL What a bad guy!;)"

Lol, I thought the same thing but I think it's just a regular cancer stick smoked way down.

Lara said...

Well shit. According to IMDb, “Nailed” has been picked up by Universal Studios for a 2013 release.

No press release or official statement has happened, but the page has been in limbo since 2010 when they removed the release date and replaced it with “????.” This is a new change in the page as I do frequent IMDb and it’s a project I keep an eye on.

“Nailed” stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Jessica Biel, Catherine Keener, James Marsden, and Kirstie Alley and was directed by Academy Award winner David O’Russell.

If you aren’t familiar with the films’ rocky past, here it is in a nutshell… Capitol Films promised financing and when David Bergstein was unable to provide the funds and pay the cast and crew, SAG had the film shut down.. several times throughout production. With one final scene to re-shoot, the scene where Jesse gets the nail lodged in her head, the film was shut down for good. After that, the nasty legal battles began that have permanently shelved the film. Not long after the legal battle was settled, Ron Tutor stepped in as producer. Since, K.Jam Media have also signed on as producers and have helped get the film back on it’s feet.

Rumors started flying that Jesse recently filmed her final scene for “Nailed,” but again, no official news had been released. Now it is showing the film will be released theatrically this year by Universal Studios. I really hope that this is true, it would be so great to finally see the film.

Well we will see.

Lara said...

By the way here is the site: http://jessica-biel.com/did-universial-studios-pick-up-nailed-for-a-2013-theatrical-release/

And Welcome Bob Berry. :-)

Mary said...

Good news Lara if true.I had given up on Nailed.

Scott said...

Thanks Lara, I saw that on Twitter but I wonder how much support it will garner. It has been a few years since it has been filmed.

Fp said...

Really??? OMG

For the second time today Holy Shit!;)

FP said...

Can you imagine if Jake gets the Oscar non for Nailed?!

be a Jake's fan is like being on a roller coaster all the time! And I F*king love that!:)

UltraViolet said...

not to nitpick, but I posted a while ago that Jake would be at that poetry reading :) I was wondering if it would really happen, and I guess it will.

Nailed, really? That would be amazing. One red flag: Apparently, this is the basis for the reports that she finally filmed the last scene. But it's the standard copy we've heard about her and Jake in a hundred stories.

Recently, the talented 30-year-old wrapped up filming the romantic comedy “Nailed” with Jake Gyllenhaal.

The Universal angle is different, however. So I'll keep my fingers crossed.

UltraViolet said...

More news from imdb:

On the previous Entertainment Tonight spisode, they showed a brief clip from the movie PRISONERS, showing "Keller" charging in rage towards the suspected kidnapper. It was part of the report on the Jackman stalking incident. They announced that a longer feature on PRISONERS will be shown on its next telecast ( today/tonight). Maybe a teaser?

bobbyanna said...

I guess I conflated JAke's participation with Adam Driver in the Words of War poetry reading with this other one tonight. Forgot you'd mentioned it earlier.

Tweety said...

Luv the pics from this event, thanks UV! Sounds like it was a sucsess!!

What a funy/cute story from Marco, LOL!!! I remember Jake talking about being a busboy on MV.

Wow, buzz about Prisoners already? Hope it's a good sogn and that Jake role is meaty.

Holy crap, Nailed?? I forgot all about that film, I hope that the rumors are true, I really want to see it.

FP said...

Best American Poetry ‏@BestAmPo 3m

Jake Gyllenhaal chooses Mary Oilver's "wild geese" over jay-z's"99 problems"

Best American Poetry ‏@BestAmPo 1m

Jake Gyllenhaal reads Frank O'Hara's "Ava Maria" and would've made Frank proud!

Anonymous said...

Poets.org ‏@POETSorg 5m
Jake Gyllenhaal is not rapping 99 Problems. He is reading Mary Oliver. #pcm13

Best American Poetry ‏@BestAmPo 5m
Jake Gyllenhaal chooses Mary Oilver's "wild geese" over jay-z's"99 problems"

Best American Poetry ‏@BestAmPo 2m
Jake Gyllenhaal reads Frank O'Hara's "Ava Maria" and would've made Frank proud!

FP said...

Megan Gilbert ‏@ithardlymatt3rs 26m

I feel weird now that I know that Jake Gyllenhaal has read Frank O'Hara's 'Ave Maria' out loud in public :/

Why? It is not a good poem?

Monica said...

I want to see Nailed, but at the same time is annoying not being edited by David.

I hope the teaser of Prisoners show scenes of Jake and not just Hugh Jackman.

bobbyanna said...

FP, I think the O'Hara poem, "Ave Maria" is delightful. It was a great choice for Jake.

This is Frank O'Hara (I think) reciting it on You Tube:


FP said...

Bobbyanna oh thank you, is a poem that talks about leaving the kids go to the movies! lol it's like Mario Batali had read a poem about letting people go to restaurants!:)

FP said...

Monica, I hope Prisoners is a great succes for Denis and just the beginning of a long collaboration with Jake. so in the next big movie, Jake, will be the only star!:)

Scott said...

I would have love to hear 99 problems rap by Jake but I suppose there were children or delicate ears in the audience.

Where are the pictures?

I am afraid Jake and the rest of the talented cast and director of Prisoners will be lost in the promotion of the film and perhaps their performances as well.

I feel as if Hugh really wants an Oscar now that he has had a taste of it all.

Monica said...

posted on Monday in a hugh jackman fan forum:
Entertainment Tonight showed some footage today of a scene being filmed for PRISONERS where "Keller" is pushing through a crowd of reporters to get to "Alex Jones"(Dano). They said tomorrow they are going behind the scenes for PRISONERS.

from yesterday:

Hugh/Keller looked like in a berserker mood while charging against his suspected kidnapper! Later on, during the interview, Hugh said that to lose one's child through kidnapping would be a real nightmare to parents, giving as example how they were already panicking when they "missed" Oscar for only twenty minutes ( "which seemed like days").

looks like it will be all about Jackman!

Scott said...

"looks like it will be all about Jackman!"

Yep but it could backfire though but Hugh really wants that Oscar. I will be really disappointed if he doesn't give praise to the other cast members during the promo closer to the film's release. It's way too early to pull a "Hathaway", God love her.

UltraViolet said...

Someone told me they watched ET and there was nothing about Prisoners. Maybe tomorrow?

There's so much Jake news this week, it wouldn't be bad to get it next week. But I'm impatient.

Tantalizing reports from the poetry reading. It would be very cool to get a video.

Bobbyanna, I didn't mean to be defensive :) I kept forgetting to post a reminder, so it was good that you did.

FP said...

Sebastian White ‏@flyboyvancouver 22m

Another year, another great gala for @POETSorg at Lincoln Center. Jake Gyllenhaal and Tyne Daly took my breath away!

Hagen said...

Le Devoir a appris que le film américain de Denis Villeneuve, An Enemy, adapté d’un roman de José Saramago, n’a pas été retenu par Thierry Frémaux, le grand manitou de la Sélection officielle, qui l’a vu deux fois. Il fut écarté comme l’avait été Incendies trois ans plus tôt.

Le Devoir has learned that the U.S. film by Denis Villeneuve, "An Enemy", adapted from a novel by José Saramago, was not approved by Thierry Fremaux, the head honcho of the Official Selection, who watched it twice. It was dismissed as "Incendies" three years ago.

Hagen said...

"An Enemy" has changed its title to "Enemy Within".

FP said...

Hagen I want to cry :(

Lara said...

This has been a terrible week, but stay Strong.Thoughts & prayers Texas. God Bless América

Lara said...

About Nailed its so many rumors over the years but i keep the hope for this good News.

I believe that most os the attention could be to Jackman, he is a great actor but jake is so brilliant that I ´m sure that he will be recognized for his work.

I want to cry to FP, and Why they changed the films name?

Jake read poetry, Oh Holly Moly this is heaven

Monica said...

I don't expect this. Many putting An Enemy on their lists.
It seems that he doesn't like Denis Villeneuve's movies.

What upsets me more is that with the release date in france, it will prevent the movie go to Venice.

I don't know what to think of Thierry Fremaux after I read that he would put the Only God Forgives out of competition, but had to change because the film's producers refused to go to Cannes if that happened. Then he put the film in official competition because of it.

Hagen said...

According to My Entertainment World the production start of "Mississippi Grind" has been pushed back to fall 2013. (It's not a very reliable source though.)

UltraViolet said...

Not great news. The date change worries me more, because if that's the US date, it probably rules out Toronto, as well.

If it's a stinker, I wouldn't think they'd want to run it so close to Prisoners. (Different studios, I know, but still.)

It doesn't necessarily say anything about the movie, since BBM was rejected from Cannes. (Not that I think An Enemy will be another BBM.)

Disappointing news to wake up to.

bobbyanna said...

Disappointing news from Cannes. thanks for sharing some perspective on Thierry Fremaux 's past practices, monica. It would have been wonderful to have the Cannes stamp on the film. Is there some rule making it ineligible for TIFF or Venice if it opens in theatres just before the festivals?

Hope someone took some pictures at the reading last night.

FP said...

since BBM was rejected from Cannes.

No words.....

F*ck you Cannes

Hagen said...

The date change worries me more, because if that's the US date, it probably rules out Toronto, as well.

The release date hasn't changed. The movie will open in France on August 28th. (Movies open in France on Wednesdays.) There's still no evidence that the film will get a theatrical release in the US.

Hagen said...

Next week on Tuesday the line-up of "Directors' Fortnight" ("Quinzaine des Réalisateurs") will be announced. It's an independent film festival held in parallel to the Cannes Film Festival. Maybe "Enemy Within" will be shown there.

UltraViolet said...

From a journalist, who saw some Enemy footage at the Montreal film fest, IIRC:

À propos de An Enemy, de Denis Villeneuve, Thierry Frémaux me dit que le film n'est pas terminé et qu'il est encore en montage

About An Enemy, Denis Villeneuve, Thierry Fremaux told me that the film is not finished and is still being edited

Another Montreal film type tweeted:

Le film de Denis Villeneuve, An Enemy, a été vu 2 fois avant de ne pas être choisi pour Cannes. Ils ont réalisé que Brad Pitt n'y était pas.

I think she's saying this is the second time DV's film wasn't chosen for Cannes, and, sarcastically, they realized Brad Pitt isn't in it, that's why.

Scott said...

Oh too bad, well maybe that is a good thing Denis got turned down again. Look what it did for Incendies. Oh well if the film is not finished then I would not want it to be shown in case of boos. At least the France press is showing its distaste.

Sounds like Cannes is way too political for Denis V anyway. Maybe Spielberg will show it some love off the record.

Scott said...

Why would he watch it twice? Was it that good and maybe he didn't want it to marred because the editing is not complete.

Trying to be positive.

Ma G said...

Victoria ‏@CrazyObsessiveV 1m
Just literally ran into Jake Gyllenhaal in Union Square. Was in a rush so didn't get a photo but I did talk to him for a quick sec.

Ma G said...

Maridel Reyes ‏@maridelreyes 4m
Dreams do come true: Jake Gyllenhaal taught my SoulCycle class this morning. I've never tapped back harder.

Hagen said...

Why would he watch it twice? Was it that good and maybe he didn't want it to marred because the editing is not complete.

Frémaux said in an interview that he regretted to have rejected "Incendies" (Dans une entrevue qu’il m’a accordée l’an dernier, Thierry Frémaux exprimait son regret de ne pas avoir présenté Incendies il y a trois ans.) So I think this year Frémaux didn't want to dismiss Villeneuve's new movie all too easily and watched it twice. Maybe the movie just isn't the perfect fit for a major film festival, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it's bad (I remember that Jake said, "An Enemy"/"Enemy Within" would be even weirder than "Donnie Darko".) I'm concerned that it might be tough to sell the distribution rights for "Enemy Within" to those countries that haven't already acquired them.

UltraViolet said...

Did he watch it twice or is it unfinished? Two different stories. Perhaps we will never know.

bobbyanna said...

"I'm concerned that it might be tough to sell the distribution rights for "Enemy Within" to those countries that haven't already acquired them"

Hagen, I am hoping this is where having a strong agency like WME will help smooth the way, but it is concerning.

Scott said...

"An Enemy"/"Enemy Within" would be even weirder than "Donnie Darko".) "

You mean people will have to think about the meaning behind the movie. Well we wouldn't want that. Lets just watch another Ryan Gosling movie, same story, same character, same acting with the same bad impression of early Marlon Brando but different motorcyle jacket.

bobbyanna said...

There's a "severe weather alert" here. Tornado watch, high winds, and heavy rain, with "sound & light" show. Hope I don't lose power. : )

Lara said...

EntertainmentTonight ‏@ETonlineAlert 1 min
Tonight we're bringing you your first look at @RealHughJackman and Jake Gyllenhaal's new movie #Prisoners on ET and

Anonymous said...

EntertainmentTonight ‏@ETonlineAlert 6m
Tonight we're bringing you your first look at @RealHughJackman and Jake Gyllenhaal's new movie #Prisoners on ET and http://ETonline.com

Lara said...

Hi Bobbyanna,
Do you live in Tornado Alley? I hope is not Kansas or Oklahama or Texas. God bless you and May the Force be with you my friend. :-)

bobbyanna said...

Thanks Lara, but no, I live in the Midwest. In Michigan. I just worry about the power going out.

UltraViolet said...

From twitter. LOL:

Listening to an audiobook for so long, to the point where your thoughts become narrated by Jake Gyllenhaal

How annoying, er upstanding:

Dreams do come true: Jake Gyllenhaal taught my SoulCycle class this morning. I've never tapped back harder.


How... why... want to blog about it for @Shape_Magazine?!

Let's dish off-Twitter! Thanks for the offer, but I'm too loyal to SC to blog about it

Anonymous said...

Alyssa Ballard ‏@abal0509 1h
I just followed Jake Gyllenhaal into oncoming traffic #HeIsSoHot #W

Anonymous said...

EntertainmentTonight ‏@ETonlineAlert 8m
Watch: Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal clash on #Prisoners. http://et.tv/15pHmpU

FP said...

Jackman and Gyllenhaal Clash on 'Prisoners'


April 18, 2013

ET is first on the set of the upcoming crime thriller Prisoners, starring Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal!

In the film, which is scheduled for a September 20 release, Jackman and Gyllenhaal's characters collide-literally, as shown in the clip-after Jackman's character becomes frustrated with Gyllenhaal's character for his handling of the investigation of his loved ones' kidnappings.

Watch the above sneak peek at the first look of the Prisoners set visit and tune in to ET tonight for more.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for all the sightings and the Cannes info. Please continue in the new post :)